5 Minutes for Mom is Giving One of You a 37″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV!!!

insignia-flat-panel-tv.jpgYes, you read that correctly – even though I can hardly believe it myself – we are giving away an Insignia® 37″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV!!! This incredible prize is valued at $799.99 and is courtesy of Best Buy.

I know! How exciting is that?!? (I just wish I could enter to win it!)

So do you want to know more about your future TV? Well, this is one fabulous prize…

The ultra slim, lightweight Insignia® 37″ Flat-Panel LCD HDTV (Model: NS-LCD37) features 1366×768 Resolution, with 16:9 widescreen ratio for cinema-quality viewing. You will be enjoying picture perfect quality from every angle and not missing any details with its built in high definition capabilities.

The TV measures 5″ deep and will look fantastic either in an entertainment center or mounted on a wall (with optional mounting kit, not included.)

Along with a ton of other features – you can read all about them over at Best Buy – this model is equipped with a V-Chip for parent control and is Energy Star compliant.

And – for extra fun – your new TV can double as a PC monitor so that you can download and watch HD movies.

Okay – so you want it of course. We all do! How can you get it? Well, as I promised, one of you is going to win it for free just be entering here!

Here is how to enter:

  • First – leave a comment here at this post by Friday, August 17th, 2007 at 12:00am Eastern. We will announce the winner Friday morning, August, 17th. Please only comment once – any duplicate entries will be deleted.
  • Second – on your blog, link to this contest so that your readers can have a chance to win too. You gotta let your readers know about this! And also please link to Best Buy to thank them for sponsoring this great contest. If you are not a blogger, no worries, you obviously can’t link. But please tell your friends about the contest. I am sure they will thank you!
  • This contest is open to both Canadian and US shipping addresses!!! YEAH!

(Remember someone has to win – and it might very well be YOU!)

This contest is now CLOSED. The winner is Phuong.


  1. Angela says

    Very cool. Please enter us. We’d loooooove to finally have a tv in the house, especially one this cool!

  2. says

    See…I knew there was a reason I hadn’t won anything from you before. You were just saving this wonderful prize for me! Right??? I’d love to win this and tell my hubby that all my time spent blogging and reading other blogs paid off in spades! Pick me, pick me, pick me…that’s my subliminal message for the day!

  3. says

    After the horrible things that happened to our last LCD TV (drawn on with crayon and then a sippy cup was thrown at it and it broke…after only 3 months of owning it!) it seems a bit silly to be entering this contest, but if I win I promise to keep my children far away from it.

    I’ll be linking to the contest this weekend!

  4. says

    OMG, my TV just died the other day & we are using my husbands old 19″ tv. My kids actually laughed it & asked if it was the smallest tv set made, LOL. I’m off to blog about this FAB prize!

  5. Pamela says

    Please let me enter! Best Buy, thank you very much for making this tv available for the contest. We will be sure to check you out when we come to shopping for a flat panel tv, which will be SOON!

  6. says

    Wow, what a generous prize! Please enter me. I will be sure to add the links.
    I am watching one of two yard sale televisions. I am pitiful, I know.
    This will be an awesome prize for the lucky winner.
    Thank you!

  7. says

    I’m all linked up! What an awesome give-away! And right on the heels of the Dog Days! Whew! I thought we could calm down for awhile, but not a chance!

  8. Jenny says

    Oh, Man!!! Do you realize what my husband would do if I won that big TV???? Just in time for college football!!! I’m off to tell my friends about it. I’m having trouble with my blog and will have to do it word of mouth. Here I go…..

  9. says

    I see you are running a contest. You might want to visit the blog on my link. You can submit this contest, in your own words by visiting the link. I am actually advertising with Adwords so you should get decent traffic from this initiative, plus a link to your blog!
    C Fernandes

  10. says

    Oh my! My DH would allow me on the computer to blog ALL THE TIME if I won this TV!!! I would LOVE to surprise him with something like this.

    Count me in for sure!!

    Again.. you ladies ROCK!!

