I’m at Faith Lifts this weekend…

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Just letting you know that I am over at Faith Lifts this weekend talking about taming my tongue in case you want to drop by.

I hope your weekend is going well.

We are scrambling with last minute tasks as Susan prepares to leave for Italy to visit her in laws. Her plane takes off on Sunday afternoon. She is leaving us for a whole month! I am not happy!!! Not only will I be lost without Susan, but I am going to miss my precious niece Julia. I can’t even imagine not seeing Julia for a whole month!

So if you think of it, you can send some prayers up for their safe travel. In that plane will be some precious cargo and I will be praying like crazy it gets delivered safely! (For a worrier like me, having my twin sister and my little Julia fly across the world makes me more than a little nervous!)


  1. says

    Im praying that Susan and Julia have safe travels and that they have a awesome month.
    Caste your fears upon the Lord Janice
    BIG HUGS to you all

  2. says

    I’ve just returned from a 4 hour flight with my almost-3-year old. I don’t know how she does it, so I’m praying for her, and will pray for you, too. I know that you’ll miss her (personally and professionally!).

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    Praying for safe travel and for the time to pass quickly for you. 😉 Hugs!

    Wow. I just read your article. This is definitely written for me also. I just wrote last night on my blog that my memory verse this week is Luke 6:45 and that it is no coincidence.

    Now your devotional just confirms that for me even more. Thanks for sharing this. I find the same thing happens to me. I am patient and loving with my words towards people I don’t even know then let it roll out however it chooses with my family. Definitely something I am going to ask God to help me with starting today.

    Love, Michelle

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    Prayers and good thoughts for a SAFE trip – as well as a sane one – I know traveling with little one’s in toe is NOT always the most fun! GOOD LUCK! :) It stinks I could not get the carrier to you all earlier so you could take it with you! Blessings for a safe trip there, a AWESOME time, and a swift return – you will be missed!

  5. Brooke says

    Thoughts and prayers for a safe trip to your sister and neice. A trip to Italy how exciting! Hope they enjoy it.

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    oh wow!! what a place to go to visit family!!!!!
    i love your posties at faith lifts and i am off to check yours out. shalom sister janice…..hope your not missing your family too much.

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    Hi Janice — Sorry you will be without Susan for so long! Hopefully we’ll get to see some pictures of Italy when she gets back though and I bet you get a great gift 😉

    I spent my weekend at a Woman2Woman conference and one of your fellow Canadians was our speaker — Mary Cassien. She is great! And too funny!!

    God bless!

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