The story of a unique book written by two bloggers who never met…

by Susan

Late at night on the last night of BlogHer 09, I met two phenomenally funny and creative women… Darcy and Carolyn.

These two friends met through their blogs and wrote a book together. BUT, they never met and never even spoke on the phone…

Meet Darcy and Carolyn…

Okay, now go read their blogs and definitely read their BOOK!!!

Find Carolyn at Carolyn… Online and Darcy at Post Picket Fence. Follow Darcy on Twitter @mspickettoyou and Carolyn at @CarolynOnline.

And get their book To: A True Story In Letters.

Now you can enjoy some quality laughter this weekend.

(Just a note of warning… Both Darcy and Carolyn are hilarious, but you will find them dropping the f-bomb on their blogs. So if you are offended by blogs with some cursing, then you might want to skip these.)

You can watch more of our BlogHer 09 video interviews here.

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Thanks Kmart Design!

~ Susan
I’m one of the twins who started 5 Minutes for Mom.
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