It is 10pm and my son is running through the neighbor’s sprinkler…

“Well that’s what happens when there are sprinklers…” Jackson explained to me.

I know – I am crazy. Who has their four year old outside, dashing through sprinklers at that hour?

I did tonight.

But I just couldn’t resist. I love summer nights. After a hot day, it feels so good as the cool air moves in. Tanks tops and shorts at 10 pm and the temperature is just right. It reminds me of walking home from the movie theater with my friends when I was a teenager. (I can recall us running through a few sprinklers ourselves.)

I didn’t mean for us to be out so far past Jackson’s bedtime. But tonight I just wasn’t in a hurry. We went for a walk to Susan’s house after dinner and played outside with Julia, another little night owl. After bathing the kids, I noticed the time. Oops, we are running more than a little late this time.

But it was perfect timing for our walk home. The sun had gone down and it was the last 20 minutes of daylight. The night was so beautiful and my son and I had a wonderful time on our way home, Jackson soaking himself in the sprinklers and me hoping he wasn’t waking up the neighbors.

I hope he remembers it – I know I will.


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    What a perfect end to a day! I love those warm summer nights. Beautifully described . . . makes me wanna go wake the kids – um, not really but that is still very special.

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    Wonderful memories. My memories of being a child and sitting in the front yard with relatives, or friends, well after bed-time are so rich and deep. In the days before air-conditioning that was when true social life began. Last night we didn’t even begin our BBQing until 8:00. It was fun!

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    you have to grab perfect moments when you came. I doubt when he is grown you will ever find yourself saying “i wish I’d been more diligent about bedtime!”

    –as an aside–when we visit my mom and my brothers are there they ALWAYS have an ice cream breakfast party with the girls. Not a lick of nutrition–but what GREAT memories!

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    You know…I think he will remember it. Maybe not clearly, but there will be flashes where he’ll envision a dark night and a cool sprinkler. And what he’ll remember most is being very, very happy.

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    Gotta love those summer nights! And, I think we as mom’s are officially allowed to break the bedtime rule during summer. Especially when sprinklers are involved!! :-)

    I just wish we could do that here (in AZ) but unfortunately we never experience the evening cool downs to enjoy them. Can’t wait to get back to TX!

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    Awe! What a great mom you are! I know he’ll remember those great memories of running through sprinklers in the middle of the night!


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    Oh – who fun. I am sure he will remember the time he spent with you just having fun. 😛
    I remember growing up in Germany and the sund didn’t go down until late – like 9:30pm. I miss that. Even here in the summer ‘lights are out’ by 8:15pm. It really takes getting used to it.

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    How sweet! Sometimes we have to throw our schedules out and let the little ones have a good time…..not too often though! LOL Mommy needs some quiet time too :)

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    How delightful! who cares what time it is if the kid is having fun and will probably remember the great feeling all his life! a priceless little event!

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    What a beautiful oppotunity to show your child what life is all about! I hope that he remembers, but even if he doesn’t, you will always be able to share the memory with him.


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