Harness the Light – 5 Tips for Natural Lighting in Photography


 This video will show you 5 tips in less that 5 minutes how to dramatically improve your photography. Whether you have a basic or fancy camera, watching this quick video will help you out.  Click on the bottom right to make the video go fullscreen. To see more tips and tools for photography you can visit my blog at www.marcelwalker.us/blog.


You can post your results in 5MFM’s NEW flickr group 5m4mphotography. We will be regularly featuring photos from this group. So submit your favorite shots — and don’t forget to enable share and embed codes if you want to be published here at 5M4M. 

And, don’t forget, you can WIN Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 and the Premiere Elements 8 Bundle by entering here here. As a professional photographer, Photoshop Elements offer many features that the full Photoshop doesn’t offer. I LOVE to use it! Good luck ladies!


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    Great examples with your tips! I’m more of a visual learner – so this was just fantastic! Thank you for creating such a lovely slide show! :)

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      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m working on another for next week so stay tuned and hugs from me for all that you military moms do:)

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      Well, hopefully you’ve come to the right place:) If you have any specific questions or have something that just stumps you, drop me a line!

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      Julie, the beautiful thing about photography is that you can never stop learning:) I’m glad you enjoyed the video.

      I’ll pass the news to Janice and Susan for your kudos, thank you!


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