How to get a book published… Go to the PARK???

Published author and mother Katherine Center has some unique publishing advice.

She told Janice her remarkable story of how she found her first publishing deal on a trip to the park with her kids.

In this video interview, filmed during the Mom 2.0 Summit 2009, Katherine talks about her second novel Everyone Is Beautiful and reveals her path to publishing success.

Katherine’s third novel, Get Lucky, goes on sale April 2010, and she is at work on her fourth.

This video interview is part of our Mom 2.0 Summit 2009 series. We saved a collection of fabulous speaker and attendee interviews to share with you now as we all prepare for a new season of conferences.


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Do you have dreams of writing a book?

During this week’s Monday Mingle vlogging carnival, I was intrigued by how many women said that having a book published was one of their life goals.

Katherine’s success story is so inspiring but the realities of getting a novel published can be daunting. However, their are many different types of books and different ways to be published.

So Tell Us…

Have you written a book, been published and/or is being published one of your life goals?

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    I ghost wrote several books right after college before getting the amazing opportunity to co-author a book with Dr. Joe White, director and owner of Kanakuk Sports Kamps in Branson, MO in 2004. It was an awesome and challenging experience and gave me the publishing bug.

    I acquired a publisher for my own non-fiction book the next year but ran into issues with the publisher and was unable to follow through with the process. I am now busy trying to convert that non-fiction book into a novel.

    My challenge is finding time to write. I have a pretty good handle on how to find a publisher and have actually made a bit of a business out of helping others acquire publishing contracts. But before I can seek out a publisher, I need to finish the book and I am really struggling with that part. How do people find time to write with little ones in the house? This is my predicament.

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    I’ve never, but my hubby has had essays published in a book. My husband I both have put Geneology books together, we’d like to publish and donate to a library

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    I have always wanted to publish a book. I just need to decide exactly what I want to publish! LOL I’ve always been told that people enjoy my writing, so I just need to put my head down and focus. I must say though, it is extremely daunting for me to think about being published because I don’t know the first thing! However, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. I’m sure once I get my book written, everything will come into place to help it get published.

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