HP Mini 210 Mother’s Day Giveaway


Here at 5 Minutes for Mom we love to celebrate moms and Mother’s Day is one of those extra special times where we can show the moms in our online community how much we truly appreciate them!

This Mother’s Day we are hoping to make the life of one mom a little easier with the help of an HP Mini 210!


We know that a lot of moms in our 5 Minutes for Mom community are trying to go back to school, are working on their degree, or are trying to start their own business. We also know that it can be very tough to do any of those when you also have a family at home — finding the extra money to get the technology you need and finding the time to actually use that technology…not easy!

The HP Mini 210 is a great solution to both of those problems! Starting at just $299.99, the HP Mini 210 is an affordable compact computer that allows you to easily connect to your email, social networking, banking, research, resources, and more! Weighing less than 3 pounds and 0.9″ thick, the HP Mini 210 is easy to take with you wherever you go!


  • Available in 4 stylish colors – Black Crystal, Silver Crystal, Pacific Blue, or Sonoma Red
  • More than 9 hours of battery life for all day computing
  • 1 GB DDR2 System Memory
  • 160 GB – 250 GB Hard Drive
  • 10.1″ diagonal LED Widescreen Display
  • Wireless enabled
  • Built-in Webcam and Skype
  • Embedded GPS module with HP Navigator software

Learn more about HP Mini 210 features at www.HP.com.

The HP Mini 210 makes life on the go so much easier because you can easily slide the Mini into your purse or bag and take it with you to class to take notes or take it to your child’s soccer practice and work on your latest business proposal! Again, it’s small, sleek, stylish, and super affordable! All making it a great gift option this Mother’s Day! You can purchase yours at www.hpdirect.com!

Now, I did mention that 5 Minutes for Mom wanted to make one mom’s life a little easier with their very own HP Mini 210 in Sonoma Red. Here’s how:

We are would love to see this HP Mini 210 go to a mom who is wanting to go back to school, is currently working on her degree, is looking at starting her own business, or has her own business! We want this HP Mini 210 to really benefit someone who needs it! If that mom is you or you know a mom who could really use this computer, let us know!!!

To enter, simply leave us a comment on this post telling us why you, or a mom in your life, need the HP Mini 210.


This giveaway is part of our Mother’s Day Giveaway and is open to both US and Canadian addresses. You have until May 4th to enter and our lucky winner will be announced on May 5th.

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  1. says

    I would love to win this to give to my mom for mother’s day. She has been without a computer for 2 years now and she lives 10 hours away. This would make keeping in touch much easier and she could view pics of my daughter…. her only granddaughter! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!

  2. says

    I would love win this so that I easily do my book reviews and blog on the move. Don’t have the option as of yet. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway.

  3. says

    It’s not a business, but I’m starting a non profit organization in honor of my daughter Cora, I’ve been traveling more and having the mini with me while I’m on the go would certainly help. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway and good luck to all.

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, I could use this! I’m working really hard on my blog and it’s so hard when I have to travel for family issues. On top of that, I’m considering going to Grad school and this would be a lifesaver for courses. This could be a lifechanger. Thank you to HP and 5minutesformom for a great giveaway!

  5. says

    I’d love to win one. For one thing, I adore all of HP’s products! Second, I would be able to let my kids play on a laptop, without feeling anxiety every time, because one like this is perfect size for them. It also means I can take it with me, to places like the doctor’s office, or dentist, and keep them entertained, meaning I’m less stressed. It would also be great for road trips, since we take at least one a year to my parents, who live 8 hours away!

    It would also mean that I can give my slowly slowing down laptop a chance to breathe, and I can dual-task on the desk a lot easier 😉

  6. says

    I have a laptop from work, but it seems to crash on me often. I’d love to have a laptop of my OWN that I can use for whatever I want and actually have admin rights to! Plus, these are really cool…who wouldn’t want one!

  7. says

    while i would love this for me, I REALLY would love to win this for my MOM~! she travels a lot for her work and currently only has a desktop and a work laptop (which she cannot do personal things on) She could really use this! and i love her !

  8. says

    My daughter is going to school to get her teachiung certificate and could reallly use this little beauty. Their computer is in the basement and she only gets to use it while her toddler is asleep. If she had a nice laptop she could be in the same room with Mia and do her school work. I would love to win it for her.

  9. says

    I would LOVE to win this HP mini! I’m a huge HP product fan and would love to have something I can take on the go. I’m a busy mom, business owner and student so this would come in VERY handy!

  10. Rebecca says

    I would love a lap top of my own! I am currently working from home while my husband is in school. He has to use our lap top for school, so I am stuck in an office chair while I work, sometimes for up to 10 hours a day! It would be so nice to have my own lap top so that I can work away from home or even just on the couch, which would certainly give my back a break. :) Thank you for the chance to win such an awesome giveaway!

  11. says

    Wow! Awesome giveaway, just in time for Mother’s Day! Not gonna lie, the mom who needs this most in my life is ME! My computer died last October and I have been either going to the library to post in 1 hour intervals or borrowing my mom’s computer when no one else is using it. I need a computer to stay connected to my SN mom community…without them I would feel very lost. Thanks!

  12. says

    We’ve had a rough year with computers. Our desktop died on us so we had to replace that. My laptop which I use for blogging is on it’s last leg. In fact while I was away at a conference it stopped working, the same week as the desktop. I was fortunate that it was the power cord that needed to be replaced. It’s going to go soon though and we can’t afford to get a new laptop now. I’d love to have this HP Mini especially to take with me when I travel and blog.

  13. says

    I’d really love to win this! I’d love to go back to school and am thinking of heading back, it’s just a matter of financing it… My HP Pavillion crapped out on me just 16 days out of warranty and HP REFUSED to help me, so i’m desperately in need of a new computer!

  14. says

    I just saw one of these in person and felt the need to run out and get nail polish of this color right away! What a trip if I could win the hp to match!!

  15. Benita says

    I could really use this because I mentor new teachers. I’m always scrambling to get to a computer at the school, to find info for teachers, to email them about professional development, to assist them with lesson planning, etc. etc. What a blessing it would be to have this sweet HP with me throughout the day. How it would facilitate my work!


  16. says

    I would love a laptop! With the weather being nicer, the kids like to be outdoors more, but I can’t watch them outside and be inside on the computer at the same time. Having a laptop would be awesome to be able to take outside and work on while they are playing!

  17. says

    I’m not typically a participant in giveaways. My luck stinks! =) But, this kind of giveaway is exactly what I need!

    My family is in a precarious financial situation right now & I’m hoping to take a few classes on HTML and blog design. Eventually, I’d like to open up a blog design shop. It would be such great opportunity to help my family out with some extra cash. Thanks for the opportunity!

  18. Becca K says

    I would love a computer of my own. I am trying to manage going back to school, but it’s hard with two little ones at home. This will help me get that much closer!

  19. says

    What a GREAT giveaway! You two really are awesome. :) I could put this laptop to MAJOR work! Unfortunately, I don’t own one, so computer use leaves me immobilized in my office. As one lady mentioned above, would be sooooo nice to be able to take the girls (ages 4 and 19 months) to Mc’D’s, Chick-Fil-A, park…somehwere “out” while I do work. (Work being running our “Back-To-Basics” apiary home business.) Again…thx for the opportunity to win!

  20. Letessha says

    I am a student and my kids are always taking over my laptop. It is time for a change for Mother’s Day. It will be wonderful to have my own laptop finally.

  21. says

    I woud love to win the mini so I could work on my blog while I am not at home (e.g. my lunch time at work, when I am out and about, etc…..).

  22. says

    I would love to win something like this for mothers day, I’m a mom of a 4 year old who was just recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue. I’ve been trying to work on my Masters in Education at Portland State University but have had to take a term off for my health. Life is hectic juggling a job, school, motherhood and wifehood. A laptop would make my life so much easier (especially a small one that doesn’t make my health conditions worse to bringing it with me). I’m also thinking of opening my own photography business so that I can work my own hours and keep my health and family life in balance.

  23. says

    Wow…..I would love to win this mini hp 210…….I am a mother of three kids, nana to a baby girl and a wife to one man!! I am in college, actually just started and I drive 2 hrs to school and 2 hours home……until i get moved! My computer is about to leave this world soon and I do online classes as well as campus classes…..

    Good Luck to everyone that is entering:))
    I posted on my blog!!

  24. says

    I think I should win this laptop because I’m a NEW mother AND student who is trying to get her BS and Doctorate at the same time! I’m in need of a small, lightweight laptop since my classes require that we have Powerpoint Handouts, but why waste so much paper when I can take this little laptop around (I’m trying to be more environmentally friendly). Plus, my school is so small that there’s never enough computers when EVERYONE is on their lunch break that this would be a blessing!
    Not only am I a full-time student and mother, I also plan to start my own little shop of some kind soon (selling cute jewelry?…shh..don’t tell my hubby)! If only I can have some little organization! I also do a lot of online banking and have recently started a monthly budget…Furthermore, I have to start making plans for opening my own chiropractic practice! That means there are going to be a lot of presentations and HP Mini 210 laptop would most definitely help make them run smoother and be more professional.
    This mini laptop would be great for our family trips also. My in-laws tend to travel a lot (8-12 hour trips)! So it would be a great way to be entertained…or stay awake!
    Also, ever since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been trying to catch up on reading blogs! So why would I want to miss out on reading 5MinutesforMom’s blog? If I win this laptop, I won’t have to miss any blog posts at all!
    I hope that I do win. It would mean more money to save for my baby girl’s college tuition instead of on myself…

    <33 Rena

  25. says

    My family is financially on a tight budget and most often we as parents are not able to splurge on extra things for ourselves. I would love to have this mini to take outside with me this summer while my kids are playing outdoors so I can sit in the shade, sipping on lemonade and keeping up with my blogging friends. :) Would love it!

  26. says

    I would love this mini as I do not have a personal laptop. Using it while enjoying the spring and summer outdoors while chasing my 2 year old would be perfect! This way I can document our adventures especially since we are expecting another precious one in a few weeks.

  27. SHANNA says

    Awesome!!! That would help so much with schooling when I’m not home..which is a lot of the time! I take full time online classes 7 days a week.

  28. Kathleen says

    I need it! I need it! My computer (a desktop) is on it’s last legs. It keeps freezing for no reason at all and I’m constantly having to reboot it.

  29. says

    Oh my goodness! I started nursing school a couple of months ago and fight with my girls for the computer. This would be perfect! It would fit in my backpack and could stop the struggle with fighting for computer time!

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  30. says

    I need it! I am a mother to 18 mos old triplets that LOVE computers and never let me get on our nice, larger lap top at home. This is such a great size to put on the counter, they’d never even know I was using it.

    jamiedelight @gmail.com

  31. says

    This is so cool, and just what I need. Thanks to my dell crashing on me, I now have a computer that works when it wants to which is never.
    I want to go back to school and have been looking into it , but will have to wait until we move this summer. My blogging has really been tsking off, so i don’t know if that would be considered a biz. Please please this would help so much

  32. Rebecca Orr says

    My mom is a traveling therapist for kids in 10 school districts in our county. She could really use this. Every time she needs to type up her notes and reports (after each patient), she has to go back to the main office to use her desk top. This is a huge issue for her, because it is a lot of mileage (and gas money) spent. Even though she makes decent money with her job, there isjust not enough to go out and buy a laptop that she can keep with her in the car. She is the only one of all her colleagues that has to keep going back to the office. If I won, this would be a great surprise for her. She would be able to type up every thing right in the car (or while she is with the kids) and only have to go the office at the beginning and end of her day. It would make her job a lot easier. Thanks for the chance. :0)

  33. says

    Oh how I would love to win this – I am a mom of a three year old and a 10 month old, with a husband who works rotating shifts, AND I’m currently a full time student, AND I’m also starting nursing school in August! So yeah, I would love to have this little beauty to help me keep track of all the irons in my fire :)

  34. says

    My laptop died almost a year ago, and I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been stealing my husband’s whenever he isn’t looking…but, it would be SO nice to have my own again. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  35. Jenn says

    I would love to win this for myself. My husband finally graduated and got a job hooray! It will soon be my turn to go back to school and I can’t wait. It would be great to have a laptop of my own!

  36. says

    I am currently going to college and trying to finish my degree and I also just started a business of publishing a local newsletter of events for people in my area. I currently share my computer with my husband and son. Nothing like getting the “one more minute” treatment from them! If I won, this computer would be “mine” and I could use it for either school, work, or just keeping my life organized! I really want to win!!

