Angry, Yoda is

So I bought a Yoda costume for my 19-month-old, Christian. When I showed it to him at the store, and told him that it was Yoda, he beamed and kept saying, “Yoda, Yoda, Yoda.” It was VERY cute.

When we got home from the store, I just HAD to put the costume on him. But he was not in the costume wearing mood. He wanted a snack and was very angry that instead of finding something for him to eat, I was snapping picture after picture and cheerfully asking him to smile for the camera.

So, he was NOT happy! But come on, you would have taken pictures too, right? I mean look at how adorable angry Yoda is!!!


So yes, my youngest is dressing up as Yoda for Halloween. My older two still don’t have costumes, but we will be making a trip to the costume shop later today.

What are your children going to be dressing up as?

Also, do you have any Halloween safety tips that you could share with us? If so head over here, and leave a safety tip in our comment section. One commenter, on that page, will win an Intelligent First Aid™ Kit. A $149.99 retail value. The kit really is Spooktacular! 😀

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing editor, Erica.


  1. says

    my youngest is being yoda this year, too, if i can get him to put the costume on. he is NOT happy about it, and i have serious doubts that even the promise of candy might not make it happen.

  2. says

    haha! Yeah, I’m afraid I would have been taking pictures, too. :) We’re in France this year, and apparently trick or treating hasn’t crossed the Atlantic yet, so we’ll skip it, do something fun at home instead. Great article.

  3. Emily says


    My daughter (21 months) will be going as a pile of leaves. She was supposed to be one last year- and I worked diligently to finish her costume in time- only I endded up REALLY sick on Halloween so she never got to wear it. :( But I’m determined to finish the new pile of leaves costume in time! It’ll be adorable.

  4. says

    My son went as Yoda for his first Halloween. Still attempts to wear the hat thing 4 years later, LOL!

    This year, he’s going as Buzz Lightyear and my daughter (6) is going as Dorothy. Fits for living in Kansas, I think :)

  5. says

    Ha — very funny! Love the title too.

    My 11 year old daughter is going as a “Christmas Tree.” Her own idea, because she wanted to “light up.”

    My 5 year old son was going to be a “spider with red eyes,” but now he wants to be a rock. Hmmmm.

    Love your title by the way.

  6. says

    LOL! That is precious. I almost bought that costume the other day, but my husband wants my son to be Batman. He has a cape that he will probably want to wear for the rest of his life. :)

  7. says

    I made a darling Sleeping beauty costume for my daughter and I am in the process of making an “Agent P” Perry the Platypus costume (think Phineas and Ferb)for my son… I think I am a crazy mama!

  8. says

    Yeah, I am one of those moms who like to coordinate my boys halloween costumes (they are 2 1/2 and 15 mos). Last year they were a monkey and a banana. This year my oldest wanted to be a dinosaur so he will be a green T-rex and my youngest will be a orange triceratops!

  9. says

    My son is going to be a dinosaur. That is if I can get him to put on the costume again. He loves it but refuses to wear it again after our test run at home last Friday.

  10. says

    Ha ha too cute! My youngest (14 months) is going to be a chubby waddling Nemo. The middle child has chosen to be a shark (he loves Shark Week on Discovery Channel!) and my oldest is going to be a very girly pirate. (all the pirate gear plus a red and black tutu) It’s going to be so much fun!

  11. says

    Mine is a little Yoda as well! He HATED the costume at first, but after showing the Star Wars movie to him and bribing him with licorice, he now puts it on with no problem!

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