Ghirardelli Million Moments of Timeless Pleasure


The job of “Mom” comes with an abundance of blessings and treasures. It is wonderful and rewarding and…hard. Yes, being mom is hard. While the benefits are indeed great, so are the demands. Whether you have one child or ten, you know that the moments that are yours and yours alone are often few and far between.

But I’ve found that if I don’t take a couple of minutes every day that are just for me, I quickly become overwhelmed. Whether it’s a simple cup of bubbling hot tea early in the morning before anyone esle is awake or a hot shower in the afternoon while they nap, just a few moments where I don’t have to think about anyone but myself give me the Oomph I need to make it through the long days.

And what better way to indulge yourself than with chocolate? Can I get an Amen?! 5 Minutes for Mom has teamed up with Ghirardelli this Mother’s Day to reward five of our readers with a basket filled with 100 hundred squares of chocolate.

That’s 100 moments that are all yours to indulge, relax and escape. That is, if you hide the basket well…


To enter to win this delectible giveaway, simply visit the Ghirardelli website and leave us a comment with the product that you think would best help you escape for those few moments each day.

In addition, you can also head over to Ghirardelli’s Million Moments website where you can enter to win a trip to one of four famous squares in the world: New York’s Times Square, Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, St. Marks Square in Venice or Trafalgar Square in London. Ghirardelli is also giving away a number of instant win prizes, including Ghirardelli chocolate for a year, gift baskets and free bags of Ghirardelli chocolate. You can enter now through October 31st.

In addition, for our readers located in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, NY, Philadelphia, San Francisco or Washington, DC, the Ghirardelli team will be giving out ONE MILLION free samples of chocolate through April. To find out more information about the tour, you can follow Ghrardelli on Twitter @ghirardellitour for exact locations.

This giveaway is part of our Mother’s Day Giveaway and is open to both US and Canadian addresses. You have until May 4th to enter and our lucky winner will be announced on May 5th.

If you’d like to help us spread the word, you can link back to our Mother’s Day Giveaway post and include a “Mother’s Day 2010 Giveaway” button in a post or on your sidebar. While linking is not required to participate, we really appreciate any linky love you can send over to help us continue to run special giveaway events like this!

Please review our Mother’s Day Giveaway information and our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete lift of our contest and giveaway rules.

This Mother’s Day, indulge yourself in a bit of guilt free chocolate therapy. Because you deserve to take a moment for yourself.


  1. Kelly Massman says

    Of course, I would love to win this. I was lucky enough to visit the old chocolate factory in San Francisco last fall, and it would be such a treat to have this giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  2. says

    So hard to choose just one! Any and all would be welcome. :) But if I had to choose just one, it would be the Dark Chocolate Square with Mint Filling . or any of the dark chocolates :)

  3. says

    Without a doubt, I would want my basket filled with 100 of the “Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter filling” squares!

    I love those squares and resist buying them as much as possible (but still manage to buy them on a semi-regular basis!)

  4. says

    You mean we’re supposed to pick just one?!?! Ummmmm I would LOVE the milk chocolate and toffee squares. YUMMMY Or, the peanut butter ones to… no wait – the caramel… *sigh* how bout a variety? 😉

  5. Liz says

    Espresso Escape sounds amazing! Since I don’t drink any caffeinated beverages, I can just imagine what that would do for me. I just might be able to keep up with the kids!

  6. carol says

    The Dark Chocolate/Mint Squares appeal to me. I’d love to win! Button is up on my blog:

  7. Christine Roeske says

    Oh goodness, the Ghirardelli Sublime White Vanilla Dream would certainly help this mommy get by!

  8. Angela says

    I absolutely love milk chocolate, so the Luxe Milk Milk bars would be my pick!
    Yummmmmmmmm for this prize!

  9. says

    Wow I love their website it’s like you’ve died and went to heaven! All that glorious goodness wrapped up and ready to make your mouth water. I love milk chocolate and caramel the most but I’d try any type at all because if it’s chocolate it has to be delicious in my book!

  10. says

    Normally I prefer dark chocolate. I actually like to keep a bag of the dark chocolate squares in my desk at school for those challenging days, but my favorite is the milk chocolate with hazelnuts. I’m a sucker for hazelnuts and chocolate.

