Tackle It Tuesday – Week 39? – I am losing count…

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So I have been letting things pile up – literally…



The week started off tidy since we had just got everything under control for the cleaning lady on the weekend. But clutter and laundry sure can pile up fast! Since I only have my cleaning lady come every other week, the off weeks I get lazy and let things get sloppy!

So time to tackle! I got the stair and table back in order and I am still working on the laundry. (That will take me most of tomorrow too!)


(Tonight as I was tackling I got a bit light headed and my vision went blurry and crazy. I lay down on the couch and after 20 minutes it regulated. So I am now quickly trying to get this post up cause I know you are all waiting to link up. But while doing so, my vision has gone all crazy again. I am having a brutal time seeing the screen! I suppose it is a kind of dizziness. I don’t know. But it is very unnerving. It has happened to me before when I have been working for hours at the computer, but not this badly. Anyway, my plan tonight was to add the last few blog party prize listings, but obviously I must stop looking at a computer screen and lie down. So if your prize listing is still missing – so sorry – it should be up tomorrow. – Now don’t you wonderful friends start worrying about me! I am sure it is nothing. But if I am still having vision problems tomorrow. I will go to the doctor. I just wanted to let you know why this tackle is late and why the party listings still aren’t finished!)

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  1. says

    Hey girl – that heavy dose of medicine to get through the concert may be making you dizzy. I get bouts of dizziness with high blood pressure. If you were taking any kind of cold medicine – that too can drive your pressure up – and then all that bending up and down to clear the stairs, etc. can make it worse. Try to take it easy.
    I hope you feel better soon – I will be praying for you.

  2. says

    I had this all throughout my last pregnancy. Sometimes I would feel faint. I was told it was stress, anemia, blood pressure, my eyes going bad, you name it…but nothing was ever done to fix it. I was told it was just a “pregnancy symptom” and it would go away. For a while, it did…then I went to see an eye doctor. I had to get glasses for astigmatism. Good luck! I know exactly how you feel.

  3. says

    Oh my gosh, we are in exactly the same boat! My house looks way worse than yours! I don’t have pregnancy wearing me down though. My baby is sick and I have been sick so those two things have completely decimated my house! It’s amazing how quickly it can get out of control!! My mom said “you do what you can do”. That made me feel much better! Keep that in mind and try to get some rest!!

    Oddly enough my laundry room and my kitchen table are the two worst spots in the house as well!! The third worst right now is the main bathroom thanks to my son who has “7-year-old-boy aim” and who is a sloppy tooth brusher! :o)

  4. says

    Your tackles look great! I’ve got my laundry room on my list, but didn’t get to it this week – maybe next week. Rest up and hope you feel better quickly!

  5. says

    Great job on the tackle….. and i have to admit I was happy to see I’m not the only with a laundry pile that looks like that.

    As for your vision problem, Lindsey at Suburban Turmoil blogged last month about a vision issue she having (she’s in her third trimester) and she was diagnosed as havin occular migraines, which involved a lot of other symptoms than the blurry vision you’re talking about but you definitely want to get that checked out! Pregnancy does weird things to our bodies, so don’t be afraid to call the doctor on this one, it might not just be about starin at the computer.

    Take care!!

  6. says

    I hope you are feeling better? Are your eyes better today?
    Way to go on your tackles, I dont have one today, but im hoping to tackle the girls room next week.

  7. says

    My tackle is up. It’s pretty light this week. My cleaning lady just left. It’s the first time she was here and she’ll be coming for me once a month. I love it!!
    I hope you are feeling better. Take it easy and take care of yourself :)

  8. says

    I experienced dizzy spells like that with my last pregnancy- turns out it was a symptom of my (previously undiagnosed) gestational diabetes. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. says

    I hope that you are feeling better today. Great job on tackling the piles–it looks so much better. I don’t understand how the clutter can pile up so fast! Good luck with your laundry, but take it easy on yourself. It will be there when you are feeling up to it.

  10. says

    Hope you’re doing better. I had similar issues when I was pregnant due to low blood pressure and dehydration. High blood pressure can also cause the vision issues. Now I know that I have NCS and that probably had something to do with it. Good job tackling through it all!

  11. says

    My friend Julie emialed me about this site and I had to come check it out! This is a wonderful place for moms to come! I haven’t had alot of time to really read everything but what I have seen I really like. I can’t wait to come back and read more when the kids let me! LOL

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