Cardboard + Kids = Fun with Calafant!

As the remaining weeks of Winter play out, I am constantly trying to find new and interesting projects to keep my girls busy instead of hearing them ask time and time again, “Can we please go ride our bikes or play in the sand box?” Never mind that the sandbox is still under two feet of snow!!!

The Calafant Cardboard Toys from Creative Toy Shop have been sanity-savers for me lately! Calafant Cardboard Toys are just that, cardboard toys. But they are the coolest cardboard toys I’ve ever seen!!!

The Calafant Cardboard Toys are toys that you build out of cardboard and then decorate with paint, markers, and, in the case of my girls, stickers. Calafant offers large items (farm, treeehouse, palace, forts, etc), medium toys (pirate ship, farm, castles), and even small toys (carriages, dinosaurs, houses, and different types of transportation). All of these toys are amazingly affordable and range from $7.99 to $24.99.

What makes the Calafant Cardboard Toys so much fun for kids is that once they are finished putting their toy together and have it all decorated, then it becomes a whole new toy! My girls loved decorating the Treehouse and the Rosegarden Palace we received from Creative Toy Shop but what they love even more is playing pretend with them. They spend hours putting their little dolls in the Palace towers pretending to be stranded princess while, naturally, the prince comes running from the Treehouse to rescue her! It is so fun to watch!!!

As a parent with limited space in my house, I love that, if my girls want to take a break from their Calafant toys, I can simply take the toys apart and store them flat on a shelf in the closet! But, I would be very surprised if we come to that day any time soon!

The Calafant Cardboard Toys are perfect for kids ages 3 years and up and are great gift ideas if you are looking for something to keep them occupied over spring break this year or for their Easter baskets!

You can purchase Calafant Cardboard Toys online at Creative Toy Shop. And, if you purchase your cardboard toy from now through March 21, 2010, enter the coupon code 5MIN at checkout and receive 25% off your order of cardboard toys (discount does not apply to already discounted items and only applies to cardboard toys, not storewide).

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Creative Toy Shop provided me with the Treehouse and the Rosegarden Palace so that I could provide you with an accurate and honest review. They are also providing the two $30 gift certificates for our winners.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Writer: Stacey Lynn


  1. says

    I would so get the Treehouse for my daughters. They would love coloring that and then playing with it. And for my 3 year old son, I would get the fortress with the teepees or maybe the castle. Wouldn’t look very pretty when we was done coloring, but it would sure keep him busy with his superhero toys for a while!

  2. says

    Mine would love the small toys! He’s so into making things, coloring, and decorating with stickers!

    I think we’d get the fire engine, the airplane, and the steamboat!!

  3. Elizabeth says

    i love the dollhouse! adorable! my daughter turns 3 the end of the month, and this would be perfect.

  4. says

    Oh my goodness! I LOVE these!! I wish my girl was 3 so I could buy them for her! Only 6 months now so we’ll have to wait! I LOVE the tree house and will be looking to purchase some in a while! :)

  5. Kirsten T. says

    I would get the Rosegarden Palace for my daughter. We did the small steamer when she was two, and loved it. She would color a little bit each day until there was no white left on it anywhere. Good fun! Thanks!

  6. Tracey says

    If I won, I would buy a few of the small cardboard toys like the dinosaur and house and I’d also pick up some of the eco-friendly lunch and snack bags.

  7. Snowflake07 (Audra) says

    These are great; I always loved crafts as a child (and still do). I know my daughter and I would have fun decorating these. I would probably get the Treehouse; although I’m really liking the Large Farm also!

  8. says

    I would get the treehouse. It just looks like so much fun. We have a small village of little toy people and little toy critters that could have many adventures inside that treehouse. I think that both my sons and my daughter would love it.

  9. Amanda D. says

    My daughter would love the All natural paint. She’s quite the little artist, and always painting.

    macd82 at gmail dot com


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