  11. says

    I think this marks the most technologically advanced giveaway so far. And, lucky for me, I married the guy that knows a thing or two about tv’s.

  12. says

    Girls, I don’t know how you do it, but every time you have a contest you manage to blow me away all over again! I’m in… and I’m off to post and give a little linky love to my favorite twins :-)

  13. Ally P says

    Ohhhh my Goodness….. this would be AWESOME!!! I can totally see the awesome superbowl party at my house this winter not to mention Sundays watching Football with hubby and the kids …. and I could sit on the couch and do all my computer stuff.
    I really hope I win. Good Luck everyone :)

  14. says

    Oh, wow!! This is so cool! I would love to win this for my family. Please enter me. I’ll link in my next post. Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. says

    Oooh…. my husband would be totally drooling if he saw this!!! Hmm.. winning announcement comes just in time for our 14th Wedding Anniversary… -crossing my fingers!!–

  16. says

    This is an incredible contest!! Could I sway the judges if I told you we are currently watching TV on my 19″ RCA TV from college, circa 1994?!?! That we still use an RF modulator for our DVD player? Would that increase my chances of winning?!?! Putting a link up in a flash!!

  17. Jackie says

    Please sign me up! I don’t have a blog, but you can contact me at DivaDivine15 at aol dotcom if I win. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

  18. Selina says

    Wow – DH would really like that. We have the same tv we got when we were married, 12 years ago, and it was used then. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance. s_a_worley at yahoo dot com

  19. Jill H. says

    What a fantastic contest! I think I’d use it for my new “kitchen computer” I’m putting together!

  20. jodene says

    I wish I was a blogger so I could spread the word. I will tell all my friends however. Thanks for the chance at a wonderful giveaway.

  21. Jenn in AZ says

    Wow! Wow! WOW!!!! Yes!! I would LOVE to win this prize! Please, please, please enter me. :) (I am into repeating today, hmmmm??) Thanks to you and to Best Buy!!!

    Jenn in AZ hometeachinatcoxdotnet

  22. says

    Wow That is amazing. What a wonderful thing to give away. We got our TV 14 years ago as a wedding present. lol Its still going. Although the baby broke the turn on button so we can only turn it off and on with the remote. LOL

    Thanks for the giveaway.


  23. Deborah says

    WOW.. this would be such a blessing, we lost a car, a second job, and our TV went out! This would be a tremendous answer to prayer!

  24. Jen Larson says

    This is such a great idea. I just discovered your site today and I plan to devour it over the next few days/weeks.

  25. says

    WOW! Best Buy and 5 Mins for Mom are so generous for this great giveaway. I can’t wait to win and watch fall tv premiers on this tv.

  26. says

    Oh, please pick me! That would be a great birthday gift for me. And hubby would be ecstatic.

    I’ll link after I feed my little toddler her lunch. She’s chanting “eat, eat!” and daddy is buckling her into her booster seat.

  27. Kim says

    Wow!!! You always have the BEST prizes! And this is really one of your top 10!!! I’m telling all my friends!!

  28. Kristi Guider says

    With 4 kids, this would be rather handy at eliminating some fussing over whose watching what when.

  29. says

    Holy cow, this is amazing!!! Maybe I didn’t win anything over at the Rocks in my Dryer bonanza cause I was meant to win this!

  30. says

    Oh my goodness. We’ve always wanted one of these!! This would look great in our newly decorated room

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!!

  31. Debbie says

    Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love to have this. Be sure to put my name in the hat.

  32. Stan Williams says

    I don’t have a blog to link to, but I have two talented daughters, and son-in-law that are bloggers.
    I’ll pass on the info and have them do the link thing to their sites.

  33. says

    We have an old second-hand 19 inch TV that serves as our main TV that we would love to update. What a blessing this would be for our family!

  34. Jennifer Wright says

    I am just getting started with this online blogging and am yet to get a site ready. Thanks for doing this drawing it’s fun!