  37. DebbieKL says

    Can laptops be beautiful? I’d love to use this for my little Etsy shop. I’m always going up and down stairs to use my PC for shipping and listing. Thanks for the chance!

  38. arochel52 says

    This would help me keep in touch with my family that I have on both coasts with me in the middle of the country. It would also be extremely useful when I travel to keep up with work and family.

  39. Kelly Ann T. says

    It would be easy to take to college and take notes and do my homework. Right now I take notes by hand and then enter them on my desktop. I would like to take it when I travel too.

  40. Trisha Lynn says

    I would love, love, love this!! In Feburary I went and got my GED after being out of shool for a couple years, and I needed in order to start and apply for college! So on March 25 I took the NLN test and on April 1 I found out I passed my NLN test and I am going to be starting school to be a RN on July 26 and this would mark huge chunk of money off the things I need to start! This would be a great mothers day gift for myself and a blessing!! Fingers double crossed!!

  41. says

    It would be perfect for me to use for school. I would love having a laptop small enough that it wouldn’t bother other people in class and that I could easily take with me to use when my kids are in gymnastics and other times like that.

  42. says

    I was just telling my fiance today how I would love to receive one of these as a Mother’s Day gift. I am currently finally finishing my high school diploma at the wonderful age of 28. I have 2 credits left to do. After that I am working for a year to save money for college as I do not qualify for student loans thanks to my fiance making too much money. The goal is for me to start college next year and I will be entering into a 3 year program. The HP Mini would help make my schooling so much easier. On top of that due to Tobeis work we live away from my family and have no clue when we will be back home. With the built in webcam it would be so much easier to be able to have my mom see her grandson growing up.

  43. says

    This is a perfect mini laptop for traveling on the go or just at home doing homework. I would like to attend college and get an associate’s degree so I can have a better future ahead. A nice way to keep in touch with my daughter and two sons.

  44. Trudy says

    I would like to give this mini to a friend who has just started home schooling this year. She just found out that she is pregnant. I think that this might tool would really be a help for her next school year.

  45. Michelle says

    My mother runs her own business and could use this to take her business on the road. Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. says

    My mom could really use this because she is starting college in the Fall, and does not own a computer. It is her first time going to college and she is nervous about getting her work done with relying on libraries and other people for computer use. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win one for her.

  47. CathyB says

    I use my laptop in the office to pay bills, in the kitchen to read recipes, in the living room to relax….It would be so much easier to carry this little thing around.

  48. Kristin says

    In addition to being a mom to a 17-month old daughter, I am working full time in my first career while finishing up law school. This would certainly make my life easier!

  49. says

    I have a very dear friend who is going back to school this year to get her nursing degree. I know she would LOVE to have this. What an awesome gift this would be for her!

  50. says

    My wife (mom of my son) could definitely use a new HP Mini. She has a very large laptop that is hard to travel with and it’s out of warranty now. It’s time for something new!

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  51. Kelly Massman says

    I need a laptop so I can take it with me wherever I go so I can work and keep up with my hobby of photography and scrapbooking! I would also use it for school! Thanks for a chance to win1

  52. says

    Why could I use the new HP Mini 210? Let me tell you. I have blogged for years but decided in 2010 that I was going to really take my business off. I have been in the market for a laptop of my own. I even have an envelope in my office that is titled, “Mommy’s Laptop Fund”. Being a SAHM I am scraping together anything I can find to save for a laptop. This would offer me the freedom to work in more than my home office.
    This would be a tremendous blessing to win!

  53. Rebecca says

    Would love to win this for my mom, she has a small home-based business and a laptop would really help her out!!

  54. says

    I am a Stay-at-home-Mom, Wife, Home CEO, Artist and Business Owner. When I first got married at 21 over 16 years ago, I was the bread winner, putting my husband though Optometry School at UC Berkeley. I had to leave school to do this so he could pursue his career. Then came children, husband’s practice and the busy-ness of life. I started my business 7 years ago when my baby was 1 year old. It’s my creative outlet and I LOVE it!

    I juggle a lot with family, running a household, helping my husband with his business and running my business as well. I would LOVE to be able to go back to school to achieve what I orginally planned for my life in addition to all the blessings that have happened to me. I could take online courses using the HP Mini 210 and it looks great for a busy Mommy CEO like me that’s on the go!

  55. says

    I could use this because I am a single mom and it’s hard to make ends meet and juggle the needs of my kids, so this would be a really nice ‘something’ to have just for me!

  56. Geneva says

    I’ve recently started a blog & have been trying to get my business up and running. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift & would certainly help me to get back to work on my goal of running an internet business.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. says

    Hello , I just started my blog, something that I want it to do for a while, I been working hard , now I have to travel to Colombia for the summer where my parents live , and will be there for two months and I’m not going to be able to conect down there if I dont have a computer myself, right now I can’t afford one since I’m at stay at home mom of three kids , and the only one working is my husband, . I really want this blog to work is kind of a dream , for me. Would you help me?

  58. Mary B says

    With 3 kids and always on the go it seems our one laptop is not cutting it! My oldest will be in highschool next year (Gasp!) and I’m going to have to give up a lot of my computer time for her.

  59. says

    I’m a mom going back to school this fall. I’ll be taking most of my classes online so I can still be home with my kids but our computers are woefully inadequate. Our old desktop runs slower than slow and our laptop shuts down randomly, plus neither have any of the software programs I know I will need, such as Word, Spreadsheet, etc. A new laptop (especially such a cute mini one!) would be incredibly helpful.

  60. says

    I could use this for my new jewelry business! I am a stay-at-home mom to my two sweethearts, and I just started my jewelry business this year. A portable laptop would be a wonderful way for me to stay up-to-date on my emails, Etsy shop, blog, Facebook, and Twitter! Great giveaway!

  61. says

    I could use this because I plan on going back to college soon, and the computer I ave doesn’t work well at all. Thanks for the great chance to win.

  62. Donna C. says

    This would be such a great computer for me. We have a small farm and raise natural range fed angus. I would be able to take this to workshops that I attend, meetings as well as the stockyards and auctions. I would be able to really organize my cattle business

  63. Liz says

    Why do we need this computer? My husband is on his third deployment. For the second Christmas in a row he watched his children open their presents via Skype. Our computer here is aging and another computer to help stay in touch would be great. Also, we plan on homeschooling next year. That almost qualifies as starting a new business, etc., doesn’t it? Well, we would love to win this.

  64. says

    This is awesome! I went back to school last year to finish what I started 11 years ago. I have 3 children children that are 5 years and under so having a small lap top that I could bring around the house or out and about with me would be great. I am only able to go part time and am hoping to have my communication degree by 2012! I want to show my children that having a college education is important. I want to be their example!

  65. Lona says

    My mom has never had a computer, and I would love to show her what is on the internet. This is a great product. Thanks for giving someone the opportunity to win this computer.

  66. says

    I believe I need his laptop because I need a new up-graded computer system. And I’m the best mom my daughters have. :)))))) (BIG GRIN)

  67. says

    I’m trying to get my own photography business started. This would be a huge help. I’ve been wanting a separate computer to keep all the pics and editing software on. Thanks for the giveaway. This would make me one happy momma!

  68. says

    All I can say is – WOW! This would be such a fantastic help to me. I just cut back my work schedule to accommodate all the appointments and phone calls I have to make to take care of my son’s needs in dealing with autism, but the flexibility this would give me to work from anywhere while still doing what I have to as a mom would be amazing!

    Thanks for your continual support of all of us moms!

  69. says

    I would love to give this to my best friend, who doesn’t currently have a computer! This way, we can stay in touch all the time, especially when our cell phone minutes are low! haha!

  70. says

    I need this for so many reasons;). I do have a 15 inch laptop but I have a huge battery and have to use a fan on it. So it is a ton to carry. I need to blog and have 4 kids so it would help out greatly! So pick me;).

  71. Julie says

    Oh, how I need a laptop! I am a 37 year old mother of 7 that is currently running a daycare/ preschool from my home. I am also in my second semester of college trying to get my teaching degree. We currently have one computer to share among 9 people so it is sometimes hard for me to get enough time on the computer to get my school work done. At least if I had a laptop I could work on school work while sitting at ballet class or football practice with my children!

  72. says

    I could use this SO badly. I am a college student & I’ve already dug myself into debt with student loans- and now my laptop is broken. My classes are all online (through a genuine university though- UNLV) because I am a SAHM (we can’t afford daycare; so my “job” comes from my student loan “income”.) and now I’ve failed this semester because I hardly have access to a computer for very long and miss a lot of deadlines. This is a great giveaway; there are a lot of people on here who deserve it so good luck to all. :)

  73. Claudia M says

    i would love to win this HP for myself because i only have an old ( and very slllooowww ) :) Desktop. Thanks so much for the chance!

  74. says

    Wow, my husband and I have been talking about how we need another computer or something small like this for me. We only have 1 computer and with me just getting into blogging, & he just launched a website, plus our daughter likes to play nickjr. games… our computer gets a lot of use! Winning this would be an amazing blessing for me! It would mean no more fighting to get on the computer!! :)

  75. Michelle says

    I would love to have my OWN computer. Between the two kids and my husband, we share a laptop that is on it’s last limb. The moniter is hanging on by a thread. This would be a wonderful replacement for Mommy.

  76. says

    Oh I would so love to win this. My mom and I could both use it! I embroider blankets and she makes quilts, and we could so use this to have at boutiques to show off other styles and photos and such!

  77. Kim L. says

    I am finally heading back to school after having kids! I want to show them that it’s important to follow your dreams! This would help me fufill mine! Thanks so much!


  78. says

    I would like to give it my mom because she really does deserve it. She takes care of an elderly couple; it’s almost like as soon as she was finished taking care of my sister & myself, she had to start taking care of two others.. ya know? She never catches a break. And you wouldn’t believe it, but he “stress relief” is playing Spider Solitare.. :) My mom is a total doll. Either way, my mom is really deserving, in my opinion.

  79. Crystal Warren says

    I would love to win this for my stepmom for mothers day..her son just moved out of her home and she’s computerless. My dad and she live so far away it’s hard for me to get my 3 kids to see them as often as I’d live and this computer would be the perfect way for her to keep up with them (and me!). Also I’ve started a blog and she’s never even read it yet!! Thanks so much for the giveaway it’s A w e s o m e !!!!

  80. says

    Well I just upgraded my camera from a point & shoot to a DSLR and was thinking about doing a little photography on the side. This laptop would really come in handy for that.

  81. Christine Roeske says

    I would love this laptop for web browsing, the laptop I”m working on has to be rebooted numerous times during each browsing session . Ick! But YAY for giveaways like this!

  82. JoAnn L. says

    I do not need this laptop but I would love to win it. My current laptop is 7 yrs old, partially tapped up and extremely slow. Thanks for the contest.

  83. Tiffany says

    If I won this computer I would give to the women I work with in Uganda (East Africa) who are trying to learn job skills and start businesses so they can send their children to school. Right now, they manage a microloan program with old fashion ledgers- their jobs would be so much easier if they could manage it electronically AND they could learn skills to increase their value in the job market!

  84. Laura D says

    I’ve never had my own laptop. It sure would be great! I just went back to work two months ago after staying home to raise the kids. I’m a school teacher and I’m struggling to juggle both my work and home life. We are on the road at least five nights a week since all three kids have events, baseball, music, drama, etc. I use that time to grade papers, create lesson plans, etc. Back before I went on leave, everything was done in an old fashioned paper and pencil gradebook. But nowadays, it’s all done on computer. I realize it’s neater, a time saver, and better with parent communication, but it makes it tough on me since I’m rarely at home to put in grades, and it’s hard to stay late at work since I’m still a parent and I have my own kids to pick up from school. So having a laptop would be perfect for me. I could load grades, communicate with parents through email, work on my lesson plans, all from the comfort of my fenceside seat at the wifi enabled ballpark.

  85. says

    I would love this for so many reasons!
    The main reason is I’m not able to attend college outside the home because I have a special needs child that consumes all my time, and I wouldn’t want it any other way, but perhaps if I could do some online courses, I could fnd a job working from home!

  86. says

    I am a new Independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics and it would be so helpful to have this laptop to take with me as I travel to look up information, answer e-mails and process payments. It is my hope that I will be able to do well enough with MK that I can stay home with my daughter! :-)

  87. linda says

    Ohhh I would love to win it. I think about owning my own accounting business within a year and I’m a mommy/coupon blogger. With 2 kids its benefits me use because I can be able to see everything around me. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  88. Annette D says

    I am a busy mom of two teenage sons. I have been very fortunate to be a stay at home mom and I have tried to “give back” to our community by volunteering in my kids schools and other organizations such as Boy Scouts. I have taken on my biggest volunteer challenge yet! I am going to be the director of my son’s Project Graduation next year. It is a huge undertaking and I will have to be super organized. This HP would be perfect for keeping me on track, thanks for the chance.

