Very Mom – Very Funny

I came across a funny post the other day that deals with two fascinating questions in a blogger’s life:

  1. What would happen if your blog just disappeared?
  2. What does the non-blogging world really think about us?

I am sure it was far from funny to her at the time – but it made for a laugh-out-loud entry.
Check it out at


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    I think about this question from time to time…and it almost happened before. I mistakenly took out a large chunk of code and it tooks hours for someone to fix it and after that they weren’t interested in helping me anymore.

    To me I have to play it out and get ok with it, the same way I might play out someone I love’s death…just to prepare myself that it will eventually happen.

    I think my non-blogger friends are slowly starting to respect what I do, but it has taken a lot of education and explanation for them to get there. To the outside world it looks like we are stuck to a machine gettting involved with people we don’t even know.

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    My brother, who is pretty internet savvy, as well as several email friends, have asked why I keep my “diary” on line, like do I want the whole world to read my, like, private stuff???

    I always think the world at least knows about us. It’s hard to fathom that we’re really part of the “underground.”

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    I love the honesty and vulnerability I find in blogdom! AND I love spending my first 5 minutes visiting your site. Don’t forget to update or renew your site registration…I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t find your site!



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    Okay, that was funny! I did laugh out loud.

    I seriously doubt anyone would hang themselves is She Lives disappeared, but it’s funny to think a non-blogger would get that picture. Oh my!

    BTW, I was re-reading a post on faithbooking at She Lives from last October. You left a very nice comment there. I probably didn’t thank you then, so I’ll just do so now.

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