  35. Terry says

    WOW! WOW! and WOW! again, What an amazing opportunity to win such and spectacular prize. Thank you for the chance and I hope you have a great week:)

  36. says

    My very first contest that I’ve entered here. My husband’s birthday is coming up and what a cool gift this would make. I’m going to post about this on my blog right now!

  37. says

    Wow – my husband would be so excited if I won this for him!!! :) Count me in! I’ll be posting a link on my blog as well in the next couple of days.


  38. says

    Ooooo…if I won that for the family, then we wouldn’t have to watch my husband droll over those whenever we go someplace with an electronics section! Sign me up!

  39. says

    Oh please let me be the winner! I’m afraid our TV is going to poop out soon… you used to have to hold down the power button to turn it on and off. Now when you press the power button it goes up a channel and when you press the channel or volume buttons it turns on and off! It has turned on all by itself without me even touching anything TWICE in the past two weeks! (spooky). This would be such an excellent replacement.

  40. says

    Awesome! You guys knew that our T.V. was going to no longer function in 2009 didn’t you and that we’d need another?
    xoxoBlows some link love kissesxoxo

  41. Jasie Wellman says

    WOW….count me in….I don’t have a blog but love to keep in touch with friends by reading theirs!! Thanks, Jasie

  42. says

    Whoohoo! Today is my birthday…this was meant for me. Please ignore all the above comments…(they are all spam…really….would I lie to you?)
    I am going to my blog right now and linking to you. I love you…..really…with all my heart…..and I thank you in advance for the birthday gift. How did you know what I wanted?

  43. says

    Oh, I can just see allll the trouble this tv would cause…kids wanting to use it for playstation, dd wanting to watch Hallmark, dh wanting to watch his favorite shows…Yep, we’d love to make a nice home for that poor, lonely tv.

  44. Brenda Krmeser says

    WOW!!! What a generous prize!!!! Winning this would prove to my DH that reading blogs IS worthwhile! TeeHee!

  45. Zukppr says

    :::sigh::: this would be a wonderful addition to our household. I think our newest television set is 12 years old and most definitely won’t survive to work with the newer formatting…

    What a great contest. Thanks Moms and Best Buy :)

  46. Mary B. says

    Wow-this would be my husbands dream come true! Thanks for your contest and to Best Buy! I will let many people know!

  47. says

    What, give it to my husband? No, this puppy will live like royalty in my SEWING room. I will dust it faithfully (daily) and play it loudly so all that are in the neighboring rooms with go insane with jealousy… They will beg at the entrance to my sewing room kingdom to grace my presence instead of snickering as they do now.

  48. says

    Awesome contest! I know my hubby would probably love this prize more than I would, but I definitely wouldn’t turn it down! very cool! :-)

  49. Kristi R. says

    Wow! What a great giveaway!!! I think I’ll die from shock if I win – well at least the rest of my family would be able to watch. Thanks!

  50. says

    Well girlers everyone else can just hang it up Aug 17 is my 5th anniversary and what more awesome present could there be than that loverly new TV….
    I added a link to my post this morning. Thanks so much

  51. Thatchermom says

    This would be the perfect new job, new house, new baby gift for our family. We need a little more excitement! :)

  52. Sandy G. says

    This is a very generous gift and would make a wonderful birthday gift for my dh in August! Thank you!!

  53. Dawn says

    I’m taking the friend who told me about this out for a treat:)

    Wonderful contest, Thank you for having it.

  54. says

    Omigosh…be still my heart…how I’d love to win a new tv!!! lol Please enter my name in the draw!! I will link the contest to my blog tomorrow!! xo

  55. Tammy Elrod says

    Wow, what an incredible giveaway. Thanks to you and to best buy.

    Tammy (formerly of Leave It To Beaver Lifestyle)

  56. says

    I just mainly put on pics of my family on the blogger. I will have to ask my friend how to get things to attach to me blogger so other people can sign up for these great giveaways.