  89. says

    My mom is returning back to school in her 40’s after 3 children and 2 divorces. I am really proud of her and would love to give this computer to her for Mother’s Day. She shares one right now :)

  90. clenna in NH says

    After 3 children, my daughter is returning to school to get her degree in Speech and Hearing. She only has a year left. She desperately needs a small laptop to help her. Thank you so much.

  91. says

    Right now, if I want to enter my online life (my blog) during the day, I have to turn my back (literally) on my kids (our computer sits in a corner). I still have my eye(s) on them but it would just make it easier to take a computer to their rooms or the other part of the house instead of leaving them without a watchful eye at ALL times.
    And the sanctuary that is my online life allows me just a few minutes to be “around” other people, see what their days are going like, update my blog. Just something that’s “me” in the midst of being “mom.”

  92. says

    I would love to win this because I’m about to leave a job of 12 years to help my husband rebuild his business after we’ve had to claim bankruptcy and I am going to be homeschooling my son because he has not been doing well at his partial hospitalization school. So this laptop would allow me the freedom to be more flexible and mobile and yet still have a handle on my husband’s business and take my son’s schooling with us on field trips and such. Thank you for this opportunity!

  93. mary simonton says

    my daughter is going back to school after 4 kids and a messy divoice this would really be a great gift to help keep her spirits up thanks for the chance to win this

  94. says

    I recently started my own business with a partner and this has led to a lot more travel. It is getting harder and harder to lug around my huge, heavy laptop. This mini would be perfect for me and would help make my business much more portable.

  95. says

    My mother is a pastor, she travels a lot and doesnt have a laptop, she was just telling me that she needs a mini laptop so she can travel with it. I would love to win this for her. Its the perfect present.

  96. Jeannine says

    There are so many deserving people for this prize. I’m certain that I’m not any more deserving than any other person; I think that this is a wonderful gift/prize and am very grateful to 5MinutesforMom for the chance….thank you.

    I have been off work for the last 5yrs, battling my depression and PTSD. I left an abusive relationship and struggled at raising my only child through all this. I’m in a wonderful situation now, and in a new relationship (one that is healthy and loving). I’m still off work due to the PTSD, along with some other health issues. I honestly do not want to return to my old job, as it is in the area that brings back alot of the old feelings linked to the PTSD. I live near a College, and have considered going back to school (I’m 42) and perhaps take teaching…I’m fearful….change is always difficult. I know that facing a different future is scary; however, I’d like to be able to embrace the new opportunity for a new life. I’d be providing myself a new path going back to school: new skills, new job, new career, new life!

    I’m hoping to have enough courage….please pray for me.

  97. Jennifer B says

    my mom’s laptop just broke and she can’t afford another one, she is trying to take classes to further herself right now and she has been so stressed. I would love to be able to help her

  98. says

    Considering my computer is in the shop and it’s not looking good as far as the repairs are concerned (May cost more than I’m willing to pay) and I’m currently using my hubbies work computer when I get the chance, this would be the perfect computer for me! I’m trying to get my sock business up and running again but it’s hard to do when you can’t get on the computer much. This sock business is a supplement to our income during these trying times and being able to get my updates on the computer would be WONDERFUL! Thank you for this opportunity!

  99. Liz says

    My husband is ALWAYS hogging the computer at night. I’d love to be able to sit with him and get caught up on my email and blogging!

  100. says

    I would love to have an HP mini! We only have one laptop that we run our business from and it would be easier when my hubby’s using it to get my stuff done as well.

  101. rick s. says

    I would like to enter my wife into this contest. In August she will be the mother of twins, and is a full-time middle school teacher. She is a member of her school systems traveling “reading coach” program and promotes literacy in other teachers classrooms. She volunteers as the director for a regional literacy non-profit that brings award winning authors and illustrators to area classrooms. She is always on the go and a small form factor netbook would be a great way to stay connected while on the move.

  102. Barbara Camp says

    I work full time, and my husband is retired. We have a farm and raise cattle. My mother law has Alzheimers. She lives with us also. I would use the HP to keep up with our records for farmeing, and all the communication we do back and forth with our grown children, and home information.

  103. says

    I’d love to have a laptop for blogging on the go. If I’m on a trip, there is no way for me to work on my blog, and I can’t really schedule posts very well because of the time-sensitive nature of my blog. I make it work, but a laptop would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. says

    It would be super great to get a real laptop. My husband just lost his job because he got too sick to work. It’s hard for him to both search for a job and study for his upcoming skill test. With only one computer that I work on all day long a laptop would not only make our life better but give up hope that our life will get better.

  105. Linda says

    My mom is changing gears in her career and lifestyle and an HP Mini could help as a very handy tool. She loves gadgets!

  106. Annie says

    I’d love one for myself, but my Mom could totally use it. She is starting a speaking ministry and is doing some traveling. Never too far, but to be able to take a computer with her to her speaking engagements would be really helpful. She’s really good at what she does, and this would just up the productivity for her. Thanks for the chance.

  107. MJ says

    I need this because I don’t even have a smartphone to check my email on the go! I’m so under-gadgeted it isn’t even funny. This would really make my Mother’s Day one to remember, especially since my daughter is a bit too young to make me a card!

  108. Marygrace says

    Would love this to help keep me organized! Running around with three kids, a full time job, and trying to start a consulting business. I love to use web apps to keep track of it all!

  109. Karen Propes says

    I would love to win this HP Mini 210 because it would save me from having to unplug our computer in the living room to take back to my craft room to look up information. I have a small business and almost everytime I start packing the order, I realize I forgot something and have to go back into the living room to pull it up and double check. I also have problems when I am making projects, it would be so nice to have the HP Mini 210 next to me in the craft room, to look up instructions, patterns and a lot of patterns I have stored on a disc that I have to pull up. This would save me so many steps and frustration just to have it with me where I do my work and projects. Thanks for the great giveaway!!!!!!

  110. says

    I would love to win this because my husband and i always have to share our desktop and we have to take turns! This is such a cool computer, love it!

  111. says

    As a working mother of 3 who loves to blog, I would love to have the HP mini so that I could put new posts on my blog at work during my lunch breaks! I could also stay in touch with other blogs that I enjoy reading. Posting on the computer has been a great outlet for me, and I usually do all my posts for the week late at night on Sunday nights. Love the info you are putting out everyday. This is still one of my favorite mom blog sites to visit. Keep up the good work!! :)

  112. Linda Kish says

    My computer is dying and disability doesn’t pay enough to pay the bills let alone buy a laptop.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  113. says

    I am currently a full-time student working on my Master’s in Education. I will be student teaching in the fall and this would come in handy!

  114. Helena Cassin says

    I take care for my two grandsons ages three and one and a half while their parents work during the week. The oldest likes to watch train videos on the “puter” which essentially means all of the time. With this HP mini NeNe could multitask for sure. Thanks for this opportunity to win computer time for NeNe too.

  115. says

    I would love to win this! One of our computers just went kaput, and with me doing a lot more blogging and online stuff, we could really use a good computer!
    This is my first mother’s day too! =)

  116. Angela K says

    Wow – hard to decide if I need this more, or if my mom does – I think she wins though! My mom just switched jobs and she is still way too averse to email for her own good. I think she’d like how light the HP Mini is and how simple it is to use.

  117. Jennifer C says

    I am currently trying to figure out how to get back to school for my master’s so I can actually put my degrees to good use. A new laptop/net book is on the list of needs to get myself ready. The application process is a bear and if I could take a computer with me to knock off tasks on the go, it would really help.

  118. TLR says

    OH I would love to win this for me or my grams…I would give it to her so she can work on family history and stay in touch with her many grand children!

  119. Beth says

    We have a laptop but after being attacked by some viruses it doesn’t run right and I have to use my husband’s side of the computer because mine is all messed up. I would like my own computer to take outside and still do my onine business while watching the kids play as well as take to bed at night. Having something small and easy to travel from room to room would be great. Since my husband switched jobs I have been working online to earn money for the kids clothes and food. The design and colors are classy and I would love to know where the dress the women in the post is wearing is from :) That would be a nice Mother’s Day dress :)

  120. says

    I would want you to send this to my sister. My sister is amazing. She graduated from a top college with a degree but since then has had three children. She decided to be a stay-at-home Mom, but now things are quite tight and she needs to get a job or work from home. What she actually needs is a computer with Microsoft Office on it because most of the jobs she has been looking at, she needs to know Microsoft Word.

  121. Daniel M says

    been wanting a netbook to got off the desk and out of the house (would love to work on our screened in porch)

  122. says

    i would love to have this as i am getting a new job next month. it will involve travel and computers. how great this little one would be to travel with. it would also make it much easier to keep up with children and grand kids. thanks

  123. Ellen C. says

    I would like to go back to school to receive a degree in accounting and this computer could really help me out. Thanks for the chance.

  124. Jaimie K says

    I would love to win this computer! I have my Associate’s Degree and RN license, but I will be going back to school (completely online program) to get my Bachelors so I can be a School nurse to have the same hours as my school teacher husband and my kids (when they are old enough). I have also contemplated creating a little online bow/hair clip shop because I love doing it and the extra money could help. My old computer doesn’t work well enough any more and the one I’ve been borrowing will soon be no longer available, so I need a new computer! Thanks for these giveaways!

  125. says

    First awesome giveaway & thanks..This would simplify my life in soooo many ways. I will be going back to school to complete my degree in the next year. Plus the better half is also in his 3rd yr of Elementary Education. We desperately need a mini since I will be driving one way over an hour to school. This would enable me to get work done while I am on my breaks. Plus, while at home I wouldn’t have to wait for him to get done with his work. The best part would be I could check on my youngest while he is in preschool/daycare.

  126. says

    I have been thinking about starting my own business for awhile now. My daughter will be starting kindergarten in the fall, and I have been looking for a job while she will be in school. No luck so far. This would be a great kick in the pants to get me going….I have to do something!!

  127. Jennifer P says

    I could really use this with keeping up on one sons medical problems, they can’t figure out what is making him so sick on top of him having diabetes type 1, and the other going to college, at the same time I am trying to get back in the work force and start my own business up. I need something more portable than my huge 8 lb extremely old laptop. This would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift from my sons to me! I could go on for a very long time on how much this would help out but I don’t want to make your reading this a chore. There are enough time wasters in life right now, and this would help eliminate a few of them! 😀
    Thank you for the chance and a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you at 5 Minutes for Mom!

  128. Maureen says

    I would love to have this for my kitchen so I could access emails and recipes :)

    Thanks so much,
    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  129. Angel S. says

    I love how compact this is. This would be really helpful to me as we try to make some changes in our life vocationally. One of us is either going to have to go back to school or we need to get another job or something. This would be great!

  130. says

    I’m loving the built-in webcam and Skype feature. We would give this to my mom. This economy has made visiting far-away family an impossible luxury. Our child has not seen her or other relatives in far too long. They all miss each other and he is growing so fast they won’t even recognize him! My mom would be thrilled, especially since it is so small, it won’t clutter up her tiny home.

  131. Tianna says

    My mom would be very thankful for this because shes such a great mom that works really hard and try helping thoes in need

  132. says

    I would love this hp mini because…… I am typing on nubs. Ya, that’s right! My two year old likes to race to the computer if left attended and rip off the keys. Right now I am typing withought the spacebar the “h” “j” “c” and “1” keys. I also just had a virus and had to wipe my computer clean. Ugh. I have bad luck with electronics! This would make my day/month/year.

  133. says

    There is one computer in our house and with four people, it would help to have my own laptop to keep up with blogging and also to help me create notes for my students. I have been wanting a laptop for a few years now.

  134. says

    I could use this for daytime blogging. My husband works nights and sleeps days and my desktop is in the bedroom, so I only use it during the night when hes working.

  135. chana says

    this would be great for me as I work part time but am exploring options of work/schooling i can do from home to advance myself but still have time to spend with my DD and DH!

  136. Kowanda says

    I would love this for my mom. She worked really hard to put herself through college to get her BA and her Masters. After several years in a job she wasn’t happy with she got a new job that is closer to her siblings. Also, my husband is in the military (currently living in South Korea) and it would be nice for her to have a portable computer so we could skype!

  137. says

    I could realy use this mini laptop because, i have insomnia and can’t sleep. This wasy I could sit on the couch and not bother anyone (or in bed quietly) blogging on my favorite sites like 5 min for mom until the wee hours of the morn. lol.. That would help me sleep. .I know it would. lol.