  11. sal williams says

    Thanks to you…thank you, thank you! I now know that Ghiradellli makes Chocolate Mocha Hot Chocolate Cocoa Mix….sob – sigh – to die for. I must have this wondrous mix! Otherwise that Tower of Ghiradelli looks really fine!

  12. says

    I think that the Toffee Interlude™ would do the trick! :) But I always indulge at Christmas with the Peppermint bark squares. I hide them in my room.

  13. says

    Well, if we’re really living large, the masterpieces collection looks amazing – especially the milk pecan caramel classic. Yum!

  14. Carla Danko says

    I want to tell the world how wonderful my mother-in-law is, after her courageous battle with tonsil cancer she went over and beyond the call of mother in law duty to help take care of me while I battle breast cancer. She had us stay with her for 3 months after my bilateral mastectomy and for my first few treatments of my 6 month chemo. She bathed me, did my laundry, made me food, emptied my drains, and helped me to pay my bills, and took me to all my doctor appointments. She is there by my side through all my surgeries holding my hand telling me everything is going to be alright. I could NOT have asked for a better mother in law, cancer has brought us so close. And to top it off we share the same birthday, I really hope you pick me, she deserves the best recognition in the world

  15. says

    Oh, yummy! I don’t really want this for myself as unfortunately, my body doesn’t like me very much when I eat sugar! However, I have many girlfriends that have stood by me for a long time while my hubby and I struggle to make ends meet and raise our 4 young children. It would be wonderful to pay them back in some small way by having them over for a couple bottles of wine, some coffee drinks, and some super yummy chocolate. (which by the way, Ghiradelli was my VERY favorite back in my chocolate eating days!)
    I will never be able to repay them for their support over the years but, it sure would be nice to just sit around chit chatting and laughing some night!

  16. Annette D says

    Anything chocolate does it for me but the 60% Cacao Dark Chocolate
    with Caramel Filling squares look fabulous!

  17. Courtney Shipe says

    I LOVE Ghiradelli’s hot chocolate mix and their dipping bars – both are relaxing and fun to make and eat :)

  18. says

    Definitely the baking chocolate and the Flourless Mocha Torte in the recipes. I’ve been wheat free for awhile now…and the only thing that makes this possible for me is CHOCOLATE. I can give up pasta and bread…but I couldn’t give up CHOCOLATE.

  19. says

    OH please! I *need* some dark chocolate peppermint squares. And the dark chocolate raspberry squares. The dark chocolate solids. yummmmyyyy!

  20. Beth Warren says

    The best ghiradelli to help me escape is the dark chocolate with rasberry squares – they make me happy.

    Would love to win 100 squares (even if not all rasberry)


  21. says

    Oh man, do I really need to win this one? :) When I clicked thru to the website I would LOVE to try their Luxe Milk Toffee. I have not tried that line of their chocolates.

  22. Carol says

    I love them all but if I had to choose one I would have to say dark chocolate with rasberry squares . Wow, can’t wait to try them out.

  23. kathy says

    The one that looksmsot delicious to me is LUXE MILK Toffee bar. Going to be on the lookout for that one! I love their products in baking, simply delicious!

  24. Tamara B. says

    I have had a long love affair with their Milk & Caramel Squares Chocolates. They always put a smile on my face.

  25. says

    Baking is one of my favorite ways to escape, so I’d love to try some of the baking bars to make truffles or brownies! But I have to give the Dark Chocolate w/ Mint squares a shout-out, because they rock my socks!!

  26. says

    Hello I am writing to nominate my mother Corinthia Sampson for this great mother’s day package. My mother went through a lot of pain throughout her life and despite it all she managed to raise me and my younger brother alone successfully as well as help others raise their children. I look at my mother as a “superwoman” because many people call her “mother” she has been a counselor, mother, confidont, sister and friend for many that had nobody at some point and time. She is overall a giving person and never looks for anything in return. I just want my mom to take a break at some point and time but she always is somewhere aiding to need of others and sometimes never to herself. I love my moms spirit and I cherish her God given abilities. I thank God daily for such a peaceful and loving mother. I wouldn’t change anything about her.

  27. Jessica T says

    LOL! Unfortunately, this is dangerous and would probably end up being a few LONG moments rather than 100! I think the Intense Dark Chocolate sounds amazing – I’m a dark chocolate fan. . . .

