How Long Do Germs Live?

by Janice

Some of you know that Susan (the other half of 5 Minutes for Mom) had a terrible stomach flu this past week, and somehow – miracles of miracles – Jackson and I escaped. This is quite incredible considering the bug seemed to be from Julia’s birthday party last week.

24 hours after the party, in homes all over our little suburb, a number of our friends and their little ones started vomiting. But not us. Making it even more surprising that we didn’t get sick, Jackson was over at Sue’s having birthday cake that night just hours before the retching began. (It doesn’t appear to be food poisoning as it has jumped to members of the families not present at the party.)

Anyway, my sibling-less son is begging to go see Julia, pleading, “Please Mommy – I want the pukies now – please can I have the pukies, please…” – as if I am withholding some fantastic toy. But he is not the one that has to clean up said “pukies.”

But ladies, if you knew me well, you would know that the one thing I fear most, next to labor, is the stomach flu. I really, really don’t like it.

So, although they are getting better over there the ban on going to Susan’s house is still up and holding for a few more days. I figure I need to give the germs at least a week after symptoms subside to let go of their stranglehold on the house. (You can only clean so much – toys etc can’t all be disinfected.)

Call me crazy sure – but hey – if you can avoid it why not try? And before you tell me that germs are everywhere etc…I know! I am just saying when I know a germ is there, why not skip it.

So – the question to you is: How germ-crazy are you? Do you worry about playing at a house that had the stomach flu three days before? Am I the only nut out there?

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