Philips Digital Photo Frame Contest


This is another EXCITING contest! Get ready – we are giving away a 9″ Philips Digital Photo Frame!!!

If you are thinking, “Well Janice, that sounds nice and all, but what on earth is a digital photo frame?” Let me tell you – it is just one of the coolest gifts you could give a person! And for someone like me – it is just about perfect.

See, I have something to confess – although I take thousands of pictures, I have printed barely any in over a year!

And when I do send them to the printer, I never get them framed and on display. At best a few make it to my fridge – but most live, lonely and unsorted, in boxes! I am so busy I just never seem to have the time to get my photos out so I can enjoy them. (This is coming from a once addicted scrapbooker – but life has gotten just a little busy!)

And it really drives me crazy because I love looking at my photos. So when I got the chance to try out Philips Digital Photo Frame I was thrilled. This is the perfect idea for me!

I can store and display my favorite shots right in this unique digital frame – I can even make albums and do slideshows!

That isn’t all either:

  • I can rotate, zoom, crop and add effects to the photos
  • I can display and manage my photos on memory cards or with the internal memory
  • The image quality is incredible
  • It comes with a USB connector to easily download from my PC
  • It operates on AC power or cordlessly with a rechargeable battery
  • I can even automatically turn display on and off at preset times
  • …And the frame is beautiful too! (They come in various styles and sizes.)

It really is a fabulous idea – and a totally perfect gift to give to a digital photographer. I am thinking Mother’s Day maybe… (It would also be a very cool wedding gift!)

So do you want one?!?

Cause we are giving away a 9” model that retails for $249.99!!! Is that exciting or what!?!
(If you are looking to buy one, Philips has links to all the retailers and I noticed Amazon has the 8” model for $204.15.)

We will play by the usual rules:

Here is what you do:

  • First – sign the Mr. Linky (the Mr. Linky is that list of names at the end of this post – just type your name in the box) with your name and URL by Wednesday, April 25th at 12:30pm Eastern. We will announce the winner Wednesday afternoon. (This is such a cool giveaway, we thought we would give you a few extra days again.) Note: make sure you have signed the Mr. Linky by 12:30pm Eastern, Wednesday April 25th. If you are not a blogger, you may still enter. Just sign your name on the Mr. Linky without a URL and then email me your contact information at janice @ (remember to remove those spaces!) Please note on your email that it is for the Philips Frame contest.
  • Second – on your blog, link to this contest. I am sure your readers will want the chance to win such a fantastic prize. And please also link to Philips to show our appreciation. If you are not a blogger, no worries, you obviously can’t link. But if you want, you can tell your friends about the contest.
  • Note: Due to shipping restrictions, we can only ship this prize to a US shipping address. Our deepest apologies to all you Canadians (we feel your pain, but we do not ship the product – the sponsoring company does.) I am trying to find some special contests for you though!!!

Good Luck!

PS – In case you missed it, I posted some links earlier today to some fantastic contests going on elsewhere in the blogosphere. And if you emailed us with a contest that you wanted us to link to and I missed you, my apologies. I tried very hard to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anyone! Just drop me an email and I will see what I can do for next time.

This contest is now closed and we have a winner… Toni at In The Midst of This Season. Congratulations Toni!!!


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    I’ve seen those but haven’t been able to afford it. It’s so cool! Especially for someone like me. Lately, I haven’t printed any of my photos to scrap, much less to frame!

  2. says

    I’m new, but loving the site! I have been wanting one of these for a while, but have been finding it hard to justify the cost. It would be great to give to my husband so he could look at all kinds of pictures of our son and the baby that is due on May 16.

    My blog is new and quite sparse…still under construction, you might say.


  3. says

    I was thinking of getting something like this for DH’s office. Our kids are growing so rapidly that he will have dozens of framed pictures .. and still not have the most current!

    Awesome giveaway.. thank you!

  4. says

    We all need one of these. My little girl is so well-photographed, as a typical first child is, but her pictures are rotting away in our computer. Great contest!

  5. says

    This is probably the ONLY material thing I would want for Mom’s Day. I am a photographer and believe me, this would get a LOT of use in my house!

  6. says

    I would LOVE to win one of these. I also struggle to get my pics printed, though I’ve fallen in love with shutterfly for their collage feature. I might get past page 4 of Baby Bear’s scrapbook sometime soon!

  7. says

    I am on a winning roll… I won a contest from my salon a couple weeks ago and I just found out that I won your prize in Beth’s giveaway for people promoting For Heather! I selected the Big Wheel…. The Boy is going to love it!!

    Let’s see if I’m lucky enough to win this digital frame too!

  8. says

    You do not understand how bad I want to win this one! I have been looking at these picture frames ever since they first came out and were closer to $500-1000 depending on size. WOOHOO! You guys are awesome.

  9. says

    Wow, this rocks! I am a broke law student (and new mom!!) so there is no way I would be able to buy this frame on my own. I’m sure my baby boy would look great in this frame :) You ladies are amazing!!

  10. says

    I gave two of these away at christmas and they were a HUGE hit! I’ve been wanting one ever since! Happy mommy’s day to me (early…lol)!

  11. says

    Thanks for doing this. I’ve never even heard of a digital photo frame. What a great idea. Gosh, why can’t I ever come up these things??

  12. says

    We were just at the pharmacy the other day and watched some pictures, it was a nice way to display your photos without having to print them out and put TONS of frames on the walls!

  13. says

    This would be a great gift for one my husband’s or I’s parents. They live so far away from us since we are constantly moving about in the Navy!

  14. says

    We had one of these for my grandmother for over a year, and it just got fried in a power surge! I feel bad because she really loved having all those pictures, especially the ones of my niece (her great grand-daughter).

  15. says

    Hey, did you hear? Every one of the entrants would like to defer to me because they know how I REALLY want this prize.

    Well, it was worth a try. 😉

  16. says

    Thanks so much for the chance to win the prize. How fun it must be to host giveaways like you do. I’ve always enjoyed the giving more than the receiving myself…but I still like to receive!! If any of your sponsors want another site to host giveaways, I’m game!!

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    I’ve never seen such a thing. Sounds awesome. Boy that would definitely help me get some of my pics organized and out so people could actually see the pics I’ve taken.

  18. says

    I would really like to enter this contest. However, every time I use Mr. Linky, my name will not comme up. So I hope this will get me entered.
    Thank you,

  19. says

    Thanks for the opportunity!! I have never heard of this before and its perfect! I havent printed my pictures in a year!! *blush* How awesome is this!

  20. says

    Wow, what a wonderful prize! Phillips has gone all out this time. Is this the most amazing photo frame you’ve ever seen. If I win this, I’d be the biggest braggert Grandma in town! whoohoo!

  21. says

    Very neat frame. Though it won’t tell the STORIES behind your pictures! Digital storybooking is the way to go so the stories aren’t lost! 😉

  22. says

    Thanks for featuring such a great item! I’ve wanted a digital picture frame for a few years, but never seemed to actually get around to purchasing one.

  23. says

    Pick me!!! Pick me!!! :) I LOVE this frame and have wanted a digital picture frame for a few years!!! Thanks for offering such a cool prize!!!

  24. says

    This is a great contest. I am the queen of pictures at home, with our friends and at church. I never knew such a thing as these frames existed!!! Thanks for the chance to win one.


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