Tell Us Over or Under and Win a Marc By Marc Jacobs Satchel

Okay ladies, I have a question for you, should the toilet paper roll go over or under?

My preference is over and if you are able to do a fun decorative fold, that makes it even better.

During the Cottonelle Great Debate, a roll poll was conducted to find out which was preferred, over or under, and over won by a landslide. 72% voted for over, while 28% voted for under. I have a sneaking suspicion that a large chunk of the under voters were males. What do you think?

torimarcbymarcjacobsTori Spelling and Dean McDermott joined Cottonelle’s Great Debate and during a recent interview Tori shared that her “it” accessory for the spring/summer is her Marc By Marc Jacobs Satchel in “night”.

Do you gals know how lucky you are? Seriously! Cottonelle would like to gift one of you with Tori’s favorite “it” accessory. Yes, we have one Marc By Marc Jacobs Satchel in “night” to give away, retail value $398.00. It will also be filled with 10 coupons – each coupon is worth ONE (1) Double Roll 4-Pack of Cottonelle Toilet Paper.

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘Totally Turnlock – Benny’ Satchel
Signature turnlocks shine at the front and sides of a boxy, supple leather satchel fashioned with logo-print lining.

  • Top zip closure
  • Exterior turnlock pockets
  • Interior zip, wall and cell phone pockets
  • Leather

To enter simply leave a comment below telling us which you prefer: over or under. Let’s see if our results are similar to those determined by the Cottonelle Great Debate.

This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only and closes on Friday, May 14th. We will announce our winner on May 15th. (I may try to become the winner’s best friend so that I can borrow the purse.)

Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete list of our contest and giveaway rules.

We were not compensated for this post. Cottonelle is providing our winner with the MARC By MARC JACOBS Satchel and Cottonelle coupons.


  1. says

    Definitely over. I get so confused when I go into a bathroom and it’s under. (I guess that’s not saying too much about how easy it is to confuse me!)

  2. says

    We are definitely an over household. Altho I am the only one that changes the darn roll, since, apparently, my husband & 3 sons think it’s my job. Sigh.

    What a great prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. Megan says

    I am with team OVER! Unfortunately, my husband is on neither teams. GRRRR!

    Maybe I wouldn’t mind either way if I won that beautiful bag though:)

  4. says

    I am over for bathrooms I use, but I prefer under in my kids bathrooms. I find it harder for them to play with the toilet paper while sitting on the potty. And ALWAYS squish their roll so the cardboard isn’t perfectly round, it doesn’t pull as fast and you can sometimes hear it before the pull off the whole roll!

  5. says

    I am a under. But really most of the time I am just happy to have toilet paper at all. With as many bodies that are in my house, we go through A LOT of toilet paper and NO one can seems to put a new roil on.

  6. says

    I prefer over but since my youngest is in the grabby-toddler stage, right about now, it’s off the holder and on a high shelf. Too many completely unraveled rolls!

  7. says

    It never mattered to me until I got married…by then, my hubby preferred it to be OVER so I guess that’s what I’ve been doing since!

    <33 Rena

  8. says

    OH I am an over girl all the way.. When I can get them to actually put it on the holder lol. In the kids bathroom it is neither cause their holder is a bull dog with his hand up and the holder is up so then ti becomes right or left lol..

  9. says

    My preference is over… but I could be happy with under… if my husband would just put the new roll in the holder instead of perching it on top of the empty tube. *sigh*

  10. Ivy says

    Generally over… though, I admit, sometimes I don’t pay attention and put in on the holder feeding under. If my husband catches it, he WILL change it. If I catch it myself, it’s 50-50 as to whether or not I will change it.

  11. Robin R. says

    Definitely over. And glad to see from other comments that other husbands also don’t help change the toilet paper roll!
    Love the bag!!!

  12. Teresa says

    I am a big believer in over. If I am at someones house and see that they have mistakenly placed it under I am compelled to fix it. It’s the right thing to do.

  13. says

    It is definitely, over! I will never forget an experience while in high school. We had friends over and one boy came out of the bathroom and lectured us for several minutes on the proper way to put tp on the roller. My family still laughs about that day and I think of him every time I change the roll!!! I don’t want to be caught with it going the wrong direction ever again!!! ;P

  14. gretchen Simpson says

    TOTALLY over! otherwise it gets stuck to the wall of the sink/wall and you’re fumbling for it at 3am getting frustrated and tearing up the roll in anger! 😉

  15. says

    My Dad always taught me to put it under because then little kids couldn’t slap it and make it unroll onto the ground. Now, as a mother of 4, I definitely prefer OVER! 😉 Sorry dad!