  28. Caden H. says

    My favorite are the dark chocolate squares filled with caramel. I know BOTH my parents would love these too!

  29. says

    My favorite squares are the Dark Choc with mint – they are a nice “moment” choc…and the Peanut Butter when I’m feeling like being naughty and eating something ALL mine. =)

  30. says

    I already love the caramel filled squares, but would really like to try the intense dark (mostly because my husband would be more likely stay away from it)

  31. Nancy Sloan says

    I think soaking in a tub and sipping on some of Ghirardeli double chocolate hot cocco would be great

  32. Jaimie K says

    I think I’d take the filled milk chocolate with caramel bar. Mmmmm. :) How could I not enter this giveaway??

  33. Kathy Luman says

    The Chocolate Lover’s Gift Basket would help me escape a few moments a day. I would relax and enjoy the great taste.

  34. Shari says

    My mouth is watering already! I’d probably go for the Intense Dark Chocolate, since dark chocolate is practically a health food… or so I’ve heard. 😉

  35. Roxanne Ellis Raymond says

    Toffee Interlude looks so amazing, I can just imagine the intensity of taste between the dark chocolate and the toffee

  36. Carol Harrity says

    Excuse me if I drool. I am a real long term fan of Ghiraldeli and everything they make is to die for. I gues if I get only choice it would be the Intense Dark Chocolate.

  37. geekbearinggifts says

    Ghirardelli has discontinued the Citrus Sunset bar, my all-time favorite. I’ll have to drown my sorrows in Toffee Interlude bars and Dark & Mint Squares. Thanks so much for the offer!

  38. says

    I like the Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling SQUARESâ„¢. When I was a kid we use to get Ghirardelli Flickettes when we went to the movies….I miss those, wishing they’d bring them back!

  39. says

    Ohhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stuff, after living in SF for 5 years how could I not, and I just adore their raspberry filled dark chocolate!

  40. Jess says

    I can’t decide if the milk chocolate with caramel filling squares or the dark chocolate with mint filling squares would take me farther away! :) My sister introduced me to the Christmas ones with peppermint in them this past Christmas! What great chocolate!

  41. stowelljg says

    I know I will probably be shot for this, but I much prefer milk chocolate over the dark chocolate. In addition, chocolate with nuts is the ultimate. Therefore, I would definitely say that my favorite is the Ghirardelli Luxe Milk Almond. This rich and creamy milk chocolate made from the finest cocoa beans is perfectly complemented with all-natural, toasted almonds.

  42. says

    Tortes are my favorite dessert so the Flourless Mocha Torte would help me unwind and forget the world. Combing to of the best weaknesses into one!

  43. Suzanne K says

    Any? All? All, many times over? LOL – if I have to chose ONE, I’d want the LARGE Masterpiece collection, to be well hidden, of course!

  44. Rachel says

    My name is Rachel and im a high school freshman and i love my mom dearly.She a chocalate fanatactic! She always has chocalate and this is her favorite type.It would mean the world to me if she had all of this and would bring her a great smile on her face.

  45. Heather Valliere says

    Yummmmmm…. my mom, my daughter and I would LOVE to share this tasty treat! I’d love to try the Intense Dark Chocolate!

  46. Sheila Capell says

    The dark chocolate with mint filling usually does the trick for me, this prize pack might just blow me out of the water!!

  47. Shaina H. says

    My mom would love Midnight Reverie, she’s always telling me how dark chocolate is better for me than milk chocolate.

  48. Jamie C says

    I LOVE the Milk Chocolate with Caramel SQUARES!! I would eat all 100 of them and enjoy every minute of it. I might be nice and give my hubby just one!!!

  49. Shawna OBrien says

    The best Ghiradelli product to help me relax and feel better is definitely the Milk Chocolate with Carmel bar. Yummy! I wish I had one right now because it is truly my most favorite chocolate bar of all!

  50. Marcia says

    I love dark chocolate and Ghirardelli has the Midnight Reverie 86% cacao bars which would transport me to heaven

  51. Jill Myrick says

    This would be the perfect gift for my mom for Mother’s Day. as she loves chocolate. Especially Ghirardelli.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  52. Deborah R says

    I think the Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling Squares would send me into mmmmmmmm heaven.

  53. Lisa Woods says

    I think the Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa would be the product that helps me to escape to that happy place.