  138. says

    I feel selfish, but I would totally love this. I’m not only a wife, mom, part-time librarian and blogger, but I’m also a college student. My goal is to earn a Masters in Library Science. It’s certainly not easy with kids…but I know it will be worth it. It would be so nice to have a netbook to take notes on, instead of writing them on paper, then transferring to a computer. There are many nights I’m up until the wee hours typing my little heart out!

  139. says

    I would love to have a mini to use in my home based rubbers stamping business. It would be so nice to be able to take to workshops to show products and also to store business files and projects. It would allow me to access e-mail and business updates when I am away from my desktop computer.
    Thanks for providing this opportunity. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother.

  140. Melissa A. says

    My mom would be a perfect recipient! Last week she had just finished doing the taxes for my dad and sister when their “new” computer died!

  141. dawn says

    I would use this for myself. I am in nursing school and only have a desktop computer. A new laptop would be great to be able to take to class with me. I would love to be able to take notes from class on it.

  142. says

    My daughter-in-law would be blessed with this! It would be great for her to use during the day while at school, she’s working towards a degree in Communication. Thanks to HP and you for the chance!

  143. Regina says

    I am a mommy of 2, wife, teacher, and student. This laptop would really help me be able to do everything I need to do whenever I get a minute. I could prepare lesson plans while my waiting for my son at swimming lessons, finish an essay during my prep at work. This would be a life saver!

  144. Tawnda says

    well… I’m a disabled mom of 3 teen daughters. While I’m not actively seeking to go back to school at this time, having this computer would help me tremendously with my sporadic memory… I’m always forgetting things until the last minute when my children say we gotta get going… It’s frustrating and humiliating.

  145. Michelle B says

    I could use one bc the plug in to my current lap top is broken. I have to position it just right so I don’t lose power. It doesn’t even charge anymore….LOL. I’m half way done with my bachelors degree and this would help tons.

  146. dancealert says

    I have need of a netbook, my husband is having problems with his computer and he needs to look for work.

  147. Geri says

    I’m a mom of two grown boys, one that ‘s married and one that is in college. I also have three grand-daughters. I’m always cooking and looking up recipes and a mini HP in the kitchen would be AWESOME!!! then I could take it to my bedroom and email my sons and grand-daughters or keep up with them on facebook. I also have a blog about cooking and this mini HP would be WONDERFUL!!! for that part of my life.

  148. says

    Our home computer is threatening to die anyday now and I am hoping to start my own business by the end of the year and this would be a HUGE help!

  149. Rose says

    I’d love to have this because we are WAY overdue on a new computer. This would be super easy to use in the kitchen for following online recipes!

  150. Cora says

    Oh my! What a blessing this would be. I certainly can’t afford one, but would appreciate and use it so much. I need it desperately!

  151. says

    My mom, Kathy, is an amazing woman who could really use some good news and some good help during this time in her life. She is a single woman in her 50’s who was downsized in her past job and is now trying to start her own business focusing on her childhood dream of being an artist. This HP Mini 210 would be a great business tool for her to get organized and get started in her new venture!

  152. says

    We bought a really nice desktop computer with a large monitor for my photography, but it would sometimes be really nice to have a little laptop to take out and about with me, especially when traveling!

  153. says

    I am trying to get my own homemade craft business off the ground, and having a notebook computer that I could slip in my purse and make it possible for me to work, no matter where I am…. that would be AMAZING!

  154. says

    I would love to win the laptop computer because I continually am doing things on my home computer for the church , for the youth organizations that my children are involved in and it would be SO convenient to be ableto just take the computer with me to make minor changes or to just print it off right there rather than waiting to go home and print or email the document. Most of what I do on my computer is free stuff for groups and I seldom charge for the projects that come of this computer

  155. says

    Oh so TOTALY cool!
    I would LOVE to win this! Eck! 😀
    I’m a mommy to a sweet lil 9 month old boy! I love it!
    Such a cute little laptop would be awesome on the go to blog all
    about my little man and life as I know it!

    Thanks so much you guys!
    Your awesome!

  156. hippie4ever says

    I was intending on returning to college before we were blessed with our son, it would be awesome to win an HP mini. Also, I’ve been thinking of delving back into writing

  157. Mary says

    Would love to be able to get this!! I’m running around all the time with my 4 kids and volunteer activities. I work at my husband’s business and help out at my old high school. This would be such a useful thing to have.

  158. Sheila Capell says

    I’ve been starting up my own business and a lap top is a MUST. I have an oooooold ooooold Toshiba that I bought in college (2002-ish YIKES) Yeah, and when I bought it, it was already outdated and I got a deal on it. Seriously, it doesn’t even have a disk burner!! This would be AMAZING for me!!

  159. says

    First off I was able to test out an HP mini last November and loved it. Second, as of Friday I am now employed full time and ALSO registered for the CNA program at our community college. WHEW! I am one busy mom. The mini would be perfect for me during school days and at work when I don’t have anything to do. I am always on the go and dragging along my laptop that has a bad screen (yeah you should see it. it flashes at me all day long and I have to bang on the screen for it to stop), bringing the full sized laptop is heavy and tiresome!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  160. Diane says

    My niece is finishing her second year of college in April, and is half-way to her goal of becoming a social worker. She is a single parent and decided to change her life so I am very proud of her. She uses the computer in the common room of her building so she would love the HP Mini 210.

  161. says

    This is going to be a perfect gift for my mom since she don’t have a computer right now and she misses us so much esp her grandchildren. It would be nice that we can see each other thru webcam.

  162. says

    I’d love to give this as a gift, but all of the moms I know already have a lap top! So this would be perfect for me. I could blog on the go.

  163. Londia says

    A friend of mine she has started a glove business and she would think this would be great to keep updated and customer files.

    Thank you

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  164. addrienne mertens says

    i feel my mom should be involved in the internet to broaden her horizons. get out from under the rock and live! thanx

  165. says

    This would definitely make my life easier! I have two girls ages 18 months and 3 1/2. My mom and I have our own business, and I’d love the convenience this would provide. I’m always a mommy first, but I have business matters to attend to also. :-)

  166. Lindsay says

    Ah…. my mother has recently not only realized the benefits of the internet and has slowly removed herself from the point and click method of typing, but she is now on facebook, resisting the ever present urges to join farmville. She has in the recent years become our township supervisor (In other words the ‘mayor’..but our town is so small the title had to be shrunken!) this making her need to communicate in the technological/email form a necessity.. however due to the size of our town her ability to get to a computer means going to the office (since broadband/wireless hasn’t even reached her house!), I feel this computer would aid in her abilities and mobility to access her email and information…. I mean come on, she’s not a spring chicken anymore, but she’s my withering hen, I want to make her life as easy as possible, and I think this would do that! Cheers, and either way…thanks for making this possible!

  167. Jill L says

    I could really use one of these. I’ve got 3 kids who are starting to need the computer and I wind up getting kicked off so one of them can work on powerpoint presentations. I would still like to be able to get on and answer messages from my friends from back home.

  168. Aisling says

    My daughter decided to go back to school when her oldest headed off for college. She’s working hard and doing very well, but her home desktop computer isn’t really sufficient to meet her needs. She could so use a laptop to take to class and have available to work on when she’s away from the house.

  169. says

    I haven’t worked in 6 months and hubby just lost his job… I don’t know what I’m going to be doing, but I want to start a computer consulting business or do something with computer repair in the meantime. I need a computer that travels so I can store software on it, run diagnostics, etc. Mostly, so I can access the internet to look up virus removal info I’m thinking :) If that doesn’t work out, I’m definitely going back to school, although I have no idea for what. My computer is a desktop and a P4 and I have to reboot every 5 days or it reboots itself, and it keeps freezing up… let’s just say at this point it’s more of a doorstop :(

  170. says

    My daughter is pregnant with her second little boy. He is due in late August. She has been unemployed, due to a back injury, for almost a year now. After she delivers her son she is planning to return to school and finally learn a trade that will allow her to raise her sons and maintain a job without causing further injury to her back. The HP Mini 210 would truly help her accomplish her goals.

  171. says

    Please enter my name in this giveaway. Thanks!! I run our family store that is online and also a co-op with a store front in our home. There are many times that I have needed a computer while at a show looking at products or even when my husband is on our computer at home doing his own thing. This would be a great help to me.

  172. shelley_2001 says

    I could use this because my laptop is so old that it barely runs anymore. This would be such a blessing. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  173. says

    i just finished my degree last spring; but alas, i need more schooling so i’m looking into starting a grad program in social work fall of 2011. i sent my old laptop off to college with my oldest and with 2 more at home without a computer of any kind, our family would get a lot of good out of one.

  174. Erin C says

    I have recently decided to go back and finish my university degree that I am 2 credits short of graduating. It’s scary, having been out of school for 8 years – but a cute little red netbook would make it less scary for sure!!

  175. Angela says

    My is now retired and would love to play on this computer! She like to play her little computer games to keep her busy; I’d definetly give it to her.

  176. Kathleen C. says

    Ok….I’m the mom. Last one to get _________ (fill in the blank).
    It could be clothes, tech, rest, vacation, sleep, phone, dr, you name it. Wouldn’t mind getting
    something b4 anyone else once in a while…..besides the flu.

  177. Louise Gilbert says

    Any mother would love this Hp Mini. Who wouldn’t? My mother deserve a new computer she would love this.

  178. says

    My blog is becoming my business. I also do what I can to help my hubby with our design firm. Having something I can take with me would be a huge help! I could work while at my daughter’s dance class, while at my hubby’s office, or in my bed at the end of the day. Also, now that we’ve gotten my hubby through college (he walks in 2 weeks!) it’s my turn. Only one more class in order to get my AS then on to my Bachelor’s degree. What a whirlwind!

  179. Katrina Brady says

    I keep track of all the family finances and budgets. I also do the income taxes for my family and extended family. Somehow, I wound up with keeping track of all my husbands business expenses, reports and various other paperwork. A mini would be an awesome tool for keeping personal and business expenses seperated. It would also be great back-up in case our main computer goes. I could take this everywhere we go, business and personal and enter things as they happen!

  180. Mckim says

    I would love to win this. The laptop I have is several years old and has been through two kids. Needless to say, it’s on it’s last leg. We got them each a new one when they started college, but haven’t been able to afford to buy me a new one, so I use the old hand – me – down one.

  181. Jes G says

    I would LOVE to win this for my MOM! Her Grandson got ahold of her computer and yanked on the cords, and now it doesn’t work. She works SOOOO hard and just doesn’t have the extra funds to replace it. This would be a DREAM for her!

    Thanks again 5M4M, you are all so truly wonderful (and entertaining.) Hope you have a great week!

  182. Carly says

    My sister was instantly transformed into “Mom” when her 9 yr old step daughter came to live with her and her husband just under 1 year ago. She has changed her work schedule to ensure she is there when her step daughter comes home from school. She is Mom’s taxi, driving her step daughter to and from extracuricular activities and she is the Baseball Mom who sits in the stands and keeps score, all the while cheering so her step daughter knows her biggest fan is in the crowd! Before this change of status my sister was working towards her degree but she has put this on hold for 2 semesters to ensure her step daughter adjusted smoothly. My sister is planning on going back to her goal of obtaining her degree and this would help her out enormously!

  183. g t ashmore says

    I need it for my daughter. She is in a gifted students program in 4 th grade but has no computer to use at home. She truly would benefit from this laptop as we cant afford to get her one.

  184. says

    I would love to have the computer as a way to enter sales online for my lia sophia business. Plus, I could take it to my shows with me. Hostess get so much free or discounted jewelry, that it’s hard for them to figure out just how to best use it. I wrote a program to help, but need a laptop to show them when I’m away from home

  185. says

    I run 2 business on my own and 2 kids that are involved with multiple events, so it would be great to have something small enough to allow me to work while are at their sport practices or events.

  186. Anna says

    I’m a mom to 3 small girls. My husband and I are both college students. I just applied to nursing school and will find out in a few weeks if I got accepted. Being gone from home so much for class and studying makes my times exceptionally valuable. This would help me SO much by allowing me to work on homework, etc. while riding the bus to and from school. It would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

  187. says

    I am so excited about this giveaway….winning a minilaptop would make my life so much easier….and a lot more fun too! =) This came at a perfect time because I am hoping to go back to school next semester! I would like to be able to take as many classes online as possible and this would give me portability which would really help that goal along!

  188. says

    I would love to not be trapped to my desktop computer for my blogging and things like that! This would make it easy to take my blogging with me wherever I go!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  189. says

    Oh man, I need this soooo bad. I just started my blog a little over a month ago and my laptop is acting like a fool, I think it’s due to crash any second. It takes years to load stuff! My fingers are crossed bigtime on this one… oh please oh please!

