A Fun Sewing Lesson over at Barb’s…

burp-cloths-barb.jpgBarb at Chelsea Morning has the most adorable burp cloths she just made – along with step-by-step instructions (yes photos too!) on how to make them yourself.
I love this impromptu sewing lesson and just had to pass it on to you.

So whether you and your sewing machine are old friends, or you are barely on speaking terms – this project will get you inspired and successfully completing a perfect baby gift project in no time!

(Oh I wish I had an hour or two to visit with my sewing machine! It has been so long and I really would love to do a fun project like this.)

PS – Our site has crashed a few times today. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I spoke with our hosting company and apparently they were having some server troubles. Hopefully our site will be okay now…


  1. says

    These really are a lot of fun to make, Janice, and I love giving them as gifts. I know for sure you can’t have too many of them. LOL Thank you for spreading the word – now EVERYONE’S going to see how pathetic my ironing board cover is. Sigh. :-)

  2. says

    Thanks for the link! I’ve just rediscovered my sewing machine, after a long winter’s break, and now I am just itching to make other things besides wool felt appliques. I just whipped up an art smock as a birthday present for my son’t friend, and I was just so pleased with myself. Here’s too little victories!

  3. Monique says

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