I’ve got my windows rolled down…

I’ve got my windows rolled down, the bright blue ocean before me and a box of warm Krispy Kreme doughnuts on the seat next to me. Yes, a perfect summer moment.

Life can be hard, with new challenges and pain waiting behind the next corner. So I am trying to catch every good moment and revel in it – to soak my soul in every bit of freedom and joy I find.

Sorry I haven’t posted since Saturday night – yesterday and today zipped by. Right now I am heading to tackle my weekly project and I will put up my Tackle It Tuesday post late tonight so it will be ready for all you east coast early risers.

Hope you are having some great summer moments and don’t forget to Tackle a project and then celebrate your accomplishment with us!


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    Uhm – summer in AZ is not that much fun. We just make the best of it. I like your place much better. Long nights, breeze – yeah, my kind of life…I am working on my ‘tackle post’ right now. See you soon :wink:.

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    I just luuuvah summer! Thanks for the reminder to soak it ALL in!
    I really need to get in on this Tackle it Tuesday. Maybe then I would get more oraganized projects done around this here house. Maybe next week.

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