  16. Allie says

    I voted OVER … my mother in law does under (shudder) at her house and it drives me insane!!! I switch all her toilet paper rolls to going the correct way whenever I visit…I have proudly re-trained her son (my husband) the correct way to put toilet paper on the holder OVER!! Thanks for entering me!!

  17. Jennie B says

    OVER! I find that I have to wait until the end of the roll drops down low enough for me to see that it’s been put on under. My husband just puts the roll on however it ends up in his hand … and I have to fix it cuz it makes me nuts!

    In another bathroom, I will only use an under if there is no choice and will change it to over if I can.

  18. says

    I am definitely an over person. For some reason, my husband is crazy about having it be over and also it seems to roll less (I have to toddlers!) when it is over as opposed to under. Maybe it’s all in my head! LOL

  19. says

    oh man, I’m going to have to side with the rebels here – UNDER! It makes it so much easier to give a nice sharp yank and your tp rips perfectly for you without rolling all over the place.

    Though we do sometimes end up with it over – as in too lazy to take off the old roll, so the new roll gets put right on top of the old….!

  20. juau4 says

    Over, …and I love that there are so many Over believers that are compelled to correct an under when they find one! Thanks for a good laugh! …..I confess, I do the same thing!

  21. says

    Over! Over! Over!

    I find under such a ‘waste” especially with the kids – one yank and that roll is spinning when it’s under – toilet paper everywhere and enough to paper a house with (not that I encourage that!) 😉

    Let the great debate begin again….. 😉

  22. Jennifer B says

    Can I vote for both because I don’t really have a preference?

    If I HAD to pick I guess I will go fort the least popular (underdog thing) and go under

  23. says

    OH for sure it has to BE over. I always worry that the ickkies will end up on the paper if it is under…it’s actually a pet peeve of mine. silly isn’t it? Thanks for the chance to win the amazing bag.

  24. Angie says

    Over and I am known to change the toilet paper roll in any random bathroom before I use it so that it is over :)

  25. Linda M. says

    I’m in for the over vote…….you can’t do any cute little folds when it’s under……….I do get the festive T. paper out for holiday’s too……..that’s got to be over, the print won’t look right………LOL….we’re all so serious about this

  26. Alice Edwards says

    There is no way but over. You ever get up in the middle of the night without the light on when it is under? You can’t find the end.

  27. Kay M. says

    OVER! I know, its easier for the cats and grandkids to unroll that way, but I dont spend 45 minutes trying to find the end in the middle of the night either. Over.

  28. Benita says

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I still prefer the paper under.


  29. Diane says

    I actually don’t even pay attention to how i put it on. Nobody else seems to ever do it so i guess anythings better than no roll!

  30. says

    Under, but I certainly won’t complain about which way it goes as long as someone replaces it as soon as it’s empty… instead of setting the new roll on the counter after they use it and waiting for me to replace it… sigh :)

  31. says

    Actually, as long as the roll is replaced, I am NOT complaining! It’s when it’s empty!, and I need it now, the door is shut and no one hears me yelling to run to the basement for to get another package out of storage!! That’s when I wished I placed my roll under. I’m the Bacha who loves her grandson and won’t even complain when the roll is left empty!

  32. says

    I was pretty sure I was an under gal, but started finding that my TP was coming over. Not sure if it was a psycological thing with the battle going on for Over or Under. I couldn’t actually care less which way the TP rolls as long as there’s some on the roll!

  33. Michele Anne says

    I guess, I never understood what the big deal was–over, under–who cares, as long as there is tolit paper….sign me up to win

  34. says

    I do not have a preference. I notice that I usually put it in Under. Since I am the ONLY one in this house that replaces the roll, no one can complain either way. 😉

  35. says

    Over in our house. The live in nanny keeps putting it under which irritates me but I figure it is harder for the kids to unroll all the tp.

    member (dot) thao (at)

  36. says


    I have a very naughty kitty that likes to unroll the TP if it is put on “over”. Now if only I could drill this in the boys’ heads, we would be good to go!!!

  37. Christine Roeske says

    Over over over over! That purse would do wonders for my “frumpy mommy just had two babies in two years and not fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes yet” wardrobe

  38. Amber G says

    Oh my gosh. I cannot believe you’re giving away a Marc by Marc Jacobs Satchel! I prefer over, but I would gladly do under for the rest of my life if I were to win!

  39. colleen saverese says

    definitely over, I never win anything and I am feeling lucky today…. I would love to win this I love Marc Jacobs Happy Mother’s day all Good Luck!!

  40. Christine says

    It’s over! Otherwise it is too hard to get it off the roll when you need it in a hurry! I want that bag! Pretty please! :)

  41. says

    Apparently, in our house it has to be over– according to my hubby. Honestly though, I’m pretty impressed if anyone besides me has taken the time to replace the empty tube, no matter which way it rolls!

