Motherhood and Aveeno Baby Brand: A Giveaway

motherhoodThe AVEENO® BABY® Brand would like to join with us in celebrating the wild, crazy, fun-filled journey that is motherhood. AVEENO® BABY® understands the needs of our little ones and offers a wide variety of products geared specifically toward treating sensitive skin.

So in celebration of mothers everywhere, AVEENO® BABY® would like to offer our readers the chance to win the a copy of the DVD MOTHERHOOD, starring Uma Thurman. Inside the DVD, the winner will receive over $450 in coupons including a special offer from the AVEENO® BABY® brand. The winner will also receive skincare essentials for little ones including, AVEENO® BABY® Daily Moisture Lotion, AVEENO® BABY® Soothing Relief Creamy Wash and AVEENO® BABY® Essential Moisture™ Shampoo.

MOTHERHOOD follows Eliza Welsh, played by Uma Thurman, a former writer-turned-mommy-blogger who realizes the craziness of motherhood on a seemingly endless day where she must plan a birthday party, deal with her scatter-brain husband, save her car from being towed, and write an essay for a parenting magazine before the fast-approaching deadline. That’s MOTHERHOOD!

To enter, leave a comment with a tip for how you survive those crazy days of motherhood.

For even more chances to win you can

If you are already subscribed and are on our newsletter list, you qualify for those two additional entries. Go ahead and leave your additional comments below.

This giveaway ends on Friday, April 2nd. We will announce our winner on Saturday, April 3rd.


  1. says

    I loved this movie, by the way- it’s great!

    I get through motherhood with the support of friends and my online communities! I can’t always get out in the real world, so the connections I’ve made online are priceless.

  2. says

    I survive by working out! Our mornings are crazy with two toddlers to get up, feed, get to preschool, etc. As soon as I drop them off for preschool- I head upstairs to the gym and work out the stress and by the time I am done- I am happy and refreshed again- just in time for me to pick them up and start all over ! 😉

  3. says

    I survive by reminding myself of all the things I love about my kids, like how peaceful they are when they sleep, or when they don’t feel well and want to cuddle with me, and the hugs and kisses.

  4. says

    I surive by making sure that I still have a little time each week for me to do something for myself. This is typically reading or gardening or even just getting out by myself for awhile.

  5. Annie says

    What a cool giveaway. Thanks!!! I survive motherhood by naptime reading and getting us both out of the house, even if it’s just to go to the store, or to Bible study!

  6. says

    I survive by having a glass of champagne at night :) Kidding, I think I survive best by having “me” time, getting my hair done or even a dinner out with my husband. I have yet to see Motherhood (who has the time) but would love to win!

  7. Sarah G says

    Good question! Usually, I hang on until my hubby comes home from work, hand him the baby, and go bury myself in a nice bath or take a nice nap. Then, the world looks a whole lot better. 😉

  8. Kirsten T. says

    As cheesy as this sounds, I make it through those types of day with the support of my hubby. I feel very fortunate to have such a helpful hubby…he is a family first guy. (and if that doesn’t work, chocolate definitely helps).

  9. Tomi says

    My family [MOM] and my my friends help me survive motherhood. I’d probably freak out if it wasn’t for them. SMILE

  10. Aura says

    With 3 kids under 2 I don’t think I could get through the days without the support of my husband, family and friends, oh and a nap and paid help.

  11. Donna C. says

    The way I dealt with the craziness was by trying to plan ahead, help from my family, not worrying about the small stuff, and always taking 15 minutes a day of me time to get myself back together

  12. Maggie M. says

    I always remind myself that there is an end to the day, and tomorrow is a new day!
    Thank you,
    Maggie M.

  13. Jen A. says

    I try to add laughter or find the laughter in the moment when I start to get really stressed out.
    Thank you,
    Jen A.

  14. says

    I survive by taking a nerve pill But I also make sure that there is a boundary where my children know that I am the parent while I am also there as a person they can come to with anything. Motherhood is not the easiest job out there but it is probably the most rewarding

  15. hippie4ever says

    I survive through prayer, wrapping him in my trusty Storchenwiege when he is to cranky, COFFEE and prayer :) silenttributary(at)yahoo(dot)com

  16. Linda Kish says

    I was a single mom for my son’s whole life. I had day care and was able to drop him off early enough that I could go into work and kick back for half an hour before starting work on “me time”. After work I went home and had a cup of coffee before I picked him up (more me time). This way I could relax and also miss the traffic.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  17. melissa n says

    to etch out some some alone time, wether it be takinga bubble bath or just sitting on the bed alone for a few minutes.

  18. Sandy says

    I hand my two-year old over to my husband when I just can’t take it anymore. Then I run away and do something… anything, without my son hanging on me.

  19. says

    You know that Ikea commercial where the mom takes a time out? Well, that’s what i do – take a breather when I need to, or to just have a “me” moment.

  20. says

    I kept my sanity by keeping in touch with friends and getting out of the house on a regular basis with my twins as babies and then all 3 when I had my 3rd child when the twins were 2. It was a lot of work but I was glad to be out, with friends and felt like I could do anything after surviving an outing with the babies by myself!