  54. Jackie says

    The Dark Chocolate with Raspberry Filling Squares would help me escape!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  55. says

    Ghirardelli Toffee Interlude sounds so scrumptious~! I would love to try it :) I could escape for a few HOURS~! lol Thanks for sharing this with all your readers~!

  56. Kerrismom says

    I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure the dark chocolate with raspberry filling is to die for

    • says

      Sorry, the first couple were comment only so I thought they all were.

      I think the Luxe Milk Almond bars – Luxe Milk sounds so indulgent, and I love almonds with my chocolate. :)

  57. Laura says

    Hands down has to be the Milk Chocolate with Carmel- pop in the microwave for a few seconds to heat up the carmel and escape! Yum!

  58. Angela Hipp says

    That was easy – one glance at the flourless mocha torte and it was love at first sight!

  59. Sherry E. says

    The Milk Chocolate with Caramel SQUARES, would really help me escape those few moments each day!!

  60. says

    Ghirardelli is my all time favorite! I love their chocolates! My favorite product is the Dark Chocolate with Mint Filling squares. They are so good! I also love the caramel filled and the white chocolate.

  61. says

    The “Masterpieces Collection” is SO yummy-looking! I would love these chocolate squares, though… there’s really nothing like GOOD chocolate!

  62. Jennifer P says

    Any of these would help me escape, but the LUXE Milk Toffee…I’d be in a whole other place entirely!

  63. Cheryl Y. says

    The Ghirardelli Floral Tower of Squares would be my escape. Just looking at it and anticipating the treats inside would be enjoyable.

  64. Lori A. says

    The milk chocolate squares with caramel filling sounds so yummy! The peanut butter filled ones do too! :)
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  65. mike says

    Personally, I don’t know what the big deal is with chocolate in general, especially high end chocolates. My wife, however, would probably lop off one of my arms in order to get some. That being said, her fave is dark chocolates… the darker the better (hmmmmm)… so I’d get her the ‘Intense Dark Chocolates’

  66. Eileen says

    I would love ANY of the new LUXE chocolates. My favorite would be the toffee or almond but If I won this basket, it would go STRAIGHT to my oldest daughter! She is a chocolate lover and I would LOVE to gift her this! She actually DOES use chocolate sometimes to de-stress from work , or “mom” stuff and the incredible constraints of TIME on her now. She really needs a break and what better way!!!
    THANKS so much! I have JUST found Ghirardelli at our store for baking and it made my signature Easter cheesecake SO much better this year!!

  67. says

    Any chocolate would be great! But, if I had to pick just one, I think it would be 60% Cacao SQUARES™ Dark Chocolate. Yummy. I love Dark Chocolate.

  68. Christina says

    I love the way the Ghiradelli chocolates are meted out in squares, so that none of us have to feel too guilty for eating chocolate! I’m a Five Minutes For Mom subscriber and would love to win it!

  69. Alison S. says

    Give me mlk chocolate with caramel any day! Yummy! (I’m sure my son would love to sneak some, too.)

  70. Jason says

    The best escape would be with the Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling SQUARES


  71. Sarah Pacilio says

    My best friend just became a new mommy and she is a true chocoholic I would love to win these for her 1st mothers day

  72. Jean D. says

    I could use SEVERAL Ghirardelli moments alone with the Luxe Milk Almond. I’m pretty sure Ghirardelli and I were separated at birth.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  73. RobynL says

    having the 60% Cacao dark chocolate with caramel filling would help me immensley, lol.


  74. says

    I had fun looking through their products. I think I’d use the Introducing Intense Dark Chocolate bars to help me unwind.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! :)

  75. Julie K says

    Wow, chocolate hazelnut hot chocolate sounds so good right now. I will have to try that. Thanks!

  76. Jess Wasserman says

    As a confirmed Chocoholic, they are all good! But I like the 86% Midnight Reverie the best. Put a square on your tongue & let it melt away, yum.

  77. Aisling says

    I love Ghirardelli Chocolates and all the flavors of Squares sound great, but the Dark Chocolate with Mint Filling would probably make my perfect moment.

  78. Amy N says

    What a great giveaway, especially since I love Ghiradelli — would totally love the milk chocolate caramel squares right now!

