Here I am in Italy…

Hey Girls, it’s Susan here… I thought I’d post a quick hello to thank you all for your well wishes.

We finally got an Internet connection set up here at my in-laws which cost us a chunk of Euros and only gives us a limited number of hours online… but at least I can check email and read a few blogs.

Since I’m on holiday, my husband didn’t even want us to have any connection for fear I’d be working instead of spending time with the family.

But it’s currently 2:30 AM here and Julia is up playing and the rest of the family is asleep… so I figure a few moments online won’t hurt anyone.

And yes… you read that right… it’s 2:30 AM and Julia is currently sitting on the couch happily playing with her new puzzles. To say she is not adjusting well to the time difference is an understatement. It’s a complete disaster… she keeps sleeping in the day and being awake all day. I’ve been trying to wake her in the day and readjust her schedule, but it is not working well. Sigh…

So, with a combination of my unbelievably terrible allergic reaction to the pollen filled air here and Julia’s refusal to switch her schedule to the new time zone, our holiday has yet to be a relaxing break. But, oh well… soon hopefully things will be better.

I did manage to get to a doctor here and get a substitute for Flonase and it is helping a fair amount. Also, yesterday I didn’t leave the house at all and so that has helped calm down my nightmare congestion.

But Julia is having a wonderful time — although not always at the most desirable times of the day and night. She has really warmed up to her Nonna and Nonno as well as her Zia Lisa, Zia Marliyn and Zio Bryan. (Just to clarify, that’s Grandma, Grandpa, and aunts and uncle.)

They have a cute little farm here with a ton of goats, chickens, turkeys and peacocks. Julia loves the animals and even feeds the goats corn from her hand. I’ll try to get photos sometime and post them. Unfortunately, Janice is the photographer in the family and for me it is such a struggle to pick up the camera.


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    glad you are filling better.. hope little Julia gets on some kind of schedule where you can at least both sleep some of the time :-)

    God bless..

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    Glad you are feeling a bit better. Sorry Julie hasn’t adjusted to the time difference, that’s no fun! Hope it all starts going better :)

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    Glad you got some meds! Too bad the time change is being rough…I heard it took 24 hours/time zone. Hope it gets better soon! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

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    So glad that you are getting taken care of… I was thinking I should visit Italy during a different time of year. I have spent the last two summers in Rome in July and I was so grateful for the air conditioning in our apartment!

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    Hooray for the local doctor! Hopefully you’ll be right as rain shortly.
    Instead of trying to wake Julia up during the day, try to *keep* her awake for as long as possible any chance you get during the day hours. She’ll sleep longer to compensate, and will wake up in a more daytime-oriented hour.

    Also, regardless of how awake she is, it’s a lot better to keep things dark and quiet at nighttime when you want her to be asleep. (That means no lights on, no mommy sitting in front of a glowing computer screen, lol!) Being bored silly in the dark only lasts so long before you fall back asleep. Staying up with her and having lights on, etc just encourages her subconscious to stubbornly hold onto those U.S. hours; it keeps her mind engaged, stimulated, and *awake*.

    Can’t wait to see the pics!

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    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. What is the time difference there? Maybe you guys need to start looking for some nighttime family activities! LOL!

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    Traveling with toddlers is so difficult…. Bubbie tends to sleep all the way to the destination, then when its bed time he isn’t sleepy at ALL! :) Miserable! Hope everything straightens itself out!

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    So good to hear from you, Susan. Sorry that it’s so bad with your allergies and Miss Julia not understanding “the rules.” When Amanda was her age, we lived on the west coast and my inlaws were on the east coast. It was a 3 hour time difference, which is fairly substantial as well. She’ll adjust before the month is out, but it will take her a little time. And then it will take her a little time to adjust once you get back home as well.

    I hope that you start having fun in beautiful Italy.

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    it is good to hear from you. I hope Julia gets readjusted to her new schedule soon. Im glad shes having a good time, and i hope your feeling better soon. I look forward to seeing pictures from your trip.

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    One word for you….Benadryl. It worked wonders when we traveled with our 3. I know its kinda mean, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Send some pictures!

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    Benvenuta in Italia! Sorry to hear about the allergies–mine have consistently gotten worse since I’ve been here, but, on the bright side, the sinus infections I used to get throughout the winter have all but disappeared…maybe you should visit in the winter, too :)

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