  57. Cathy says

    I am brand new at this – I have no idea what I am doing. I don’t blog – although I think I would like it. Please enter me in your contest as I am just retired and sure could use a TV to pass away my new leisure hours.

  58. says

    Boy would winning this make my family happy! Thanks for hosting this contest. I’m a new blogger and am still trying to figure everything out but I was able to figure out how to link to your post.

  59. Kerrie AKA Scrapbookmaven says

    OHHH I need a new tv! What a great giveaway! Thanks 5 Minutes.. and thanks Best Buy!

  60. says

    You’ve outdone yourselves this time, girls. This is wonderful. My goodness, winning this would be like winning the lottery, there’s so much participation. But you can’t win if you don’t enter, so here’s the link to my post telling everyone what a great thing you’re doing.

    Thank you!

  61. says

    heck yeah i want it! and i’m a single mommy of 2 gorgeous girls, so in our home it would be a GIRLY flat screen tv. all chick flicks here! and Cubs baseball… :)

  62. says

    Ooooooooh my goodness, this is like the mother of all giveaways! Sign me up, please. I’m off to go put some links on my blog right now.

  63. amelia dofelmier says

    That would be great. My husband would flip if I told hime I won a new tv. He has been talking about getting one.

  64. says

    What a terrific prize! I definitely want to be entered in the drawing! Our 32nd anniversary is the 16th of August and it would be a great anniversary present! :)

  65. says

    How cool is that. I’m telling everyone I know. And I’m in the market for a new camera…I think I’ll get it from Best Buy since they are so generous:)

  66. says

    Holy Stinkin’ Crud, that’s a nice looking tv! And as someone who rarely watches it (but just spent an entire Saturday looking at them with my husband) I have to tell you I’d be tickled to have it. Count me in!
    And thanks!

  67. Megan Estenson says

    What an awesome idea! I dont have a website but will be sure to thank Best Buy…we still have our TV from 1993, I have been waiting for it to die so I can buy a new flat screen and it’s still going strong!

  68. Fuzzy says

    Oh this would be so wonderful! Our TV just got fried in a storm! Please pick me so that my DH will have the BEST anniversary present EVER!

  69. Janet Orr says

    I don’t have a blog but would love to win this contest. I enjoy reading your blog and it is amazing that you have this great contest going on.

  70. says

    Wow! This sure would make a beautiful Christmas present for a 12 year old video game nut!! Wishing me luck…and wishing you all luck, too.

  71. Nancy says

    Wow, this would be a great 25th Anniversary gift for my honey! And just in time, too! Count me in, please.

  72. says

    We are fixing to purchase our first home in the next month and my husband has been wanting a t.v like this to put in his den. I would be so thrilled to win this and be able to give it to him. He works so hard for our family, so he would certainly be deserving of it in my eyes.

    Thanks for hosting such a great contest event. I am so glad I found your blog…it was truly divine intervention that brought me to your page.

    Be blessed!

  73. says

    Holy Smokes! That would be so amazing! Our little old 23″ got a little small when we moved to a house with a bigger living room! LOL! Thanks for hosting this. 😀

  74. says

    After giving the kids a stern lecture on the amount of tv watching that has been going on I am feeling like a hypocrite that I would really LOVE to win this! Fabulous giveaway, girls! Thank you!

  75. Courtney says

    Ooooh! I would love to win this, our TV broke a couple of months ago and we still haven’t got a new one!

  76. Julie Caldwell says

    I would love to be entered in your contest. The only catch is I don’t have a blog, but when I run across cool blogs I pass them on to the other teachers I work with at an alternative school. I would love to be enetered. Thanks!

  77. Kristi in Texas says

    what an awesome site…and an awesome giveaway. Thanks for all you do on your blog. Love it.

  78. Melissa says

    Well what a way to discover this Blog LOL! my first visit ever and there’s an awesome drawing going on :-)…..definitely coming back here more often hehehe


  79. says

    Wow! I had to come over to see if it were true…. I’ll be sure to add my link with my next post!
    Good Luck to all the ladies! :)