  42. tksinclair says

    I was taught “bottom’s up” (that’s what ‘he’ said – sorry, couldn’t resist) by my grandmother (but now that I think of it I’m not sure what that means!)

    I think it should go over although the kids break all the holders out of the wall so now I use holders that stack the rolls – no more “over or under” problem!

  43. Aisling says

    Absolutely over! (But I don’t change the roll when I visit friends who have it wrong, although I’ve heard that some people do.)

  44. Pam L says

    There is absolutely no doubt….OVER! And women get it….men, not so much. But in the middle of the night, when you are still sleepy, you do not have all of your mental faculties working at the moment because you are SO hoping to be able to get back to sleep immediately when your head hits the pillow again….all you have to do is flick the roll down and the paper just rolls right off. Perfect!

  45. says

    Over is prettier, under is more practical ( the toilet paper is pressed against the wall so it doesn’t “unravel” as easily) – thus, being the true Form Over Function girl that I am – Over! :)

  46. Melissa F says

    OVER! Easier. Enough Said. Under, it tend to unravel.

    Why I need that bag?! Im a travling mom. Im on the road at least once a month if not twice. I need it to carry- sippy cups, cheerioes, matchbox cars, DVDs, DVD players, my laptop my camera (SLR), my husbands sunglasses, his keys, his toys (iPod), and some of my stuff too!

  47. Claudia M says

    Over!! and I don’t hesitate to change a friends roll from under to over when I visit! LOL :)
    thanks for the chance !

  48. Karyn says

    Over–If my husbands puts it on the wrong way, I have to switch it–It’s easier to unroll the toilet paper going over the top–

  49. Oneta Clarke says

    It drives me CRAZY when my husband put the toilet paper under, I have to change it to over!!

  50. says

    Always over! In the beginning of marriage, I compromised…his way- under- and could never find the beginning of the roll. Over won…and stayed. Nope, you won’t see an under roll in this house:-)

  51. Eileen says

    Over & over & over & over & over…I have to tell the other 5 members of my family that live in our house that the roll goes OVER!!!!

  52. amber says

    Over, for sure. If it’s under, you can lose the toilet paper and have to reach under to grab the edge, over the edge is nicely in place for grabbing 😉 Thanks so much ladies! I would absolutely flip out if I win! I love Marc Jacobs but have never owned any of his bags, not to mention the way the kids go through toilet paper in this house, you’d think they paper the walls with it! So the product coupons would go to good use :) Thanks!!

  53. Kelly says

    Over for me, but under for the kid’s bathroom – it is harder for them to unroll the whole roll that way.

  54. Sarah Hirsch says

    I don’t have a preference and don’t pay any attention. I just grab the tp and pull, and it works itself out. 😉 Love the satchel, though!!

  55. says

    OVER is the proper way! Although, that does allow my cat & toddlers to unroll whole rolls if I’m not careful……which is a LOT to clean up!

  56. Courtenay says

    Over…and I am so anally crazy about it, that I’ve been known to switch other people’s…yikes!

  57. says

    I am an over kind of girl! I wish that would have been a requirement for finding my mate as well! It is so frustrating when you go somewhere and the TP is under and you go to tear it without holding it and it unrolls everywhere! Then you have to waste some because it touches the floor! Especially at a public restroom! I already have issues with them!Oh my! Or you can’t find where it begins! Oh the humanity! Please people! Put the Roll OVER! FOR THE SAKE OF ALL TOOSHIES AND TO SAVE TREES!!!!!!!!! That bag sure is pretty! I have never owned anything designer! It’s all just “designer”! Wink Wink! Thanks so much!

  58. Tina J says

    I prefer over. So much that when I go to someone else’s house I always secretly switch it to over if they have it uner lol. I can’t help it!

  59. says

    Under – I never really thought about it until a few months ago when someone asked but I always put it under. Although at the moment the toilet paper is sitting on the back of the toilet because on of my babies lost the thing it goes on.

  60. Min says

    I used to be an “under” but my husband of 16 years is a dedicated “over” & I’ve gotten used to it so I guess I’m an “over” too (now).

  61. Cherie Corey says

    I Used to be a whichever way it lands until My Hubby converted me to an over the shoulder toilet paper holder, LOL. Hey!! Thats what this beautiful purse would be when it arrives wouldn’t it? Over the Shoulder toilet paper Holder…. WOW< I think that might be disrespectfull to this gorgeous Bag.. I have been in such a Blah Mood lately, it would be awesome to win!!
    Thank you

  62. holly gonzalez says

    I use to go under. But once I had kids and trying to potty train them they could never grab the end of the toilet paper. They would make it spin around and around the roll and never find it. So that is when I switched to OVER. It is easier for my older girls to find the end and easier for my one year old boy to also ( and pull toilet paper all over the house!).

