I’m at Faith Lifts…

A Group Blog for Christian MomsThe blogosphere can be such an inspiring – and heartbreaking – place. I have cried a lot of tears this past week reading posts.

This weekend at Faith Lifts, I am reflecting on what I have learned from littleHannah and also from WhyMommy and her struggle with Inflammatory Breast Cancer.


  1. Lynn says

    Thank you, Janice, for this beautiful post! I, too, have been mourning for Hannah’s family lately, and trying to appreciate the brevity of life. This last week a young man my son graduated from high school with was killed in a car accident — one of about 5 or 6 teenagers my kids know who have been killed in separate accidents in the last three years. It really makes you think. And to stop and hug your kids every chance you get. We’re only guaranteed this moment. I don’t want to miss any opportunities to love my family and maybe catch a hug from them in return.

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