May I greet the New Year through 2 year old eyes…


Oh to see life again through the eyes of a 2 year old.

Written by Sophia’s mom Susan (I’m also a co-founder here at 5 Minutes for Mom).
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    One of the things that has really been weighing on my heart lately is the need to allow my kids to experience life AS KIDS. So often I try to make them see things through MY eyes – the eyes of an adult. Oh, how so very wrong I’ve been!

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    Amen. I have a 2-year-old, too. She is very verbal, so we often get to “see” things her way because she is so good at expressing them. But I hadn’t thought about trying to REALLY see things through her eyes. Thanks for prompting me to slow down and enjoy 2-year-old innocent perspective today.

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    Ah, yes. Children infuse life with such magic, wonder, and awe.

    That’s a great photo, by the way. She looks so genuinely happy. Her eyes are positively sparkling.

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