The Best Part of Mommy Blogging…

There are a ton of reasons to love blogging – but my favorite part is being part of the wonderful community of moms supporting and loving one another. Even though most of us have never met, our friendship is real and powerful.

And so when one of our own needs our help – watch out – cause we mommy bloggers will rally and make some noise!

Perhaps you have already met Tammy and Parker and you are posting away on your own blogs. But in case you haven’t met them yet, let me introduce you.

Parker is a beautiful, little boy who has a number of serious medical conditions that not only make life very difficult for him and his family, but produce huge medical bills that insurance does not adequately cover.
Because of these costs, the family is in constant financial stress, in danger of losing everything. (In addition to Parker, Tammy and her husband have five older children to support.)

Benefit Concert for ParkerSo time to rally ladies!

You can help Parker and his family through this fantastic fund raising concert featuring singer and songwriter Stephanie Smith and her band on June 29 at the American Fork Amphitheater. All proceeds from this concert and sales from Stephanie’s CD’s will go towards Parker’s medical fund.

But wait – if, like us, you are nowhere near Utah – you can still help! You can go to Praying for Parker and click on the donate button on the top of the right sidebar. You can purchase a CD or even just make a donation. As well, if you are a blogger, you can also help by spreading the news about Parker and this find raising concert on your blog.

We can’t make all of Parker’s health problems disappear. But we can help his family cope with the terrible financial burden they are under AND let them know how much we love and care for them. Even if this is the first time you have heard their story, we fellow moms can let Tammy and Parker know that we are looking out for them and they are not alone in this big, scary world!

So click on over and read a bit more about Parker. I know you too will be touched by his story and his sweet little face.

We love you Tammy and Parker – and we are sending you our love, support and prayers. :)

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