Just because I don’t think about it, doesn’t make it go away…

haiti-disaster-earthquakeThe news in Haiti is horrible. Simply awful. I have avoided news about it. I don’t click on those yahoo links as I go in to check my email, but it doesn’t make the disaster go away.

My daughter Amanda’s best friend’s mom is from Haiti. I haven’t been able to talk to her, but I know that her heart is broken.

I also can’t help but think about the Compassion staff and children who are in Haiti. When I went on the trip to the Dominican Republic with Compassion, we were very close to the Haitian border, and my sponsored child Chino, lives not too far from the border.

But does it matter how close or far we are? This Compassion video about the work in Haiti is a powerful reminder that poverty affects us all. The video was made when the only disaster in Haiti was extreme poverty. They need our help even more now if they can hope to recover.

Haiti Donate OnlineI have chosen to do something. I’m still not overwhelming my mind and heart with the images, but I have chosen to give to Compassion’s Haiti earthquake relief fund, and I invite you to consider doing the same.

What’s more, in order to honor the tender and generous hearts that so many children have, my husband and I are going to match donations that come directly from children, up to $500. Please read the post on my personal blog Snapshot if you’d like more details about why I trust Compassion’s financial integrity and about the matching fund.

Please consider making a donation now. The need is urgent, and time is of the essence.

Written by Jennifer, 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Editor


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    I have a few friend in Haiti right now and were able to have news that they were ok. But they send us update on the condition over there and my heart break!!!

    Now of my friends and daughters are waiting to come back to Canada but they will be leaving husband and a friend behind! How difficult it must be for them leaving love one and knowing all that their is need over there that they would not be able to give a hand to!

    Yes Haiti as been on my mind, heart, prayers and bog post lately.

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    It just is so unbelievably sad that I also to avoid images b/c I can’t handle it.

    Thankfully there are many great organizations that we can give to and trust the money will get to where it is needed.

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    I’m not turning my head. I’m going to speak out! 😀 We gave $100 this morning and are giving $1 for each person that comments or puts their link about it on the blog.


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