Write for Hollywood!

You know you have talent. We know you are funny. And your blog readers know that your kids are a sitcom all to themselves.

Now you have a chance to let Hollywood screenwriters know too!

Have you heard of the new online series called, “In The Motherhood?” I first heard of it over at Adventures in Babywearing and what a fun, fantastic idea it is!

Leah Remini, from King of Queens, stars in the webisodes that funny moms like you help write.

How? Well in short, this is how it works:

“Participating is easy – moms literally write out their story in paragraph form and with a few mouse clicks, the story is automatically transformed into a traditional Hollywood script. The online mom community will vote and nominate the best entries, which will then be polished and incorporated into the series of webisodes.”

The first episode’s winner has already been chosen. You can read the Texas mom’s winning story here.

But no worries – there is plenty of time for you to polish your piece and get noticed by Hollywood! Good luck – and if you win – make sure you let us know. We will be thrilled to send a shout out to you and your new fame!


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    I know- this is such a cool idea!! I even mentioned it when I was at Google, and it turns out there were reps from Suave there. They came up to me afterwards- they were so excited I talked about In The Motherhood!!



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