A Birthday Party and an Injury

by Janice

Birthday SmileHappy Day

It was Julia’s (Susan’s daughter) 1st Birthday Party today! I thought I would throw up a shot or two of the sweetie on her special day and then get on to other matters.

BUT, the day took an unexpected turn as my over stimulated four-year-old son crashed into some unsuspecting – probably much smaller – child and knocked my son’s front tooth loose. Blood, tears and trauma – and we were only 15 minutes into the party.

(The injury occurred under one of those parachute things that the gym uses for games. You know the ones – children run around underneath as the adults swoosh up and down. Now who invented this brilliant game I would like to know. But unfortunately I had to sign away all my rights upon entering the gym so they can do whatever crazy, injury causing games they can come up with. Heck – if the kids are having fun right?!?)

Anyway, I am a little obsessed with photographing my handsome son’s face, so when he comes running toward me shrieking with blood pouring out of his mouth – my first thought is, “Does he have all his teeth?!?” (He has nice, straight, little baby teeth that I am quite partial to.)

This time it didn’t appear that we were going to get lucky. His front tooth was wobbly, bleeding and definitely lower than the other one. Depression swept over me. Three years of photographing a toothless grin. (I know I am horrible mother – but I am just giving it to you straight. This is what I was really thinking!)

After consulting a pediatric dentist over the phone, she told me that the tooth would probably have to go and we made an emergency appointment with her for an hour later. (Great – add a Sunday appointment to the bill! We have no dentist/medical since my husband and I are both self employed.) My son played and enjoyed the rest of the party – sans birthday cake – and I fretted.

Pediatric Dentist – THE Way to GoAt The Dentist

Ok – so fast forward to the dentist’s office. This place was awesome! My son was so thrilled with the décor and the TV in the CEILING that he had a blast!

After the doctor had a look and took some x-rays, we got the news. The tooth is going to stay – but probably not for long.

Teeth X-RayApparently, my son has had previous trauma. (I remember it now. He was two and I worried then that he was going to lose both, but they only wobbled a tad and stayed put, so I never thought about it again.) Well, that original injury had caused the roots to stop growing so his two front teeth are not exactly sturdy. (Don’t you love my medical interpretation? But you get the idea.)

The dentist said that he probably won’t lose it in the next couple of days or months, but they will come out at best a year or more before his adult teeth make their way down.

But knowing my kid – he will successfully knock them both out long before then.

I know it is just a matter of time until I am proudly displaying photos of my toothless, but still adorable and handsome, little boy.

So Happy Birthday Julia – I am so glad that we got to celebrate your birthday with you. Sorry for the blood and chaos.

Birthday Cake

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