  21. Amy Brewer says

    I just walk into my bathroom and splash some water on my face and sit down on the toilet seat and count to 30. Usually is a big stress reliever to do that. I am ready for what ever the kids throw at me then, well most of the time anyway

  22. Vickie Couturier says

    welll,I learned to sorta zone out of some of it,while reading a book,somethings I learned to ignore an others I wouldnt ,my kids said I had selective hearing,maybe so,but I survived!lol,I now have 6 grown an out of the house kids!!!!!! an am a happy grandmother of 5 so far,it doesnt seem to work as well with the grandkids as it did with the others,lol,but I dont have them all at once either


  23. says

    Looks hilarious! I will be adding it to my Netflix list regardless. I get through the Mommy moments by laughting… A LOT of laughing. I have two hilarious kids and we constantly are trying to embarrass each other. I usually win! LOL!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. rlvd says

    please enter me :) tip: realize when you’re frustrated at your baby/toddler/young child’s crying, they will most likely be ok if you step out of the room for a minute to take a deep breath and regain composure.

  25. Stephanie V. says

    gosh – most days don’t survive until Sat. morning when, if I’m lucky, daddy will take all the kids out and I can have some peace and quiet.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  26. Jill L says

    I have been surviving by realizing that I will never be a perfect mom. I try to just relax and have fun with the kids. It helps.

  27. Kelly Ann T. says

    With the help of my friends and family. Thank goodness for play dates and the web had some great ideas also.

  28. Deborah Wellenstein says

    My husband is my greatest asset! He is indeed m y children’s father in every sense of the word.

  29. Kerrie Mayans says

    I wake up an hour before the kids to do simple chores like laundry and check my emails without interuption, then I wake them up and hop in the shower while they are getting ready for the day . Having that extra hour without them trying to help me gets me so much further ahead with all household tasks.

  30. Sherri B. says

    I drink a lot…LOL…I am joking!!!! I try to take 15 minutes for myself at the end of each day whether it is just to have a cup of coffee alone or read the first chapter of one of the many books I have around that I never have time to read! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  31. Denise B. says

    I have crazy days. I enjoy each and everyday of my childrens’ lives, because they grow up so quick; and I don’t want to miss out on anything.

  32. says

    I survived the trying days by having friends who had small children also-this made it possible for us to laugh about the difficulties.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  33. Crystal F says

    I look forward to bed time. No matter how bad the day, snuggling up to my little makes it all better. Thank you!

  34. Crystal Warren says

    I survive (by the skin of my teeth) by being a total team member with my husband. We’re on the same page with disipline, the choices we make for our kids and we are a united front in our parenting!

  35. katklaw777 says

    If possible take a class of anything one day a week……..I go to ceramics class every Thursday night.
    Gives me a creative break and lets Hubby have one on one bonding time without me hoovering( yes I admit it). If class is canceled for any reason, I go to the library or Barnes & Noble and read magazines I can’t afford to buy. lol It does a body good!!! Thanks.

  36. Susan Margaret says

    To survive the crazy days, I have some great cds that we can listen to together and dance around and release some energy – it never ceases to make me smile!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  37. Tamara B. says

    I survived the crazy days of motherhood with the help of my best friend. She always made me laugh when I was at the end of my ropes, exhausted and just stressed out.

  38. Heather M. says

    I try to make time for myself at least once a week – even if it’s just to soak in the bath for an hour.

  39. Lucy Schwartz says

    Finding that something that refreshes and revitalizes you. Each of us is unique and what works for the neighbor may not work for you. I needed to work part time. I am an RN and working 1 to 2 times a week got me out . kept me current and stimulated my brain.

  40. Jessica says

    I love trips to the park. When it is nice out it is super relaxing to take a walk and a half hour running around on the jungle gym is almost a guarantee that the kids will take a nap when we get home!

  41. Erica C. says

    I look at a picture where everyone is pleasant and happy…it reminds me of why it’s all worth it! Also, my guy helps a lot with keeping me sane!

  42. Melissa B. says

    I just close my eyes and take a deep breath. Remember that your kids moods change as much as your own.

  43. katie s. says

    Well, I’m surviving the crazy days by checking in on our live streaming nanny-cam frequently. Very frequently. I cost about $50 and a little knowhow and I can check in on Squirtlet whenever I want from wherever I am when I’m not home. It’s been a life saver!

  44. denyse says

    I always make time for myself. I work out 30 minutes (at home) 5 days a week and get my hair done 3 times a year. That’s MY time!

  45. dianne says

    Take a walk. A lomng one or a short one, but take time to unstress and think about the good things in your life.

  46. breanna says

    LOTS OF COFFEE!! and also having online friends who are available to chat throughout the day really helps me get through it.

  47. says

    At times, I don’t know how I did survive? I barely remember the first two months of my twins lives, lol!

    Quite honestly, I set mini goals for myself at times. Just making it through one hour was a victory. Knowing I didn’t have to think about the entire day, just this hour or that hour. Having help from my mom or mother in law at times with laundry, dishes, etc. – sooooo nice. :)

  48. Emily R. says

    I survive my maknig sure i have a little “me” time. A cup of coffee during nap time works wonders!


  49. rebecca says

    I came from a big family, so having survived childhood there was little parenthood had to offer that overwhelmed. But I found occasional “to heck with it” days, where I might dig up a cheap bottle of dishliquid, grab the tarp and turn on the hose to make use of the endless energy kids have, able to be released and any stess I was feeling seemed to go along with it.

  50. Bonnie says

    i still to this day don’t know how i manage. raising a beautiful 12 yr old with an attitude of a 19 yr old. The thing about it is that I’m only 26 and feel like 46 half of my life has been devoted to raising this beautiful little girl and i wouldn’t change it for anything else in this world, but it is tough having a child at 14 with no mom or dad of my own. Motherhood has made me be the strongest I can be

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