What’s The Name Of Your Blog?

Shannon from The Mommy-Files posted a great question over at Say It Face to Face

What’s The Name Of Your Blog? How Did You Come Up With It?

The Mommy-Files

Click over to Say It Face To Face and post a short video reply to Shannon and tell us all how you came up with your blog name.

You can leave just a text reply without a video, but it is so much more fun for us to see your face and hear your voice and then we’ll never forget your blog name.

It’s like you’re actually AT Blissdom…

Also right now at Say It Face To Face, you can connect with many of the bloggers at Blissdom. Jendi is cruising around Blissdom with a video camera and uploading attendees questions and replies.

So you may not be physically at Blissdom right now, but you can still talk face to face to those who are!

If you haven’t yet started talking with us at Say It Face To Face, come on over now.

sayitfacetoface.comAnd in case you missed our earlier announcement, we’re having a February contest over at Say It Face To Face and we’re handing out 3 cash prizes.

Details here.

1st Prize – $150 – User who starts the conversation that receives the most video responses in February.

2nd Prize – $100 – User who adds the largest total number of conversation starters and replies in February.

3rd Prize – $50 – Random user who adds a reply or starts a conversation in the month of February.

Hop over now. We want to hear what you have to say.

Talk soon,


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    When I started my blog I was a consultant for a scrapbook home party business and had a pet French Lop bunny. So I put the scrappbooking and bunny together and became scrapbunny with the tag “Hop Into Scrapbooking with Scrapbunny.com”

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    that is such a great idea though I don’t have the capability right now to do a video post. I started my blog at the beginning of 2003 as sort of a record of what we did day in and day out. I still do a lot of those posts but I do mostly topics now. At least I think I do :)

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    My blog is Casual Friday Every Day and I picked it because I wanted something to represent me being a full time work at home Mom. I get to work from home, be with my kids and be casual every day… instead of waiting for friday’s to wear my jeans. :)


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