Here I am in Italy…

by Susan

Hey Girls, it’s Susan here… I thought I’d post a quick hello to thank you all for your well wishes.

We finally got an Internet connection set up here at my in-laws which cost us a chunk of Euros and only gives us a limited number of hours online… but at least I can check email and read a few blogs.

Since I’m on holiday, my husband didn’t even want us to have any connection for fear I’d be working instead of spending time with the family.

But it’s currently 2:30 AM here and Julia is up playing and the rest of the family is asleep… so I figure a few moments online won’t hurt anyone.

And yes… you read that right… it’s 2:30 AM and Julia is currently sitting on the couch happily playing with her new puzzles. To say she is not adjusting well to the time difference is an understatement. It’s a complete disaster… she keeps sleeping in the day and being awake all day. I’ve been trying to wake her in the day and readjust her schedule, but it is not working well. Sigh…

So, with a combination of my unbelievably terrible allergic reaction to the pollen filled air here and Julia’s refusal to switch her schedule to the new time zone, our holiday has yet to be a relaxing break. But, oh well… soon hopefully things will be better.

I did manage to get to a doctor here and get a substitute for Flonase and it is helping a fair amount. Also, yesterday I didn’t leave the house at all and so that has helped calm down my nightmare congestion.

But Julia is having a wonderful time — although not always at the most desirable times of the day and night. She has really warmed up to her Nonna and Nonno as well as her Zia Lisa, Zia Marliyn and Zio Bryan. (Just to clarify, that’s Grandma, Grandpa, and aunts and uncle.)

They have a cute little farm here with a ton of goats, chickens, turkeys and peacocks. Julia loves the animals and even feeds the goats corn from her hand. I’ll try to get photos sometime and post them. Unfortunately, Janice is the photographer in the family and for me it is such a struggle to pick up the camera.

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