Thursday Thirteen – 13 Funny/Cute Things My Son Has Said

Thursday Thirteen
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13 Funny/Cute Things My Son Has Said

  1. “I had a tiger, but it died. It went to heaven and bit your Dad.” – age 3 (He said this in total seriousness. I nearly fell over! He knows my Dad is in heaven and he talks about heaven quite a bit, but that was a riot.)
  2. “Am I taller than Grandma yet? – Cause she is old and shrinking and I am growing. So I am going to be taller than her soon.” – age 3
  3. When I said something to him about how old he was getting, Jackson was concerned and stammered, “You mean go to heaven old?” – age 3
  4. “I had a big brother named Kieric. He died on a cross.”
    – age 3 He said this to his preschool class on Family Tree day. (When Jackson was two he came up with an imaginary big brother name Kieric. He talked about him every day for a year and half. At first he was hit by a car, but at Easter time Jackson got a bit confused… Later he asked me, “Mommy – why didn’t the teacher put Kieric on my family tree?”)
  5. “When I grow up I want to be an African.” – age 2&1/2 (After watching the African Children’s choir – over 100 times!)
  6. In one of Jackson’s French books the mom comes in and wakes up the little child. Jackson said to me, “See Mom – you are supposed to wake me up!” Now in the morning, Jackson will holler from his bed, “Mom…come wake me up!!” And if I do manage to then stumble in there to “wake him up” he will say, “No – in French.” – age 4
  7. “He hurt my heart.” – age 3 and 4, if someone makes him sad.
  8. “Man – there’s just so many things I have never seen before!” – age 3, at a boat dealership
  9. “Mommy can I please marry Julia, please? She is the one I choose.” A few months before he said: “Can I please marry Julia? She is the one I love the most.” (He used to ask if he could marry me, but since Julia came, apparently he loves her more! I think it is so funny how kids don’t know yet about romantic love so they simply assume you marry the one you love the most – hence most little boys have asked if they could marry their mommies or, as in this case, their cousin. – age 3 (now at four he knows a bit too much to want to marry his cousin!)
  10. When getting a piggy back ride from me, I told him it was not a good idea. “Oh yes it is. You just have to go the chiropractor so many times and then you will be all good like Daddy.” – age 3
  11. When I was trying to put him to bed and he was stalling, “I am going to hug you and keep on hugging you until morning.” – age 4
  12. When playing with our friends’ new baby boy, “We need to get one just like him.” – age 3
  13. “I changed my mind – I don’t want a baby brother or sister – I already have Julia. I want a dog instead.” My son cries regularly for a sibling, but one day his desire for a pet overcame him and he sold that future sibling for a dog. Fortunately, that isn’t how it works… – age 4
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  1. says

    Your son is definitely adorable and sooooooo funny!!!! I love the things he said especially the #1, #2 oh I love all of them!!!! and the part he said You hurt my heart….awwwww I swear I could just melted!!!

    Happy T13. he’s a sweetheart!!! Mine is up.

  2. says

    I really really want to have a son like yours!!!! he’s so adorably cute and funny!!! I want him! hehehe can i keep him??hehehehe

    Happy T13.thanks for visiting mine

  3. says

    THIS is my favorite list so far this week! How PRECIOUS! And what a good Mommy for writing these all down. Dare I say you could read this list at his wedding reception? 😉

  4. says

    Yikes! And I thought my son came up with some funny things!

    Thanks for visiting my WW. To answer your question – yes, I had lymphoma while pregnant with my daughter.

    I will play T13 today.

  5. says

    I sounds like a guy who has priorities straight :smile:. You must share a lot with him about heaven.
    Too cute about exchanging a dog with a sibling.
    Thank you for still stopping by this morning.
    Have a blessed day :smile:.

  6. says

    Awww, he is so cute and funny! I wish there had been blogging when my older boys were babies. I was terrible about keeping their baby books, and it would be great to look back and read the cute things they said! I’ll just have to write down every word that comes out of my daughter’s mouth to make up for it!

  7. says

    I love little kids! They say funny stuff all the time and I could listen to them all day. My little sister is pretty funny, but she’s getting too old to be cute 😛

  8. says

    Kids say the cutest things. I can’t wait until I’m blessed with a child. Thanks for visiting my T13. I love the one about grandma shrinking. LOL!

  9. says

    My word. Kids slay me!

    When my fair skinned, red-headed daughter was 3, we lived in a town with a high population of African American residents. One day, she saw a woman and said, “Mom, she has the most beautiful dark skin I’ve ever seen. When I grow up, I want to be a dark skinned lady just like her.”

    The lady heard her and was tickled pink…well, brownish pink.

  10. says

    awwww, so so so so soooo sweet.

    my mom was telling me about a time when she took me (4 yr) and my 3 yr old cousin david to a restaurant. we had been waiting for a table. when one became available, i turned to my cousin and said, “david, let’s sit down so we can talk about the Lord.”

  11. says

    My 13 year old said #1 when he was younger – and he is actually taller than her now. He’s taller than me too.

    Thanks for visiting my TT. Sorry I am so late making the rounds, but my afternoon was even worse than my morning.

  12. says

    That is too sweet! I have a list going like this for Sophia, but I haven’t blogged it yet. It seems she’s coming up with new ones daily.

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