Extreme Makeover Home Edition Stresses Importance of CPR Training

ExMakeLogoDo you watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? I must say it is one of my absolute favorite television shows. I usually bawl during each episode. Heck, I tear up during the commercials.

Did you happen to catch last night’s episode about The Mattingly Family? What an inspiring story (as always).

Melissa Mattingly, a trained EMT, drove by the scene of a fire where her husband, Steve, a volunteer firefighter, was directing traffic. Her daughters were with her and all three of them watched as a truck plowed through the intersection, striking Steve. Because of her training, Melissa was the first responder to the scene of the accident and began to care for him.

Steve survived, but the accident left him with limited mobility, memory loss and intense migraines. It was awe-inspiring to watch the love between Melissa and Steve. They are incredible people and they love each other immensely.

Clint Black joined the Extreme Makeover team and assisted them in building a new home for the Mattingly family. He also joined the local Red Cross as they shared important information about CPR and CPR training.

“I feel it is essential to be trained in first aid and CPR, including how to use an AED. I was pleased to volunteer for the ‘Extreme Makeover Home Edition’ episode and proud to support an organization that teaches these lifesaving skills,” said country singer and Red Cross volunteer Clint Black.

You never know when an emergency will arise. It is important to equip yourself with the tools and training to ensure that you will be capable of providing care in the event of an emergency.

This week, over at our dedicated Intelligent First Aid™ page, we are talking CPR. We would love to hear your stories, so please join us. One commenter will win a Talking First Aid kit™, retail value $149.99.

Please do head on over and read up on the Breathing Care Pack that is included in the Talking First Aid kit™, and how it can help you save a life.


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    I agree! After a friend’s son almost drowned in our pool over the summer, we all took a CPR class at the local fire station – for free. Not many people are aware that fire stations offer these classes, and the people trained to teach them are SO EXCITED that you are there learning!

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    Gosh, I bawled just reading this. It’s so unbelievable to me how life unfolds sometimes. CPR is one of those learned skills that I need to know having 3 kids of my own, but never took the time to do. Thanks for reminding me again how important it is and I will vow to take a class. Thanks Becca for the tip on taking CPR with the fire station for FREE!

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    I am taking a first aid and safety this semster for my college degree. I at first thought it was stupid why do I need this class I am not going into the medical field. I am happy that the college requires me to take it I have learned so much that I may never need but is good to know. The first thing we did was get CPR certified.

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    We at Annuvia-a nationally recognized leader in safety training, are constantly trying to educate people about the importance of getting trained in CPR and AED use. You really never know when you might witness an emergency and have to administer first aid. You can check out more of our thoughts on this on our blog http://blog.annuvia.com/.

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    Some people think CPR should be left to healthcare professionals. You are more likely to perform CPR on a loved one or a family member. Visit cprandstafftraining.com and register today so you can be prepared tomorrow.

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