  190. says

    One big reason I _need_ this HP Mini 210 is because my “regular computer” is a 6+ year old desktop!!! It’s fine for my daughters to play their games, but seriously lacking what I’m looking for these days.

    I’m trying to quit my day job and become a freelance wordpress theme guru and really need to be able to take my job on the road!

  191. Marilyn Wons says

    The HP mini 210 would be so useful for my mom. She is older, but always on the go and this would be so helpful for her.

  192. Aimee W. says

    After being laid off from my job as a Corporate Recruiter almost a year ago, I have recently made a BIG decision. Since I have been unable to find another job, I made the decision to start my own executive recruiting business. As I expect to be doing quite a bit of traveling (especially in the beginning), I could really put this wonderful HP Mini to very good use! Thanks!

  193. Laura P says

    I’m a mom of three little ones and would like to help increase our family income by setting up my own photography business and this little compy sure would help. Thank you for the opportunity!

  194. says

    I work three jobs and attend college online; To top it off, my current laptop is dying. Having a portable alternative would really help me make the best of my time.

  195. Kirsten T. says

    This would definitely come in handy for my maritime consulting business. I inspect passenger vessels for safety and marine standards compliance. I have tried taking my laptop on board to input data as I do my inspection. I find my old HP clunker laptop too wieldy to carry around on the vessels, and my Iphone can’t handle the platform I need. Sounds like the HP Mini would definitely fit the bill. Right now I am back to pen and paper for later entry, with 2 kids, efficiency is needed desperately. Thanks!

  196. says

    my husband does not let me type at night is why I need a laptop, the computer is in the living room and he does nothing but complain about the noise, this does nothing to help me with my blog since I have been hired by two companies to do reviews, I am also a published writer and feel he is crapping on my writing dream of not being able to type at night, with a laptop I can take it into the bedroom type everything out and put it on the other computer, I feel like my writing dreams are being taken away by his complaining of the noise at night


  197. says

    I need this HP Mini for both my mom and myself. My mom is elderly and doesn’t really get out much. I would love to be able to load family photos and videos on to this computer and then take them to her to help her to feel more connected to our family. I could also use it at her house to look up any information that she may be needing.

  198. Ann F. says

    Awesome giveaway! I would love to have the netbook for when I’m traveling. I hate lugging my large laptop around just to check my email.

  199. says

    My mom has always wanted to do some upgrading classes but does not have a computer. She says she can not afford the classes and a computer…this would be prefect!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    • says

      I’m currently working on my second associates degree in prep for transfering to university. I work full time and go to school part time. I have two teenagers and a hubby to run after so every little bit helps!

  200. says

    I would love to make my blog a ‘business’ along with my sewing and photography hobbies, but I’m very limited with the amount of time I can spend doing any of that because I work full time. This would help me accomplish that because I’d be able to sneak it into my purse and get some research done on my lunch breaks!

  201. deb c says

    I’d love to win this for my mom because she’s 77 and I’m finally getting her to use the computer without freaking. This would be just the right size for her. Thanks for the chance.

  202. says

    I would love to win this!! With hubby and 5 kids, it sometimes gets really HARD to find computer time with everyone else on it!!! Plus I am always on the go – it would be REALLY nice to have this!!!!!!! Thanks

  203. debp says

    I need this because my computer is on it’s last legs. I don’t have money for a new one. I don’t know what I am going to do without it. I can’t leave my house much in the winter, due to severe physical disabilities. The computer lets me feel like I know what is going on in the world.

  204. brenda h says

    I would love to win it so I could give it to my daughter who has went back to school for her nursing degree

  205. says

    I am trying to go back to school, I am hoping that I will be able to in the fall. My husband recently went back to school full time and I only have 30 hours until I will be done with my degree. It is so important to me to finish so that I can set a good example for my daughter and to help give her a better life. I love being a full time stay at home mom but I really want to go back to school and finish my degree, I would really love to win this giveaway.

  206. Madeline W. says

    This is an awesome giveaway! This computer would be wonderful to tag along with me to my Cub Scout meetings. Awesome! Thank you so much for providing these giveaways.

  207. Susan Bywater says

    I could really use this laptop, my daughter spilled coffee on my old laptop and fried it. I would love to start selling my jewelry on Etsy or other places on the web, and this would be a great help.

  208. Shanna says

    Love this! I am a full time online student, and parent, and it is so hard to make time for school, since we are always out and about, this would be so perfect!
    My computer now is so slow, and takes ages to complete assignments, I love the HP MINI !

  209. says

    It is so adorable! Red is my favorite color! I could use this a lot because I’m legally blind & this screen would be the perfect compact size for me because I only see what’s right in front of my face aka small area at a time. I run an ebay store home business and I have a food blog that I write on almost daily. I subscribe to thousands of food blogs by rss so this HP 210 mini would be the perfect companion for me. This would be exciting to an over 50 lady to win such a cutie prize that would useful everyday. I love HP products!

  210. Carla says

    I would love to win the HP Netbook as all I rely on right now is my work laptop which always breaks down.

  211. Janette says

    My sister i juggling being a mother to her two kids while going back to school, and she could definitely use this!

  212. Laura Warren says

    I would love to win this, my daughter’s laptop just died 4 months out of warranty and she is starting medical school this fall, she has a chronic illness and has dreamed for years of helping other children with similar medical problems. If I won this laptop, I would be able to give her my current laptop as this would be sufficient for my needs and easier to bring with me to work.

  213. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I feel a need to be in the know at all times. This would help me stay up to date with emails and news

  214. Rose R says

    What a great contest. I need a laptop to use at home for personal and work. This would be awesome to win. Thank you.

  215. says

    I’d love to give it to my mom. She was laid off a couple years ago and it would really help her to take some classes and be more computer savvy for the workplace. Thanks!

  216. Crystal says

    What an awesome giveaway! I am always on the go and my laptop is a little big to just take anywhere – would love something small like this

  217. Maria says

    I could use the mini because I’m a working Mom who often needs to complete the work at home, and a little computer would help me move to and from school with lessons easily! Thanks!

  218. Cee says

    I just went back to work full time after a blissful period as a sahm, and am now also having to head back to school to complete another degree in my field. Having a laptop, and not being tied to a desktop computer would be so helpful. It would also get all the cords and cables from our PC out of the way of tiny hands. Thank you for this opportunity!

  219. says

    An HP Mini would allow me to work on the go and not be tied to my desktop PC for many of the administrative functions of my business. Thanks for the chance to win!

  220. Jess says

    Mom needs this because she’d like to play Scrabble and do things like Facebook (where it seems all her friends are), but doesn’t have a computer to do so on.

  221. Pam says

    I need a new computer. I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia so I am not currently working and I spend alot of time at home on my computer, which has seen better days.

  222. Amber Smith says

    Wow I could really use this because my current computer was purchased in 2002 and its a dinosaur! The monitor is so huge I have to weigh down the other side of my little desk so it doesn’t tip over. I love the “compact” feature of the HP Mini 210, so I would love to win it. Thanks for the chance and Happy Mother’s Day :)

  223. Jen says

    I would love to win this for a friend who recently went back to school. She is raising two small kids, working part-time, and trying to finish her degree to make a better life for her family. She has also recently loss her father-in-law, mother-in-law, and grandma. You know the saying…when it rains, it pours! It’s been a very tough year for her. I think she is very deserving of this. Thanks for the potential opportunity to ease her load and brighten her day!

  224. Carla Danko says

    I want to tell the world how wonderful my mother-in-law is, after her courageous battle with tonsil cancer she went over and beyond the call of mother in law duty to help take care of me while I battle breast cancer. She had us stay with her for 3 months after my bilateral mastectomy and for my first few treatments of my 6 month chemo. She bathed me, did my laundry, made me food, emptied my drains, and helped me to pay my bills, and took me to all my doctor appointments. She is there by my side through all my surgeries holding my hand telling me everything is going to be alright. I could NOT have asked for a better mother in law, cancer has brought us so close. And to top it off we share the same birthday, I really hope you pick me, she deserves the best recognition in the world

  225. says

    Well, I would love to tell you why I NEED this but truly, I don’t need it at all however, it would be fun to have!
    It would be really nice for me as a mother of 4 young children to be able to have something of my OWN!!! I truly cannot imagine what that is like anymore! It would be fun to receive something as a gift that I truly don’t need in life but, would still enjoy! It has been a long time since I have received a gift that truly is something fun and exciting and new instead of old, used or needed :-)

  226. says

    I would love this because it would help me in so many ways: keeping my family more organized (with three kids under 3 yrs, that’s a must!), it would be wonderful for helping to work on my new blog (www.notquitetwins.blogspot.com), and of course, it would great to use for pleasure. It would be nice to have something for “me” that also helps out my whole family at the same time.

  227. Scott Bergman says

    I would love to give this to my mom. She has to travel with my dad for medical reasons and I would like her to have this to keep in touch with me and to keep her entertained in waiting rooms.

  228. Emma says

    I’d love to win this for my sister – she and her kids have used the library computers for nearly a year while my BIL was unemployed. Something portable would be a luxury.

  229. Kristi C says

    I have been a stay at home mom for the past seven years and I am going back to school in the fall. This would be great to have.

  230. SUZANNA P says

    due to disability i am basically homebound a Mini would enable me to keep in touch with the outside world my desktop is so old still uses XP

  231. says

    I would love to win this- it would be a huge help as I am writing my first (two) books and having a computer I could take on the go with me would be great!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! :-)

  232. DeAnna says

    I would love to win this b/c it would be helpful and a time saver if i could work on some projects on-the-go. Thanks for the chance to enter!

  233. amber says

    While I would love this Mini, I think my own mom would really benefit from the HP Mini. My mom is disabled, but she loves to use the computer to use social networking and email. The only problem is that she has trouble using her hands and getting up to sit at a desk to use the PC, so if she had her own netbook, she could use the computer from anywhere! I think the small body of the HP Mini would be great for her to use, it would be easier for her to hold, and keep on her lap. I love the sleek design of the HP Mini and I think she would love this laptop also. Thanks so much for the chance!

  234. Denise B. says

    I could sometimes use some time to hide away somewhere so I don’t hear “are you almost done on the computer” or “can I use the computer”, etc.

  235. Natalie R. says

    My mom is currently developing her own website and all the while using a quite outdated machine – I think she could very easily use a lovely new computer machine to work up her new career. :)

  236. Heather S says

    I need it because it is lightweight and easy to take with you on the go. It would help me stay organized and do work anywhere.

  237. Lola says

    I am a stay at home mom with a 20 month old and another on the way. I am on bed rest and would like to go to school online so that I can open a business teaching little ones to sing and about music.

  238. says

    Oh boy, do I ever need a new laptop!
    My husband, as gentle as he always is, somehow managed to destroy my laptop…
    He was electrocuted as a youngster and has an abnormal electrical charge in his body. When he uses a piece of equipment for a long while it eventually dies in his arms.. along with all the digital photos the laptop stores.
    Sad story. :)

    If I get this one, husband will need to keep his paws off!

  239. says

    As a mom to 5 kids I am always giving my computer over to the kids to do their homework and research on. I have been trying to get my etsy business off the ground and having a computer just for me woild make it that much faster listing item and looking for suppliers. I would LOVE to own an HP mini.

  240. says

    I could use this mini for working at home (my blog) and I’m going back to school to earn my bachelor’s. My laptop is so old it is inefficient for the type of work I do online! This could really help me save time as I wouldn’t have to wait for this old thing I’m using now! Thanks so much for the chance to win this!

  241. Linda M says

    This would be ideal to bring my mother into this century and give her the opportunity to keep in touch with her overseas family!

  242. Tiffany says

    I need this because I recently started working from home and it would be so nice to be able to work anywhere.

  243. Christine says

    I really need this. My husband will be deploying again soon and it is almost impossible sometimes to connect by phone with him. Added to the time change and we sometimes lose contact for quite awhile. This would be wonderful for us as I could get a message from him anytime I’m mobile which will be quite a lot I can tell you. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  244. Seni says

    My mom would love this! She loves to play games like bejeweled and Big Fish but I use her old 18 yr old (desktop replacement) laptop since mine fizzled out. She needs something to keep her mind off things while she cares for my 100 year old great grandfather(who has recently been diagnosed with cancer) at his home.

  245. says

    What a geat giveaway! My laptop goes to work/ soccer/ anywhere I may get time to multitask in between kids’ needs, and it would be so awesome to have a more portable (smaller) laptop!