  79. Debbie says

    I think the 60% Cacao SQUARES™ Dark Chocolate or the Dark Chocolate with mint would be fabulous!

  80. Amanda C says

    I love Ghirardelli chocolate. I can definitely escape with their dark chocolate with mint chocolate bars.


  81. Tiffanie M. says

    I love Ghiradelli’s Espresso Escape from their Intense Dark Chocolate collection. It is the chocolate I’m craving with the energy I need to get that little ‘zing’. It takes the edge off a long, stressful day.

  82. Kathy S says

    Oh, I do love the Ghiardelli Dark Chocolate With Mint Creme Filling squares. They’re so good…I have to hide them from myself so I don’t devour them in a few days!

  83. Pamela S says

    I think the Milk Chocolate squares with Caramel Filling would make me very, very happy! Thanks.

  84. says

    I am a bit of a “chocolate snob” – and Ghirardelli is one of my absolute favorite chocolate brands! I especially love their dark chocolate – so rich, so smooth.

  85. lknott says

    Can’t express the desire of Ghrardelli Gift Basket! What an honor to win this and share, a little for Mother’s Day. I went to their site and found a New treat the Luxe Milk Chocolate. That would be my goal. I do enjoy the dark chocolate, not just for the wonderful smoothness , but also my family prefers milk Chocolate so the Dark is mine alone!!

  86. Darcy B says

    I love the milk chocolate and caramel squares–they take the edge off–when I start getting stressed!

  87. Karen says

    My favorite kind of chocolate is the dark chocolate with mint. Yum! That would definitely help me relax.

  88. virginia vorse says

    ah…. the moment soaking in a rose water bath and enjoying the smooth milk chocolate

  89. Brandi says

    I love the dark chocolate with mint squares. I keep a bag of them stashed away so my boys don’t gobble them up.

  90. Justine says

    I checked out Ghirardelli and their Chocolate Hazlenut Hot Cocoa would help me to escape during the day! As for the tour, why does everyone always forget Seattle? :(

  91. glenda says

    the LUXE MILK Milk bar can easily help me escape and I’ve eaten it many times before and it has.

  92. Anne says

    60% Cacao Dark Chocolate with caramel filling!!!!!!

    That way I can indulge and not feel so bad… right?

  93. Linze! says

    Oh the dark chocolate with raspberry filling can take me away any day of the week! Make it my Me Time for sure!

  94. sheilacalabretta says

    I karave chocolate! I think it’s part of the foodgroups we’re supposed to eat…right?

  95. Joyce K. says

    Chocolate with the raspberry is my favorite! Although I wouldn’t turn any of the others away either!

  96. gina says

    I would love to escape with a mug of Ghirardelli White Mocha Hot Beverage & also a Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter Filling Bar .

  97. Amanda A says

    I think their Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa would be their best product for just sitting and relaxing while you sip away the stress!

  98. Jesslyn A. says

    While I generally love ALL chocolate – I esepcially love decandantly dark shocolate!

    Looking over Ghirardelli’s marvelous menu of chocolate products, I honestly want to sample EVERYTHING I see – but I’m especially want to savor the yummy sounding
    Toffee Interlude™!.

  99. Jen S says

    I have been craving chocolate and mint a lot lately so I would have to say their Dark Chocolate with Mint squares sound perfect right now.

  100. Jennifer C says

    I already get a Ghirardelli moment in the morning since I use their sweet ground chocolate in my coffee everyday (yum!). But of the squares, I think the dark choc with carmel; is to die for.

  101. deb b says

    while checking out the Ghirardelli site I found that big ole 5 lb chocolate bar and I know that would definitely give me more than a few moments of escape, maybe sitting on my front porch after dinner enjoying the sunset, just eating a piece of that delicious chocolate, the bar might actually last longer than a few days ( but I doubt it), anyway each bite would bring me more than a few moments of pure choc pleasure, yum, Thanks for hosting this very tasty giveaway

  102. trixx says

    What a delicious giveaway! I’d love to try their Chocolate Hazelnut Hot Cocoa. It looks so soothing and tasty!

  103. R Hicks says

    I think I could eat several bags of their Luxe Milk hazelnut chocolates!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  104. Charlene Kuser says

    Oh i would love the Twilight Delight™ with pure, decadent 72% Cacao dark chocolate.
    Pure divinity!


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