Christmas Giveaway Extended


We love this time of year, especially because of the geneoristy of so many amazing companies. As we began lining up prizes and gifts for our Christmas Giveaway and our Under The Tree program, we were blown away by how many companies were excited to take part and also donate prizing to families in need.

And now we find ourselves with many more prizes to feature and not enough days to fit them all in.

So we are going to extend our Christmas Giveaway. Our Christmas Giveaway will now close on December 4th. Our winners will be announced on December 5th. But PLEASE, PLEASE be sure to check our winners posts, because we want to make sure we get addresses out as quickly as possible, so that our lucky winners can receive their prizes in time for Christmas.

And be sure to stay tuned….we have many fun prizes still in store, like top Playskool toys, gifts fit for celebrities, cashmere blankets, organic baby products and much more.


  1. jakell m says

    thank you! you guys are great and so are are the wonderful companies willing to donate and take part! Happy Holidays!

  2. T says

    I am nominating a single mother with teenagers as she does not get any assistance from their father. Her dad was diagnosed with brain cancer this year and she has been taking care of her 2 teenagers, her dad and mom. She has just been given a pay cut, had a cell phone with her position in which was taken from her. She has had to get one on her own. The home she was renting is being sold and she has had to move. Her boyfriend has been kind enough to take her and her children in but is struggling himself as his mother has bone cancer. It has been tough for both of them yet they keep on going and smiling. Its been amazing watching both of them smile with all they have been thru this year alone. She is struggling terribly to even provide the essentials for her family. She could use help for her family 17 yr old daughter, her 16 yr old son, 13 yr old step-son. The only things the family has said is if anyone wanted to help they waned things they needed, including the children. Clothes, shampoo etc. Gift cards for groceries. They are a very loving and hard working family that amazings everyone at their courage and strength. They will work wonders together I am sure. I am including her email address as I do not want them to know who nominated them.

  3. Shalitha says

    Thanks to all the donations cause theres many families struggling this year 4 christmas and my family is amoung them so if my kids are chosen to receive gifts this christmas it would be an HONOR!!because as of this moment i seriously do not know what to do..Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU ALL…HAPPY THANKSGIVING….

  4. Ashley says

    how do i apply for the christmas giveaways i am a mother of two currently pregnant and homeless could really use the help please.

  5. maria santana says

    I wish to nominate my own family, I am a mother of 5 who due to “domestic violence” lost everything we had, We fled to a shelter in may of 09, leaving everything we owned behind and since then we were from shelter to relatives homes, Finding work was almost impossible, housing even worst until recently my cousin and his roommate took us in and things started looking better for us we got a bigger house, work was good the kids were back in school and most important we didnt have to wonder where we would be spending the night, I recently lost my job and am struggling to keep up with my part of the bils and rent much less give my kids a “christmas”. Please Please take them into consideration. (I can write a book about our lives but ill keep it short.) Thanks

  6. Chaunte M Blanch says

    I would love to nominate my sister for this gift. Her name is Sylvia she has three children and is a hardworking mother. Recently she was laid off from her job and has not been able to purchase gifts for her children. Thank you and Happy Holidays

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