Clean Shopper

Clean DinerCute, Cozy and Clean –
We just love our
Clean Shopper® and
Clean Diner®.

I just wish I had found these when Jackson was a baby. Instead I took disinfectant spray and wipes and tried to quickly clean the grocery carts and restaurant high chairs before I put him in. I remember calling out to my husband as he left for the store, “Don’t forget to wipe down the cart before you put Jackson in.”

Now we don’t have to worry about the germs. The Clean Shopper® and the Clean Diner® have got it covered – literally!

And the bonus is how much Julia adores them! She gets so excited to get in her cozy little perch. And when she wants to lean over and put her mouth on the cart – no problem. Every inch of it is covered in our Clean Shopper.

What a great solution!

And it’s wonderful to know that these are Mom-Invented products.

They are the original, patented and award-winning Clean Shopper® and Clean Diner®, by Babe Ease, LLC®

Clean Shopper


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    All right!! Yeah!!! I luv luv luv mine, too! Sophia is two (and almost a half, as she says) and still demands hers wherever we go. And I love this one the best. I’ve tried the other ones, but they didn’t fit as well, or are as well made. And Mommy-invented seals the deal, for me! This product just rocks!

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    That’s the kind of thing I would have loved when mine were little. Not only does it protect them from the cart or high chair–it looks comfortable, too!

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    There are absolutely tons of new baby items on the market that simply were not when mine were little. Probably a good thing ’cause I would have had to own every last one of them!

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