  246. says

    As a mom on the go, this would be great so that I could get work done when I am waiting for kids to be done with their many activities. Having something that could get online when I am away would be WONDERFUL!!

  247. says

    My husband and I CONSTANTLY fight over the computer. CONSTANTLY! We’ve been looking into getting a second one, but haven’t done it yet. If I got an HP Mini, I could keep it all to myself! 😉 No more nagging husband.

  248. Tamara B. says

    With two teenagers who are in so many after school activities, chess, track, chorus, you name it and it is so hard to keep up on my computer stuff so this I take with me.

  249. Melissa says

    I would give this to my mom, she does not have a computer but would like one. We are currently in different states so this would be very helpful sending photos instead of via snail mail LOL :)

  250. Sheena says

    With a new baby on the way and a toddler, my life would be so much easier with a compact, cute computer to keep track of activities, bills, etc.

    I sure hope I win!


  251. Ra'Keisha Sampson says

    Hello I am writing to nominate my mother Corinthia Sampson for this great mother’s day package. My mother went through a lot of pain throughout her life and despite it all she managed to raise me and my younger brother alone successfully as well as help others raise their children. I look at my mother as a “superwoman” because many people call her “mother” she has been a counselor, mother, confidont, sister and friend for many that had nobody at some point and time. She is overall a giving person and never looks for anything in return. I just want my mom to take a break at some point and time but she always is somewhere aiding to need of others and sometimes never to herself. I love my moms spirit and I cherish her God given abilities. I thank God daily for such a peaceful and loving mother. I wouldn’t change anything about her.

  252. 409cope says

    This would be great for my as hubby has a lot of doctor’s appointments that are out of town.I go with him and get behind on my work.This would be great as I could take it with me and work in the car.

  253. Beth Monson says

    I need this because I work full-time, have 3 kids, and am running a part-time business. It sure would be handy to take care of business stuff during lunch or whatever… responding to inquiries, etc.

  254. Chrystal says

    I really need this for multiple things, like listening to music, keeping up with my work, and searching online.

  255. Ivy says

    I would love to win this for my Mom. She’s retired, but still very active within the community and does a lot of traveling. (5+ trips per year) This would help her stay in contact as she travels and also keep her organized and on track. (she currently doesn’t have a laptop or netbook for traveling, so has limited access to email when she is jetsetting)

  256. says

    I would absolutely love to have this for my mom. She’s never had a laptop and gave her computer to my nephew when he left for college. It would make a nice gift for her or any of the moms who commented. What a fabulous giveaway!!!

  257. says

    Wow, this would be a godsend!! When I started back to school last semester, I had to get a used laptop from a second-rate source. It has since made life a misery, as it detests audio and video files and all types of photo-editing software. (I’m a Photography major, and have to use my computer to attempt to watch/listen to files for my online classes. I don’t get much done.) It would be really great to have a new Mini to get my work done, and would be ESPECIALLY helpful once I start freelancing my photography later this year!! I would LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE to win, but I wish myself and all the moms entering with me the very best of luck. =)


  258. says

    It would be great to have such a little computer to tote around with me in the diaper bag. I do daycare in the mornings away from home and am always carrying multiple bags along with my 22lb 9 month old! This would lighten my load :)

  259. Nancy Sloan says

    My daughter and I live together and we could both use this since we share a home, we could share this netbook. It would be great for camping or while enjoying the outdoors.

  260. Brittany says

    I would love to win this for my mom. She is a single mom going back to school while also trying to juggle long hours of work and 4 kids. She really needs a computer for school that is her own.

  261. says

    Having been laid off last month and forced to turn in my work laptop, I’ve been commandeering my husband’s old laptop when he’s home to start my new blog and ning site. Please oh please, pick me. Plus it’s small enough that I can hold it in one hand while fending off my twin two-year olds as they climb over each other to see the Yo Gabba Gabba website.

  262. Sharon B says

    I would SO love to be able to take my HP MIni into my bedroom, answer email, surf the web, and have some privacy away from the family and the chaos in my home. I would love to have this little gem!

  263. says

    My laptop, which I use to run my home business, is huge. I need it to be to handle everything I do, but, unfortunately, it’s too heavy to be carrying around all the time! I took it to two conferences earlier this year and my back was all out of whack both times, Yeowch!

    I’d love to have something small to take with me when I’m going out!

  264. John OBrien says

    My wife could really use this – a regular laptop is too heavy for her, and this would be easier on her hands too.

  265. says

    A mini laptop. I’d use it to be able to multi-task while homeschooling our two boys. It would be a lot easier to grab a mini notebook then to squeeze the boys into our office to do their schooling.

  266. Colleen S says

    This would be an approachable and affordable way to introduce grandma to the internet so she can stay in touch with the grandbabies

  267. Lauren says

    I work for myself doing editing… and to have this laptop would make my work so much more portable as i also raise my 5YO twins! And in red!! How sweet!

  268. says

    This would be great for my sister. She’s currently a SAHM of two little ones (5 and 3) and is unfortunately having to go back to work due to finances. She’s trying to find something she can do from home rather than work outside the house and have to use daycare and she’s trying to find something entreprenurial like her own direct market business. This would be a great resource for her in starting her own business venture!

  269. Diane R. says

    The portability of this comall mini is a huge plus. I am the day care person for my grandkids and of course, preschool, 1st grade, music classes, etc are at the four points of the compass. Being able to take along the computer along wold be so helpful.

  270. Jennifer W. says

    I would love to have the HP Mini!! We are always on the go and I could just toss this right into my bag. My husband and I are starting up a new business and i could keep all of our appointments right on my Mini!

  271. says

    My computer recently broke so, I am using my husband’s old laptop for now. :( I really need a new computer and this would be absolutely perfect- Compact, small, and ready for an on-the-go Mama! I would love to win this since we just can’t afford to buy one right now!

  272. says

    Oh how I would love this to use on my kitchen counter to access the internet for recipes!!! Plus how fab would it be that I would be able to recipe test the recipes that are emailed to me right from the computer! Bliss!

  273. says

    A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to win a Macbook from an online contest. Although I REALLY REALLY wanted to keep it for myself, my oldest bebe girl was (and still is) in college and needed it much more than I did, so I gave it to her instead. For the past two years, I’ve only been employed off and on (currently on, thank goodness!), so decided that at this point in my life (40-something), I needed to go back to school to get a real degree instead of the IT certification I currently have. I have put the process in motion – registering for the college and applying for financial aid – so I am proud to say I am on the way back in to get a degree in Accounting! BUT … I gave my laptop to my bebe girl for HER college classes; which means that I won’t be able to do any online assignments unless I’m sitting at home in front of this ancient (5 years old) desktop! So THAT’S why I would be tickled pink to have this great Mini!

  274. Jenell H. says

    My computer is now about 5 years old and very outdated! :) Plus, compared to this computer, it is just bulky and not something easy to carrying around when I’m constantly on the go with work and the kids. This would be great to have! I want to win!! :)

  275. Alicia says

    I’ve been recently laid off & I’m starting back to school. Need a small portable for on the go.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  276. Armando says

    My girlfriend needs this! She used to use her phone as her internet source, but then our budget could no longer fit in an extra phone line. She let me keep my phone and discontinued her service. She’s such a great mom always sacrificing her convenience for me and our baby.

  277. Vicki Andrew says

    I want to start writing again now that I am retired and this would be perfect for me to take with me as I look for inspiration

  278. says

    My “current” laptop is over 10 years old. It weighs almost as much as my first born. I’d give anything to finally step into the 21st century with a laptop that I could call my own (and not need to hang my head with shame afterward).

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  279. Cynthia C says

    I have never had a laptop and would love to be able to use a computer on my deck in nice weather and be able to keep up with email on vacations. Thanks so much for the chance!

  280. Tracy P says

    I’m so busy and on the go with my son. This would allow me to be connected wherever we go! The mini would really come in handy during our up coming summer vacations.

  281. Misty Maloney says

    My Dad already got my Mother one of these as a birthday present. So, I would love to have one for myself! I have a baby girl and it would be great to have a computer that I could take with me from room to room as I follow her around. (She is crawling all over the place!) I don’t really have much time to use my desktop anymore.

  282. Marlena U. says

    I am trying to get a photography business off the ground. I’ve been doing some part-time work under a local photographer and have learned a great deal. I currently use our personal laptop that is 5 years old and getting slower and slower by the day. Editting pictures is starting to take soooo long that I am losing some of the enjoyment that I find in doing this work. Plus, we have baby #2 due any day now and I’m looking for a way to make life easier and more time efficient so I can continue to work on my photography skills. Having my own computer that I can take with me would be such a blessing.

  283. Patricia says

    I love the Red color. I can use an HP Mini because I suffer from vertigo and a laptop can be used anywhere even from the couch.

  284. Rhonda S. says

    My DD has finally decided she is going back to school. She is now 29 with a 7 yr. old DD. She is a single parent. The father is in the picture as a play mate to the child but non-supporting. He doesn’t even help her buy the school clothes or medication if the baby is ill. My daughter wants a different life for herself and her child. Between grants and what help I could give her, she was able to get enrolled and get her books. Now we just have to wait until time for her to start. She does need a pc, but we could not afford to get her one with all the other expense. I also provide what the two of them need at this point, clothing and such. She works but doesn’t make enough money laugh at! At least she still tries! Even my g.daughters upcoming 2nd. grade class has asked they have access to a PC. That would be fine, but they live 100 miles from me. I can’t live without my internet!! I hope you will consider her for this contest. She has made some bad choices in life, but she was given something beautiful from that choice too. I am very proud that she has taken the step and regained enough confidence to enter back into college. I am always proud of her no matter what. I am her MOM!! Thank you

  285. says

    This would just be so fantastic – my husband has a really really old laptop, and I don’t have one at all. I use his, but I constantly have to restart my browser because it’s just so old – it can’t handle everything I want to have open! Thanks so much for the chance, this would be a dream come true!

  286. Kitty says

    My mother needs a laptop. She is ill and it is hard for her to sit at the desk. She loves to email all her children several times a day.

  287. says

    My Sister-In-Law, Tara, really deserves this!! She had a son, Corey, when she was 14-years-old, and although she finished high school, she wasn’t able to go to college until she was in her 30s. She is now 39 (I think) and trying to complete her degree in Administration of Justice. She will be transferring to a state university this fall. She has a daughter (Kylie) who is graduating high school this year, who will also be starting college. Tara is hardworking, caring, and a GREAT mother & aunt. She is an inspiration to people young and old, and has proven that you really can do anything youput your mind to. She does everything for others before herself. When she is not doing community service or fundraising for great causes, she is studying and doing homework.
    Tara’s computer recently broke for the last time earlier this month, and she has been looking for a laptop or netbook that will allow her to take notes, do homework and complete school papers – but she really doesn’t have the money to get a new computer. :( Tara is so deserving of this great HP computer! Please pick her!

  288. Diane says

    My mom needs this because my dad hogs the computer once they both get home from work and my mom sits at a desk all day long and really doesnt want to have to sit at another computer when she gets home. If she had a laptop she could lounge on the couch, recliner or even in bed!

  289. Jess says

    This would be great to win. I am going on maternity leave soon but once I return back to work I am going to start doing more work from home (to further my career) and it would be nice to have “my computer” so I can get my work stuff done.

  290. JazzSinger says

    I will be traveling from upstate NY to Johns Hopkins soon to have a brain tumor removed. I have two bands I perform with and run; as well as being a full time teacher, drama club director, chorus director, baseball coach, and single mother of two beautiful children I could not live without. I could certainly use one of these to help keep my business going AND stay in touch with my little ones while having to be away from them for 2 weeks in Maryland. :)

  291. says

    WOW, what a wonderful giveaway. I have been researching going back to school for a long time now, and would love to be able to do it online –at least for most of the content– so I would not have to be away from my family — I have found some great Library Science programs and having a dedicated laptop to do my work on, so the kids could still have the desktop for their work would be wonderful and just the kick in the pants to get those essays written and application in:)

  292. ellen says

    I could go on and on why this would be great- lemme just say my desktop is a 2004 that sounds like a 747 taking off. It is on it’s last legs. The internet is how I stay in touch with the world. Let me keep the world at my fingertips because when this desktop goes, it will be awhile before I can afford something else. Thanks for the chance.

  293. Andrew says

    My mother could really use the HP Mini 210. She currently has an old desktop that’s so slow that she prefers to use the computers at the public library, even though she has very limited time with them. The webcam for Skype would be very handy for her to see my small nephew and niece.

