Jennie Garth is a Mom, Just Like Us


“Motherhood unites us all,” said Jennie Garth when I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with her in conjunction with a March Love Your Veggies event in New York City.

Isn’t one of our major obsessions as moms trying to get our kids to eat healthy? Jennie Garth has teamed up with Hidden Valley Ranch’s other experts to spread the word.

Fourth and fifth graders from three New York City schools (P.S. 58, P.S. 196, and P.S. 230) joined Jennie Garth in making a “bagel smile” sandwich. A huge variety of colorful veggies were cut up and available on each table, so that they could make (and hopefully eat) the veggies on their bagel faces. You can see Jennie Garth and gardener Jeanne Pinsof Nolan interacting and encouraging the kids by watching the video from the event.

Jeanne helped the kids plant some seeds. She’s convinced that if kids help you grow vegetables, they will be more excited about eating them. Check out her organic gardening guide — free — just in time for planting season. After meeting her at the Love Your Veggies retreat last year, I finally took the plunge to move my tomato plants from our little garden patch to containers on our very very sunny deck, where they thrived!

After watching Jennie interact with the kids, and then answer some questions from some other bloggers, I was able to sit down with her one-on-one. I joked with her that even though she played the glamorous (and slightly snobby) Kelly Taylor on 90210 who never would have been my friend, that she was very relatable as a spokes-mom, teaching our kids to love their veggies.

Do you believe it? After hearing some of Jennie’s thoughts on these common issues, see if you don’t agree that we are all alike:

  • On Reading (of course I had to ask her about books!): She piles into her middle daughter’s round bed that they can all fit into, so that the whole family can enjoy storytime. She particularly enjoys “anything rhyme-y and Dr. Seuss-y.”
  • Health vs. Diet: “Fat is a bad word in our house. We exercise because it’s heart-healthy, not so that we can say we look good in our jeans.”
  • Dinnertime: This is a major priority for Garth and her family. They eat as a family every night. “It’s the backbone of the family,” she said. How is that possible with two parents who travel for their jobs? They Skype! Isn’t that ingenious? If one parent is gone, he or she joins the family dinner table via video chat.
  • Balance: Like most of us, Jennie struggles with all the business of being a mom and taking care of a family and wonders if she spends enough time doing the loving and the mothering. She knows that she should turn off the computer and spend more time with her kids. Amen, sister!

023When I asked her about one thing that she wished she did better as a mom, she smiled and said, “Just one thing?” And we can relate to that feeling, right? We all doubt ourselves as moms. Celebrity mom or not, we all worry about what we aren’t doing well enough.

Wait — maybe she’s not just like us. After all, I don’t have the flattering photo poses down like she does. But it’s closer than you’d probably think.

It’s worth repeating, “Motherhood unites us all.” Spend some time this Mother’s Day weekend sharing the joys and challenges of motherhood with your favorite moms — friends, sisters, on-line pals, and your own mothers.


More Love Your Veggies resources:

“I’m not just here to sell Ranch dressing,” Garth said. “I want to educate parents and kids on making healthy food choices and eating more vegetables.”

Jennie Garth has made a series of videos about, check out the Hidden Valley Garden Party at ivillage. Each month a different vegetable is featured. May’s vegetable is cucumbers. Check out Veggie Monthly to get ideas and recipes for a different vegetables each month (and archives of past veggies).

Find out more about Hidden Valley Ranch’s Love Your Veggies campaign. You can Like them on Facebook, and check out the “Veggie-licious” tab where you can take the “Which Vegetable Are You?” quiz, and download printable activity sheets for your kids.


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    I love that! Motherhood Unites Us All… of only we would all remember that all the time and stop judging one another as women, as parents, etc…

    What a great post and nice to get to see someone famous as …. a mom :)

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