My 4 year old Breastfeeding Advocate

Oh the things kids say… this made me laugh out loud.

Okay, so a bit of background first…

I nursed Julia for 25 months and Sophia for 20 months. Sophia has completely forgotten what nursing is and within a day of me weaning her, has never shown any sign of remembering that she used to feed from anything other than a bottle or sippy cup. Julia does not remember herself nursing, but now knows about breastfeeding from watching me nurse Sophia.

Last night, my 4 year old Julia and my 2 year old Sophia were having a bath.

Julia was nicely washing her little sister’s back and then put some soap on her hand and rubbed it on Sophia’s chest. She said in a sweet little sing-song voice to Sophia, “Here Sophia, I’ll put this lotion on your nipples to help them grow so you can nurse your babies when you’re a mommy.”

I smiled to myself at this adorable gesture.

Then Julia turned to me and said, “Mommy, I’m putting lotion on Sophia’s nipples to help them grow so she can nurse her babies when she’s a mommy. The lotion will make them grow… bigger than yours.”

I almost fell over laughing.

Written by Susan, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
You get our feed, right?


  1. says

    very cute! My 2 year old told me the other day when she is big like me she wants to nurse Ruby (our youngest). I am glad that our girls will have seen me nurse and, even more, nurse longer than “normal”.

    Awesome story!

  2. says

    The other day my daughter told me she loved her daddy “a thousand.”
    Then, looking at me, she said, “It’s OK mama, I love you three.”

    Don’t you love the way kids see the world? So absolutely fully. In numbers and in nipple sizes …

    Love it.

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    Love it! One day when my youngest was a newborn and my (at the time) 4 year old was watching as I nursed her, he giggled and said, “I just think it’s hilarious that you have milk in there!” 😉

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    So cute. My youngest daughter has named hers. Right now there pancakes but soon they will grow a little and become cupcakes. Her oldest sister has a baby that she nurses therefore hers is called coconuts because they have milk in them.

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