  294. wcc says

    I need this to give to my Mother. I am trying desperately to win her a Netbook so we can stay in touch more and more. This would be just perfect for her!

  295. Jay Ferris says

    This would be amazing for my wife, Christie, who has just recently gone back to pastry school to pursue her dream of one day owning a bakery. As a mother of three, and wife to myself (which easily counts as having two more kids), I’m amazed how she always finds time for us… and does so with a smile on her face! This laptop would be a HUGE help to her, since she currently has to take school notes by hand, then type them up at home as required for her class binder. Not only that, but I know she’d love to have something to help her stay connected and entertained on the nights she has to wait in between classes. Thanks! >> Jay

  296. J. says

    My 85-year-old mother would love to move (literally!) from her big and clunky laptop to something this small and portable.

  297. Sarah says

    I have been trying to finish my last two years of nursing school due to our family moving so often with the military. Now that we’re settled and my husband’s no longer in the Army, I’m having to set my classes back as my husband is trying to finish his law degree. Since he’s closer to being finished than I am, it makes sense. On the other hand, it’s scary because he has a law enforcement job and if something happened to him, having a degree would be crucial to provide for my family. Having this laptop would help so much.

  298. marcia.goss says

    I could really use this. I’m a teacher, and my current laptop is big and heavy, and the battery doesn’t stay charged. I’d love to have something small and portable to take with me to school.

  299. brian says

    I type all my moms memos and church stuff on my computer. If I won this she’d probably have me type on this one to.

  300. Bill Schrader says

    My wife could really use this computer. She is currently staying at home with our 5 year old son and has been out of work since 4 months prior to his birth. While she has tried online courses in the past, Betsy has found that they are not for her. When our son starts kindergarten this falls, she plans to enroll back in school to finish her nursing degree. She loves helping people & this computer would be a great way for her to manage her school projects.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  301. Nancy says

    I am currently a teacher and plan to go back to college for my ded. This would be great as I am 60 years old and weight is a big factor now. The HP would be perfect for me.

  302. paul haddock says

    My wife ateacher and grad student could really use this. We have on destop, and time is always a factor

  303. says

    I recently became an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay and having this mini laptop would help me take my business on the road easier! :-)

  304. says

    It is my dream finish my degree in EE and this would be a great help! I went to school a few years back to get my associates ,writing programs and didn’t have a computer ,it was so tough! I did graduate with a 3.89 GPA.
    Thanks for the chance

  305. Connie says

    My mother deserves this because she always puts others ahead of her. She works harder than any other person I have ever known. She raised three wonderful children on her own when my father passed away. She has over come so much hardship, she deserves something good. I only wish I could have given it to her already. She deserves this!

  306. Dena says

    My friend Brenda is a SUPER – mom – co-worker – student. She juggles more in a day than I do in a month. I don’t know how she does it all, but she does it ALL. An HP mini would be a great help to this terrific lady who is juggling more roles right now than Julia Roberts!!!

  307. says

    My whole life is on my computer…I pretty much cannot function without one which makes it difficult on my when I am away from home because I only have a desktop computer. I can’t check my email and that drives me insane. If I had this HP Mini I could take it with me wherever I go and stay sane.

  308. billy says

    My mom needs to be more mobile for traveling to grandkids so this should help but also make a great gift!

  309. Deborah R says

    I need the HP Mini 210 so I can have a computer I don’t have to share that can go with me to the kitchen, garden or on trips. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  310. Jerry says

    My wife needs a new computer, hers is slowly but surely dieing. it is eight years old and slow as a snail, we just cant afford a new one right now. This would be a true blessing for her to win one for Mothers Day, especially since she does not even know i am trying to win her one. Thank You!

  311. Scott says

    My mom would flip out if she won this laptop for mothers day, she recently had her laptop stolen and she just got into blogging so this would make her day, month, year.

    Good luck to everybody else, someones going to win this :)

  312. leann says

    i really could use this because I am planning on going back to school once my son starts kindergarten this year. It would be a big help

  313. Rachel says

    My name is Rachel and i am a high school freshman and i love my mom dearly and i have no other way of getting her a gift expect for applying for a giveaway. My mom is like a big sister to me, i can go to her any time and we are very close.One of our talks were about her going back to school she wants to be a teacher for special need children she is currently working as a assistant in a elementary school with her wonderful talented special needs kids but the pay isnt good enough my mom is current working on getting a higher degree and is attending college on campus every thursday.Although she has not had a wonderful year with my little sister being in the hospital she still manged to be a mom and a teacher. I love my mom and it would mean the world if i would give her something like this on mother’s day.

  314. Stephanie V. says

    I am a self-employed consultant. Just returned home last night from a 4 day business trip (my 2 yr old has been punishing me all day) and do not have a laptop anymore. My old one is 10 years old and too slow and too heavy. Racked up crazy charges checking e-mail while away at the hotel business center. Travel every month and had a horrible year last (like many others) so not in budget to buy a new one. This would be a savior for this busy mum and working professional. Happy Mother’s Day.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  315. says

    We have our own business, a farm where we sell fruits and vegetables. We do a lot of record keeping, sales slip by hand and then transfer data to our desktop computers at home. This would make life so much easier.

  316. Aura says

    I was 20, taking 21 credits a semester in business management and psychology and working full time. I never intended to be a SAHM but ended up on 6 months of bedrest so I had to put my life on hold. One of my twins was born with a heart condition and spent 3 years in the hospital. After he passed away I started studying for the NLN to go to nursing school. Then I found out I was pregnant with twins again. My baby twins are starting school this September and I’m finally going to have the chance to go back to school and get a degree. Running back and forth and studying while raising my family is going to be pretty challenging. This laptop would be a tremendous help allowing to study and work on the go.

    • Jennifer H says

      I have just started my home based business. It’s an in-home daycare and since we are always on the go, this would be awesome to have!

  317. Matthew says

    My wife volunteers at a lot of school and community programs, and is constantly taking handwritten notes and then transferring them to the computer. This could save her a lot of time and effort.

  318. says

    I am an Avon Ind. Sales Rep, and I do all of my business online. My desktop has already junked out on me and our laptop is nearing the end of its life span. I thought about renting one but I can’t put that on our budget right now and this would really help me out.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  319. says

    I would actually love to win this for my au pair. Her computer just died, so she’s been using mine. This would make my life easier because we wouldn’t have to share computers. Ugh!

  320. Heather Valliere says

    I could definitely use one of these! I am a newly full time student, after 15 yrs away from school to be a SAHM. Half of my classes are online, half on campus. I am a single mommy of 5 children. I am going to school to become a special education teacher with an autism endorsement. Two of my children are on the autism spectrum, and I try to learn all I can, and know I’d have a great connection teaching autistic children from having the experience with my own children. I also volunteer part time at my children’s schools between classes. I would love to have this small portable HP mini! It would be so much easier to keep in contact and keep schedules straight, since I communicate w/ all teachers and school staff via email, easier for everyone to do when they’re on breaks. I often miss out on important messages because I am back and forth so much. I don’t get my messages until I get home in the evening. Thank you for offering this great giveaway to ALL the deserving mommies!

  321. Cedric says

    the mom in my life is currently juggling her PR Business, 3 kids (3yrs, 18mo, and 4 weeks) and it’s difficult toss the bulky laptop in with all of that. A HP mini was do the trick…pun intended

  322. Amy Fedorchak says

    Oh I could just use this so much myself.It would make my life so much easier in many different ways.I am going to go back to school this fall so this could. I do have two boys and we all share but it would be nice to have one of my own Thank You so much for this chance .

  323. says

    I am a new blogger and being able to tote the HP Mini around with me would make it so much easier!! It would be perfect for my mornings waiting for my DD at her physical therapy appointments!

  324. Kristy says

    This laptop would be so helpful for me. I am going back to school in the fall. I just had a baby girl March 18. I am studying to become an elementary school teacher. Aside from my full time job I am also a weekend photographer.

  325. Darien says

    Hi! I’d like to talk about my mum for a bit. Ever since she was a small girl her dream was to become a teacher. When she married my father, she started attending teacher’s college; but they fell on rough times. She then decided to get secretarial training while my father searched for a new job. Shortly after he got employed, my older brother was born. My mum was out of commission for nearly a year. She continued secretarial work. I was born 3 years later. After that she decided to get back into teaching; but with her partial training she couldn’t teach higher than 2nd grade. Years later she returned to teacher’s college and got her diploma. That was 2002. Now, wanting to become a Reading Specialist, she has started a part-time 5 year degree program. She is currently an administrative assistant, but teaching is in her blood. She works very hard, and I can know she gets frustrated at times when she has to wait on the family computer or borrow mine. I would absolutely LOVE to present her with this on (or around) Mother’s Day! She has been eyeing the HP Mini since the 1000 series iteration, but we, as a family, just do not have the funds to purchase one (we aren’t exactly affluent). This would really help her to achieve her dream of becoming a Reading Specialist for children, as she would be able to carry her work with her at all times!

  326. nickie burke says

    I just lost my job of 11 years and I’ve decided to go back to college. I could really use a laptop most classes require it and right now we can’t affored it. This would be a god sent

    * first one in my family to go to college. I’m SO excited!*

  327. says

    It would be so Awesome to be able to win this HP Mini 210. You see I’m trying to start up a business and I would love to have a Laptop….my screen on my desk top is going. I’m tired of meeting with companies and having to use there computers in order to demonstrate my business…..how embarrassing! This HP can travel with me when meeting with companies which would be terrific!

    Thanks and Good Luck Everyone!

  328. Gena says

    My mom recently retired and has always talked about wanting to write. She always encouraged my goals and I wopuld love to encourage hers!

  329. Clark says

    I need this because to help organize my wife’s life and our kids school/sports schedules. Thank you for offering it.

  330. Holly says

    I would love to win this, it would be so great to hav a mini to carry and check e-mails and shop while on the go!

  331. mickeyfan says

    I am in need of a Mini as I just started a new job that is in sales. I will need a portable computer to help me keep track of where I am and where I need to be!

  332. Huguette E. says

    This would be perfect for my mom. She uses an old computer that is SO slow!! She’d rather spend on others than herself so this would make a great gift.

  333. Shawna OBrien says

    This HP mini 210 would be so helpful to me because I have such a busy life that having a computer that travels with me and I can use wherever & whenever would help me to be more efficient with all of the things I’m balancing. I currently am working full-time as an administrator over two care homes and in the process of opening my own care home. I also go to college part time pursuing my MSW and am a mom to 2 boys ages 7 and 3. My youngest child is special needs and has a lot of medical and therapy appointments. Having this HP mini 210 would help me to get my work done on the computer even when I’m not at home or at the office and this would be very helpful. Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  334. Greg Ough says

    The mother of my two children could really use this netbook to manage her personal training clients, promote her side business, and keep in touch with her sister who lives on the other side of the country.

  335. Kat says

    As a mom, I am always the last person to have anything new, my kids always want want want.. and if you are a mom….well you know how that goes! My current laptop is old, slow and the arrow and scroll buttons only work when they want to….very frustrating! I rely on my computer for all of my banking and other needs and really could use netbook!

  336. Bing says

    I need this so that it would be easier for me to work on the go. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  337. kristi edwards says

    I am a a mom who is attending to school to become an R.N. I worked in corporate America until last year. I was diagnosed with cancer. I fought and won the battle. The experience made me realize that I wanted to be able to help people, and make a difference. I worked hard, took my ACT — at 33 years old that was scary. I made a 24, and am now pursuing my Nursing degree. This computer would help me be mobile, as I currently have a 5 year old desktop. My daughter is 15 and she tells me I need to get a laptop, yet she understands that with me going to school full time, now is not a time I can afford one. I just keep figuring I will be happy with having a computer.

  338. Marlene C says

    My daughter could really use this computer. While she was in the hospital giving birth to her 3rd child, someone broke into her home and stole her laptop and my grandsons’ Wii. Although it did not diminish their joy, being at home with a new baby and not being able to get on the internet is a real bummer.

  339. Chad D says

    My wife can fit this in her diaper bag, and doesn’t have to drag her laptop around with her!

  340. Rob Zarzecki says

    My wife would Love this as her only laptop we saved for no longer will charge at all. A defect out of warranty-even a plug won’t work! good contest. Thanks!

  341. Jacob says

    My wife is a full time student and one of the few that doesn’t own a laptop! This would really help her out a lot and she could study anywhere!

  342. Wendy says

    I would love this! It would help me be organized and not be so bulky and an eye sore in our house.

  343. says

    We finally got our om on email last year. She is doing well at getting the hang of it. She travels a lot and this would be perfect for her to keep in touch with us.