  63. Jess says

    I’m an over kind of gal and it definetly works better when you have little ones in the house. When it’s under, my daughter takes way more than she needs to. My husband just puts the roll on, but it typically ends up under when he does it. Love the look of the purse and the fact that it has cotenelle coupons (our favorite toilet paper). Maybe I can give some of the coupons to my mom so she gets the clue her cheap toilet paper is awful :)

  64. Annie says

    Under! I never knew this was a debate, and actually had to think about it. Don’t know why, but that’s how I typically “load the roll.” It’s always been an instinct rather than a preference. Funny – I’ll have to try over now that I know it’s the popular way to do it. Thanks for the giveaway opp.

  65. Heather H. says

    OVER! I used to not care, until I worked at a camp and the head cook (I worked in the kitchen) alerted us to the fact that you have to reach farther if it’s under! Made sense to me! Now it’s a “thing” with me. If it’s under, I’ll switch it. Oh yeah…I will.

  66. Deborah Wellenstein says

    Mostly I don’t care, but I notice our toilet paper is usually rolled over. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  67. Linze! says

    Hey there is nothing wrong with being an “Under” roll kinda gal. To me it’s the only way to ROLL!!!!

  68. Shannon says

    Over!!! I actually flip the roll over in other people’s houses if they are under. It’s embarrassing.

  69. Cara says

    OVER! I have also taught my four-year-old this, and she always replaces it with the paper over. :)

  70. Karie R says

    Over. i’d never thought about it before my friend’s husband mentioned that “over is the way hotels do it.” Now i notice it everytime and switch it if it’s been put on upside down. OCD i know…

  71. krista says

    Over! After years of working in the hotel business, I have been brain washed! Plus, “the toliet paper experts” say you use less.

  72. Dara says

    I usually change the T.P. so quickly that I don’t care which way it goes. Sometimes it’s over and sometime’s it’s under. No big preference. It’s just toilet paper.

  73. Marty says

    Over–because it seems to stay neater and be less likely to curl down to the floor that way! :)

  74. Anisha says

    Over! definitely! Under is only ever justified when your roll is placed really high on the wall next to the toilet

  75. jessica says

    We believe in over at my house, though now we keep toilet paper up high so my 3 year old doesn’t unroll it and then try to flush the whole roll. :)

  76. Jennifer Cox says

    The toilet paper totally has to go over because when it goes under it has a tendancy to unravel on the floor and become messy. The toilet paper is protected in its special resting position when it is over the top of the roll.

  77. Deborah R says

    I grew up in an “under” family, but one day about six years ago I made the switch to “over” and I’ve never looked back.

  78. Rose Mary W says

    Over. Over. OVER! And put the darn lid DOWN, please!!! (sorry… got carried away!)
    Rose Mary
    formosarose AT gmail DOT com

  79. Renee C. says

    I have always been ambivalent but since my husband is a loyal OVER—achiever, I guess I have become one too.

  80. Debra F says

    I’m definitely a hard core “over” girl….but I wouldn’t change the TP in anyone else’s house, but I have been known to in our work bathroom!!

  81. Andi says

    Over, over, OVER! My kids know this is my preference and seem to think it is funny switching it around. Highly annoying, yet funny!! I ALWAYS change it back! :)

  82. Jill Myrick says

    We are an OVER family .

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  83. gina says

    I think its so funny that people are so adamant about over & under….I would say I prefer over because it reminds me being in a fancy hotel. They always have it over & folded into a point & I like that.

  84. Pam says

    Honestly it doesn’t matter if it is over or under as long as the person that empties the roll- replaces it.

  85. Joanne Schultz says

    OVER! definitely over!
    and yes, I am among those who will correct it if the toilet paper is under- although I’d only do that in my family’s houses!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. sheila k. says

    my mom taught me “under” and I stressed it as my kids were growing up. the thinking behind “under” is that it is more difficult to get the TP off the roll and less is used. But now that I am alone at home, I prefer “over.” For arthritic hands, over is easier by far.

  87. says

    HELLO, Sorry I wasn’t yelling!
    I just invented an apparatus that is a re-moveable and re-usable glittery hair accessory to keep hair out of girls faces, with added beads and charms. I would love to get information on how to get my product on the web. CAN U HELP? Was yelling!! haha
    I am probably in the wrong area since I am not to familiar with computers.. But I prefer over. who wants their roll touching the floor , so You just have to throw it away!


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