Do you have questions about the Flu?

For the next month or so I will be teaming up with the makers of TYLENOL® and Dr. Mark Rosenberg, a pediatrician from Chicago, to bring you tips and advice on how to help keep your family healthy this flu season. With so much attention being given to the flu this year- both online and off- we hope to serve as a resource for flu information.

Before I collaborate with Dr. Rosenberg, I wanted to gather some feedback from all of you.

What are some of your biggest concerns about the flu? Do you know how to tell the difference between the common cold and the flu? Do you have questions about how to treat the symptoms of flu?

I would love to bring your questions and concerns to Dr. Rosenberg and hopefully get some answers for you!

Please send me your questions via email by December 9th. You can email me at 5minutesformom (at) gmail (dot) com and please put FLU in the subject line.

Thanks again!

Written by Janice, 5 Minutes for Mom co-founder
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*Just to let you know, I will be working with them as a paid Spokesperson.