  344. says

    I need this but my Mother could really use this she has never used a laptop but she is soon to retire and this would be something she can keep her recipes and upload her pictures onto and keep her busy.

  345. says

    this would make a great present for mother’s day for my mom because it would help her check her email on the go and be connected plus it’s very stylish and modern and she would love it!

  346. Jeanette H. says

    I could really use this for school. I am interested in going back to school and furthering my education.

    Thank you very much for the great giveaway!

  347. Addrianne says

    My mom could really use this! She still uses an old desktop with…wait for it…..DIAL UP! She needs to upgrade but doesn’t think she can afford a lap top, this would be ideal!

    Thank you!

  348. says

    My little boy ripped all the keys off my laptop and I hardly ever use it any more. I miss the portability of a laptop. This would really fit the bill!

  349. says

    I am a full-time Mom, Part-time Historian and Product Review Blogger. I N*E*E*D this mini-HP desperately! Please help me to take this small-time online business to the big-time!
    outofthemist @ gmail .com (remove spaces)

  350. says

    It would be simply amazing if I could win this for my mom because she does so much for my family and me. Currently she works overtime as an LPN and is going back to school to become an RN all the while raising 4 sometimes troublesome children and juggling the family business on top of that. I seriously don’t know how she does it, but I do know that getting the Hp Mini 210 would lighten the load :)

  351. Jill Myrick says

    All of our family lives out of state so we travel quite often.
    This would be so great to take with me so that I don’t miss an important email or have five days worth of email upon my return home.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  352. Janet Carpenter says

    I would love this Mini. I have a very active four year old and want to stay on the go with her. I’m a blogger and would rather sit outside with her and tweet instead of hanging around inside so I can work on the computer.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  353. Terri Dell says

    My daughter could use this for school. She needs to take her laptop and books all over and this would lighten her load.

  354. Robin Bullock says

    The HP Mini 210 would give me more flexibility while on the road, away from my huge desktop computer.

  355. Holly says

    I’d love to win this for my mom..she needs a laptop, would be great to look things up while she’s scrapbooking!

  356. Charity S. says

    I need it because my laptop is very old…and my son is tired of me borrowing his.

    charisscharity [at] yahoo [dot] com

  357. shawna says

    I would LOVE to win this one for myself!!! 😉 I really need one but we can’t afford one at all right now…it would help me out so much to be able to work on it while I’m waiting during my kids’ lessons and practice.

  358. Warren Meyer says

    My wife, Christine, could really use the HP Mini 210 because as a mother of 7, she’s always on the go, constantly! Her schedule is so busy and hectic, she could really use soemthing to help her organize her time. I was actually planning on buying her an HP mini for Mother’s Day but our finances are really stretched thin, actually they are pretty much non-existent. She deserves the HP mini 210 because she is the best wife and mother there is, always self-sacrificing and never asking for anything in return.

  359. LeesaJ says

    What a great giveaway! I need this for work in a bad way. My old bulky laptop is near death.

  360. says

    I would love this for Mother’s day so I can use it anywhere in my home and not have to be stuck in one place like my desktop. I could use it in the kitchen to look up recipes or be upstairs on my bed away from the kids for my me time. I could let me daughter use my desktop for her reports and i could use this hp mini for net surfing or typing to my dad who lives out of state.

  361. susan says

    My mom wants to finally give technology a try. I think it’s because we have a little one and she wants to keep in touch with him as we live a distance away. This would be a great start for her!

  362. Nikki Matthews says

    I am a mom. I need one to be able to maintain my household without fuss of using the desktop pc. I can check email, bank, kids school info and more. Make my family more productive.

  363. Lentil says

    Before I was a Mom, I was a writer. I chose to put that on hold to become a Mom and lo and behold here I am. Baby Lentil has taken it upon herself to redesign my laptop — removing keys she doesn’t find necessary. I would love a notebook small enough to bring along on our walks or park outings, if there are a few moments I can steal to get back to work on one of my projects

  364. says

    A year and a half ago I lost my job. My wife had to quit going to school and put on hold her dream to be a child Psychologist so that she could get a job and bring home the bacon. I have recently found a new job and my wife plans on going back to college full time to finally reach her dream. Please help her by giving her this Mini HP so that she can have a running start on her schooling. She is an amazing wife and Mother of two boys that really deserves this. Thank you for your consideration!

  365. says

    Oh this would be such a wonderful Mother’s Day Gift for me! I run a blog, have my own scrap for hire business called Artistic Albums By Nicole, work from home as the administrative assistant for Christian Moms Business Resource, and use my computer to keep in touch with all my friends and family as I’m a military wife who’s 2,000 miles away from everyone I know and love. Needless to say I’m on the computer a TON and the HP Mini would be so perfect for me!!!!!

  366. gaurav says

    My Mon would need this to connect with me while I am in USA. She is in INdia…It will connect with my family

  367. Chelsey Burke says

    My mom is a hair stylist and this would be perfect for her to bring to work. She could make all her appointments on this laptop and on her down time she could use it to surf the net.

  368. Louisa Gamble says

    I would love this HP Mini 210, so I can keep in touch with my family back home in the uk, tell my husband how much I love him during the day, LOL with my kids via facebook, but most importantly…spy on my little mischevious Jack Russell..via webcam…to see what she is up to when I am at work. Finally evidence that she gets into trouble when I am away!

  369. rhondastruthers says

    I would love to have this as our family is always vying for the computer. This way I would have one for myself.

    rhondastruthers atyahoo dot ca

  370. ptreskovich says

    Need this as my computer is sooo old that it needs replaced and this would be perfect to use for school work

  371. Matthew says

    My mom is the best. I’ve got a baby coming an she has been the person that has helped me the most. She has made sacrafices towards her other bills to give me money for the baby. Please choose her. Besides buying baby things she’s got a husband and two daughters that are in high School that she has to support.

  372. alisa mockles says

    My mother can no longer talk on the phone to me, and I can not go visit her all the time. this would be great for her so I could keep in touch.

  373. says

    I would love the HP Mini. It looks amazing!

    I went back to school after having my son and graduated 2 years ago. I love being a stay at home mom, but am now thinking of finally putting my degree to use. This would be a perfect way to take work with me since I always seem to be on the run. And it could help me organize our soccer team a bit more. (Since I got talked in to coaching a group of five year olds–fun but hectic!)

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

  374. Debra F says

    This would be so awesome to win for my mom…it would be perfect for her. She has this huge honking PC from the 1990’s I think, and she needs something small and portable and easy for her to use. Thanks for the chance.

  375. Michelle Small says

    Well, I know that I (and my family) could benefit from this. I have been out of work for the last two years because of mult. med issues that prevent me from doing the kind of work that I was doing. I have had several opportunities to work-from-home but with 6 of us (4 kids ages 6 – 11) sharing one computer it is impossible for me to make a commitment of that kind. My DH has recently been unable to work because of a heart-condition and is under-going treatment until testing is complete. We have been wanting to pull our children out of our horrible city public school system so that we could home-school, but again, the problem is lack of computer access for everyone. Having an HP mini would help my family in so many ways right now. It would improve the “Quality” of our lives by allowing me to bring in a much-needed income, It would help to bring us closer to our goal of being able to provide for our family and give our children the wholesome education that they need.
    I thank you for this wonderful opportunity :) Good luck to all in this Fabulous giveaway.

  376. says

    Oh the HP Mini would be PERFECT~! I have to hike up a mountain to get to my house and I bring my work home a lot and this would be so much easier to lug up that huge mountain everyday~! We don’t have a driveway and it’s so heavy lugging my old laptop. It weighs about 20lbs with case and all . I could fit the mini right into my purse, how cool is that. With all the files I end up lugging over 50lbs up and back down. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis which is a joint crippling disease and it is very difficult for me to lug my old laptop. Thank You soooo much for having this FANTASTIC giveaway :)

  377. says

    If I won this, it would be for my mom. She’s a bit of a “dinosaur” when it comes to technology, but she’s turning 60 soon and I’d love for her to be able to stay in touch with her grandkids via email, get digital pictures, and so forth. She’s also taking occasional classes to better herself as a preschool teacher, and I think this would help her feel more productive and successful.

  378. Riles says

    This would be a wonderful mother’s day present for my wife, she is two semesters into nursing school and our 22 month old has dished out more damage to her current laptop than it can bear. A new portable (and of course stylish) netbook would be just what the doctor ordered for her.

  379. Ryan Fowler says

    My wife would really appreciate this gift. We have a newborn and she does not have time to do much of anything in the office on her desktop. A laptop would not only give her the ability to work from anywhere in the house but it would also allow her to search for things to buy for our baby. She is a wonderful person who just gives and gives and never asks for anything.

  380. Katie R. says

    I’m always on the go and the small size would make it much easier for me to carry a computer with me.

  381. Terri P. says

    This would be fantastic to win! We have one computer and it’s really tough trying to do anything since we have to split the computer time four ways (two kids and two adults)! It’s an HP Mini, which makes it the perfect size for me to carry with me. I really think I could get some work done on one of these beauties!

  382. says

    I could definitely use a laptop with a 9 hour battery life!! I’ve lived on my own since I was sixteen and unfortunately had to drop out of high school to support myself. My husband and I got pregnant when I was 17, and we have had a very wonderful life so far, but now that we are done having kids (our oldest is 6, our middle baby is 2, and our youngest will be 1 this month) we’ve decided it’s time for me to go back to school. I aced my GED and I am starting college in June taking a full (and a half) load-I plan of graduating in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Political Science and then I’m on to law school! My plan is to be a family law attorney and, one day, a judge. I know for sure that having a laptop with super-life would help me so much in the next 6-7 years :)

  383. Christine Sarkauskas says

    My mom needs this because she travel back and forth from my brother house helping w/ the kids. This would make life easier for her


  384. heybeckyyy says

    mommy’s gotta stay connected!

    really though, my mom works herself half to death to help me pay for my college. this would be a sweet way to show her i truly love her and appreciate her

  385. steven lewis says

    My fiance is going through so changes, boys have left the nest and one moved to the other side of the country.. her aging pc is giving her lots of problems and she wants to stay in touch with the boys

  386. Lyndi says

    My mom could really use this notebook as she is a foster parent and is consistently having to do paperwork and email case workers etc… and we’ve been traveling a lot lately and she could use a computer that only she uses as normally I have to tell her to hold on as I run a web design business and sometimes I can’t stop what I’m doing so she can check her email or do paperwork.

  387. Christie says

    My mom is in poor health and for the most part, cannot leave her bed or chair. She really feels cut off from the world now but has an active mind. She wants a laptop that she can use comfortably while seated in her recliner. This would be so perfect for her and I would be so thrilled to give it to her.

  388. Tammie C says

    Hi, I would love to win this for my mom. She worked hard her whole life and made a lot of sacrifices in order to provide for my sister and myself. I don’t know how she did it, but we always had food to eat, nice clothing, and on Fridays we would go out to eat. She is now retired and living on a very limited income. She doesn’t own a computer and she would be so grateful to receive this HP Mini. I love my mom and want her to have some luxuries in her life!

  389. Jennifer R says

    I have a mom in mind who could really use this. She is starting a new life on her own after losing her spouse and she is traveling more due to this. She could use some consistency in her life like having her computer with her where ever she is going.

  390. Rebecca says

    I would love to give this to my daughter-she is a single Mom trying to work and wanting to return to school to get her Masters in Elementary Education

  391. taylorbagels says

    Ann needs this because she’s always always online and doing something. It seems shes online like 5 or more hours a day so that;s why she would need this for her endeavors.

  392. Kerrie Ann Frey says

    I’m about to start my first real blog, not my “please go here to read my rant and babble” blog and would love to be able to do it like a big girl mom with a mobile machine. Thanks!

  393. says

    I would love to win this so we have a computer for our school room! The kids are always wanting to use mine to do schoolwork on and I have to have mine to work. This would be a blessing!

  394. says

    I would LOVE to win this!!!! I know you said only US and Canada — If this comment is chosen could you send it to my mom in Pennsylvania? She could hand carry it to Germany! (Visiting later this month!) :)

    I know my husband would love to have a Mini to take with him on his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan – and that built in webcam is the icing on the cake!

  395. kate usher says

    …………………wOW this would be great to win, I have some traveling coming up and dread the idea of lugging a fullsize laptop when this HP Mini 210 could do the job!! Happy Mothers day to all. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  396. Audrey Crothers says

    I need this badly. How else would I be able to connect with 5 Minutes for Mom when I can’t do it at home? So you see, I REALLY need this. :)

  397. Barbara Camp says

    What a neat giveaway. I would love to have this one. I’ve never had anything except a PC.