A Birthday Party and an Injury

Birthday SmileHappy Day

It was Julia’s (Susan’s daughter) 1st Birthday Party today! I thought I would throw up a shot or two of the sweetie on her special day and then get on to other matters.

BUT, the day took an unexpected turn as my over stimulated four-year-old son crashed into some unsuspecting – probably much smaller – child and knocked my son’s front tooth loose. Blood, tears and trauma – and we were only 15 minutes into the party.

(The injury occurred under one of those parachute things that the gym uses for games. You know the ones – children run around underneath as the adults swoosh up and down. Now who invented this brilliant game I would like to know. But unfortunately I had to sign away all my rights upon entering the gym so they can do whatever crazy, injury causing games they can come up with. Heck – if the kids are having fun right?!?)

Anyway, I am a little obsessed with photographing my handsome son’s face, so when he comes running toward me shrieking with blood pouring out of his mouth – my first thought is, “Does he have all his teeth?!?” (He has nice, straight, little baby teeth that I am quite partial to.)

This time it didn’t appear that we were going to get lucky. His front tooth was wobbly, bleeding and definitely lower than the other one. Depression swept over me. Three years of photographing a toothless grin. (I know I am horrible mother – but I am just giving it to you straight. This is what I was really thinking!)

After consulting a pediatric dentist over the phone, she told me that the tooth would probably have to go and we made an emergency appointment with her for an hour later. (Great – add a Sunday appointment to the bill! We have no dentist/medical since my husband and I are both self employed.) My son played and enjoyed the rest of the party – sans birthday cake – and I fretted.

Pediatric Dentist – THE Way to GoAt The Dentist

Ok – so fast forward to the dentist’s office. This place was awesome! My son was so thrilled with the décor and the TV in the CEILING that he had a blast!

After the doctor had a look and took some x-rays, we got the news. The tooth is going to stay – but probably not for long.

Teeth X-RayApparently, my son has had previous trauma. (I remember it now. He was two and I worried then that he was going to lose both, but they only wobbled a tad and stayed put, so I never thought about it again.) Well, that original injury had caused the roots to stop growing so his two front teeth are not exactly sturdy. (Don’t you love my medical interpretation? But you get the idea.)

The dentist said that he probably won’t lose it in the next couple of days or months, but they will come out at best a year or more before his adult teeth make their way down.

But knowing my kid – he will successfully knock them both out long before then.

I know it is just a matter of time until I am proudly displaying photos of my toothless, but still adorable and handsome, little boy.

So Happy Birthday Julia – I am so glad that we got to celebrate your birthday with you. Sorry for the blood and chaos.

Birthday Cake


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    Aw, that’s such a shame. I have have BTDT with my twin daughter. IF the twins had been identical, I definitely would have been able to tell them apart with one of them missing her front tooth. LOL I was thinking the exact same thing as you when she broke off her tooth at 18 months…but what about the pictures!? ;o)
    I hope he’s feeling better soon.
    Happy Birthday Julia!

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to Julia.

    Sorry your son got hurt, at least it wasn’t anything more serious, Thank God for that.

    Reminds me of my daughter, when she was 2 years old she was holding on to one of those kid lawn chairs and tried to move it, lost her footing and slammed her mouth hard on the metal part. She chipped one of her front teeth and my first thought was “dagnabit, that’s not going to look pretty on the pictures” LOL……of course I was glad she was fine, but it’s funny how our first thoughts are the pictures LOL

  3. says

    Teeth injuries must have been rampant this weekend. This is the third one I’ve read or heard about today and it’s not even 11.

  4. says

    Awww, Julia’s a little sweetie!
    And no, you’re not a horrible mother for thinking those thoughts about your son’s teeth. We can’t help what flashes through our minds during moments of crisis!
    I hope your son’s teeth stay in for a while.

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    Oh, how terrible! And no, you aren’t a terrible mom for thinking that! I thought the same thing when my daughter chipped her front tooth, before she was even two!! And when my son got hit in the mouth by a baseball and knocked his front baby teeth loose at 4 yrs old. (We were fortunate to have an emergency pediatrician on our team that saw him immediately and treated him on the spot!) He did lose them just a year later at 5 (a little early), at the same time he lost the bottom teeth! He was quite toothless for awhile!!

    Your children are beautiful! Happy Birthday, Julia!

    And thanks for stopping by my site!

  6. says

    Well Happy birthday Julia, first and formost!

    Secondly, oh what we mother’s do for our beloved little ones! What a day you had! :) I am glad all is well and LOL it made for a cute story one in which Julia might not like much but I bet he will!

  7. says

    What a cutie Julia is!! …and sorry about the injury to your little guy!

    …thanks for stopping by my site:)

    …and thanks for the link to the online Beth Moore study…I’m going to look into that!

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    What an adorable little girl your friend has. Happy Birthday to Julia! So, so sorry about the tooth ordeal, I know that was traumatic for you! My oldest niece had a similar incident involving jumping on a bed and one of her front teeth turned bluish/purple and she ended up losing it early, my sister about had an heart attack over it. Thanks for stoopping by my site, I love to have visitors! God Bless you and your family!

  9. says

    Oh, that dang parachute game!! My kids have played it a couple of times and I always grit my teeth and clothes my eyes when they go barrelling under that thing at top speed. Whoever invented it must not be a parent!!

    I think your honesty is great, and I would have probably been thinking the same thing because my daughter has perfectly straight baby teeth, too. At least it wasn’t one of his permananet teeth, eh?

    Happy birthday to Julia! What a little doll!!

  10. Susan says

    Hi All,
    Susan here – Julia’s proud Momma and Jackson’s devoted Auntie.

    Thank you all so much for the sweet birthday wishes for Julia. She is such a sweetie and she actually really seemed to enjoy her party. The only time she started to get a bit concerned and overwhelmed was also during the parachute game. Sigh.

    It was so unfortunate that Jackson had that accident… but we all said we were glad he hadn’t knocked out some other child’s teeth. It’s bad if your own child gets hurt, but you really feel guilty if your child injures one of the guests.

    He really has been a trooper about it. Hopefully the tooth will stay in for a while more. It’s funny because he is so tall for his age of four that most people already mistake him for a six year old. So if he loses his front teeth, he’ll really look six!!!

    Talk later,

  11. says

    I’m a little late to the party :-) – but happy birthday, Julia! And take care, Jackson. One good thing is that for an active little boy, a couple of missing teeth will be a badge of honor, you know? :-)

  12. says

    Do you scrapbook? The photos are key! I probably would have thought the same thing, though if it were my son.

    Sounds like an eventful party at any case!


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