Presto – The Contest Your Offline Family Members Want You To Win!

Do you have a family member or friend who is offline and doesn’t have a computer or email at home? Do you have a grandparent to whom you would love to send emails and photos, but they don’t have a computer or internet access?presto-1.jpg

If so, then check out Prestoa cool new service that delivers emails, photos and other content to people who don’t use a computer. So you can send emails and photos to Grandma and they just automatically print out on her HP Presto printer – the HP Printing Mailbox.

The cost of the printer is quite affordable at only about $150 US and the monthly service fee is $10. But, of course – one of you is getting it all FREE – Presto is including a one year free subscription along with the printer!

Now – if you are concerned that Grandma won’t be able to even set it all up, let alone work it – no worries. It is actually quite simple. You can set it up online or the user can call the Presto Customer Care toll-free line and get it all set up for them.

Then the messages are automatically set to print up to 5 times per day (you set your schedule) through an existing phone line (the service is designed to not interrupt calls.)

How fun is that? presto-springblooms2.jpgThe printer just pops out full color photos and emails for dear, sweet Grandma – or whomever else you choose to give a Presto. Grandma can receive unlimited emails, photos and content from anyone she gives her “” email address to. Presto even transforms plain emails with a beautiful, colorful design. (There are lots of designs to choose from and you can change at any time – or even add seasonal themes.)

We thought this idea was so fabulous for people who are literally “disconnected” that we wanted to let you know about Presto and give one of you the chance to win it.

The service is only available within the US – so this contest will be limited to those of you who would be giving the Presto HP Printing Mailbox and Presto subscription to a US resident with a US phone number. I know it is sad! We live in Canada and so we aren’t able to use the service ourselves either. BUT we didn’t want that to stop us from letting our American friends benefit!

So if you know someone who would love to be “connected” without the technological complications of owning a computer and having internet access, then enter to win one right here!

We will play by the usual rules:

Here is what you do:

  • First – sign the Mr. Linky with your name and URL by Monday, April 9th at 1:00pm Eastern. We will announce the winner Monday afternoon. Note: make sure you have signed the Mr. Linky by 1pm Eastern, Monday April 9th. If you are not a blogger, you may still enter. Just sign your name on the Mr. Linky without a URL and then email me your contact information at janice @ (remember to remove those spaces!) Please note on your email that it is for the Presto contest.
  • Second – on your blog, link to this contest in case any of your readers have friends or family that might benefit from this service. And please also link to Presto to show our appreciation of their support. If you are not a blogger, no worries, you obviously can’t link. But if you want, you can tell your friends about the contest. I am sure some of them have offline loved ones to whom they would love to give Presto.
  • Note: the Presto service is only available to US phone numbers, so this contest is limited to those of you who would be giving the Presto HP Printing Mailbox and Presto subscription to a US resident with a US phone number. For example, if you are Canadian, but Grandma lives in Florida – you are good to enter (as long as we are shipping the product to the US address.)

Good Luck!


  1. says

    This is so amazing. I was just talking with my grandma who turned 93 today! She’s tried email, but her computer always has problems and she can’t figure it out. It would be so much fun for her to be able to see her great grandchildren on a regular basis through photos…she lives in Hawaii so we don’t get to visit her often! Thanks for sharing this wonderful gift!

  2. says

    That is the neatest thing!
    I would absolutely LOVE to win one of these for my dear friend, Laurie. She lives about 9 hours from me, has been blessed with 6 little ones, and doesn’t have a computer. We keep in touch via snail mail~ but it’s not often she has time to sit down and write a letter.
    This would just be PERFECT!

  3. says

    This would be perfect for Moma! :) Even if I don’t win, I’m really glad you shared this. I’ve wished for something like it. The best thing is that it’s NOT a computer and NOT internet………2 things my Moma emphatically says “I have NO desire for!”. But she DOES have the desire for pictures of grandkids!! :)

  4. says

    This would be perfect for my mom and dad who live a 1000 miles away. They don’t have a computer so this would be great for my kids to send them drawings and pictures.

  5. says

    This would make a fabulous gift for my parents, who are in their 70’s and don’t have a computer. In November I will become a grandmother and my parents will be great-grandparents! I’d love to be able to send them e-mails and pictures everyday!

  6. says

    This would be a wonderful gift for my husband’s paternal grandmother, who is so excited about our new son, her very first great-grandson, and loves seeing pictures of him, but has to wait for someone to print out and send the digital pictures to her. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift! Even if we don’t win it, I know it would be something to think about for her birthday or Christmas! Thanks!

  7. says

    This is so awesome!! I have a grandmother who lives far enough away she can’t drive to see us, and with our busy lives it makes it difficult for us to get there often enough. She would absolutely love it!! I’ve never even heard of it, so thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  8. says

    This is awesome!!!! I have grandparents who are literally disconnected from the internet!!! Would love to be able to share pictures of our daughter with them!!!!!


  9. says

    I am sure there is someone at church who could use this. I know the older folks sometimes are not computer savy. So if ya’ all pick me it will probably be given away to a couple at church. We will have to wait and see:)

  10. says

    Wow! My in-laws would love this. They have no computer and my husband and I have given them their first grandchild! What a way to send email and pictures!!

  11. says

    This is perfect…this is for my mom…this I gotta win (or I will have to purchase it and I am poor right now :). My mom refuses to put a computer in her home. She so needs this so that I can email photos, boys art work and love notes to her. She’s alone now that Dad passed away. Oh, this is so cool. She just may go for it.

    My post will be up tomorrow. You guys give away such awesome stuff. :)

  12. says

    Our very dear friends just moved to the Middle East in January. The husband’s parents don’t have any access to the internet so they only have contact through the phone, very rarely because it’s expensive. I think I would send this to his parents so that they could see pictures of their grandchildren and get the weekly email update that is sent out. Oh, I hope I win!

  13. says

    My parents got one of those mail machines a few years ago for my grandmother and she used it for a while, but it got too complicated and that was the end of that. This would be perfect for her. One of use could set up her informtion and maintain it for her and all she’d have to do is pick up her e-mail printed out. She’s the only one in the family not linked up to e-mail.

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