Still Flu Fighting Time…

I just got off the phone with my friend who said a bunch of her friends have come down with H1N1. This flu season sure has staying power!!!

child-vaccinationMy doctor told me to make sure I still get my kids vaccinated even though I had H1N1 myself this fall. She said that they are expecting another wave of H1N1 this January.

It seems like this flu season should be done by now. But it sure isn’t!

Dr. Rosenberg has some tips for us to help ward off both seasonal flu and H1N1 this long flu season…

Read More on our Tylenol sponsored Flu Information Page


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    H1 is everywhere.. thank goodness my kids are vaccinated and I did too…..

    I hate throwing up and seeing my kids suffer.. so at least that is done..

    Happy New year

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    I know the pain and fear of H1N1. My kiddos had it in September and it scared the life out of me. I’m so ready for spring, I can hardly stand it! Not that sickness will be completely over, but it’s got to be better! Thanks for the link. Have a happy New Year!

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